Does the certificate really work?

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Is the certificate useful? Useful! In most cases, the certificate used to deal with the collective subconscious is still very useful, what is the collective subconscious? It is useful for everyone to think that it is useful, and everyone thinks it is useless. We grew up, out of the birth certificate (ID card? ), "at least" has endured three kinds of collective unconscious destruction: education, work and marriage.

Among them, education is to refer to the certificate of education, to see where a person graduated from? The highest degree? But most people also know that education is not equal to the ability, education is not equal to moral character, but to get rid of this collective subconscious can not be simple, we must re-establish their own values of thinking, and in many capacities have a substantial outstanding performance can, study really is when you can read, the key is that you are for education and study, Or for the sake of knowledge.

Second, the work permit is also a kind of certificate, in the collective subconscious, a person does not have a job, we say this person is unemployed, in the old generation idea, what SOHO this noun is difficult to accept, a person should study hard, get a good job after graduation, then marry a wife, form a stable family, Fulfill the important responsibility of this life. So if there is no work, then the best way to resist this collective subconscious is to tell yourself that you are an employer rather than a laborer, and that you are starting a business rather than a job.

Finally, the marriage certificate is also a certificate, but it can guarantee the happiness of marriage, husband wife will not cheat? Or does it automatically crash when the other half has an affair? If so, it is really a ghost, no wonder someone jokingly married the most useful is in the divorce, but a person is old and not married, as if everyone will feel very strange, but the other side may be more free and happy, son than your children add up more.

In addition to the above certificate, is to qualify for the certificate, my view is this:

Certificate can only be partial quantification or engineering things a bit of use, generally need to reach the level of art or idealism of things, the certificate is funny, you have seen which Chinese painting master to test the certificate of painting? Or is there a four level of vocal music? Did you ever think about her cooking before you ate your mother's food? Six levels? Does the hacker have a certificate? At best, it is a certificate of completion, which indicates which information security module you have learned, but what about it? Can black out can be black, black does not lose more than 10 certificate is also wallpaper, so face this kind of certificate, the mentality is objective point, it kind of certificate has to see is from engineering or art angle to measure.

Does the certificate really work?

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