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SEO should understand the principle of the search engine penalty cheat points system

punished by the search engine, even achieved a good effect on the thought that they can really play the search engine between applause. Ghost know search engine today does not find you trouble will settle scores, in order to long-term, or do not have any luck psychology, honest good white hat is kingly. In fact, perha

Escape search engine Black Hat cheat tactics promote site ranking natural increase (III)

Another day, I continue to write the escape search engine Black hat cheating method, promote the site ranking of the last chapter of natural improvement, in the last article I mainly talked about black hat manipulation commonly used link trading, link factory, collection, flow and other black hat optimization methods, these optimization methods for the development of the site have played a great hindrance to the role, Today we come to talk about sever

Does the certificate really work?

unemployed, in the old generation idea, what SOHO this noun is difficult to accept, a person should study hard, get a good job after graduation, then marry a wife, form a stable family, Fulfill the important responsibility of this life. So if there is no work, then the best way to resist this collective subconscious is to tell yourself that you are an employer rather than a laborer, and that you are starting a business rather than a job.Finally, the

Song Yan: Search engine marketing Have you really made use of it?

The recent search engine marketing by the Enterprise said that the special fiery, as if a little understand on the outdated. But how many people really use the good search engine marketing? Network marketing the most basic channels and methods are people keep talking about, but the marketing novice saw the network Marketing "Introduction" after the clearance is s

Game Search engine rules: Collection really not to take?

SEO optimization process in the original content is the most beneficial to the search engine optimization rules of the method, an original site, even if the structural optimization is mediocre, will still get the favor of search engines. Even in the long-term content construction, can accumulate a high enough rankings. However, the original content of the update is often said to be easy to do difficult, especially high-quality content is more difficul

Do you really know the search engine?

calculate the noise of the page, they are how to calculate the relevance of the page, why the site for Baidu to deal with the factors of particular importance, why the outbound treatment for Google is very important, Do you really understand how the search engine works? Do not write articles to mislead others without understanding! This article is intended for you to love search

The universal search engine does not exist optimization work need to be careful

Webmaster friends, every day in the rankings for the site and work hard, I believe there are a lot of webmaster have to give up the idea, but all rely on their tenacious spirit of struggle, hard work will give up the idea of victory. But webmaster you do optimization when you want to know the search engine can really h

Web site quickly by the search engine included need to repair both inside and outside work

the key words in the Web page of the proportion, which tells the search engine your content is all around this keyword in the unfolding. In the Persian novel, for example, This is a child leaf page, then for the key words of the page, the beauty queen's personal master in the number of times the page appears 12 times, the key word for the total length of the page ratio of 3.1%. This can effectively let the searc

SEO Novice must see search engine work principle one

Novice SEO is for what, that is, in order to have a good ranking, in addition to large web sites can rely on the long tail to bring huge traffic, the general new webmaster can use SEO to get a stable keyword ranking, you can bring a stable flow of online SEO articles a dime, but they have to have the system to learn the process, Want a good ranking, we must know how the search engine work principle is rough

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