choosing effective domain names

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Three kinds of domain names to optimize the advantages of the site and the method of choosing a good domain name

Site optimization to select the domain name is the first step, and many webmasters in the selection of domain names are in accordance with their favorite to choose, like buying clothes, they like to buy. Some domain names make you wonder what it

DNS Domain name resolution service (i)

type of action of the bind system across the Internet , more than N servers, personal hosts, most of the sites, mail and other servers have used the domain name form of address. such as, and so on. It is clear that this

The impact of top-level domain name and level two domain name on website collection

In the process of building a website, many friends will face the problem of choosing the domain name of the website, for example, Google uses subdomains for a completely different product, such as or, for example, I

Defending against Web site attacks, choosing a good server is critical

Web Server protection is undoubtedly a hot topic. With the development of technology, people expect more and more convenience, and server Web application becomes the carrier of mainstream business system. The value of data stored on the web in a

Effective Java (1) Consider using a static factory method instead of a builder

First, the preface Start today with a one-month plan to read the classics in the Java domain by writing reading notes--effective the Java process--for future reference, while sharing it with hope that it will help others, with little nonsense. Now

Google Adsense tutorial

Google Adsense secret (Chinese version)EmptyCityPrefaceDear reader,Thank you for purchasing the second version of the extended version "Google never told you: using Adsense to make big money trilogy"!This book is about the advanced application of

Plan the Construction of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

How to plan website construction !! Website construction planning should be made up of five aspects, including choosing a good domain name, choosing a suitable space solution, developing the best cost-effective plan and a complete promotion

How to Improve site Link Popularity

The popularity of links is the number of websites connected to sites, which is an important factor to consider in the search engine ranking. That is to say, the higher the number of site links, the higher the level. What is important is not only the

Step into the high-level program Ape Hall II Ooa, OOD, OOP

Objective Most of the time, we only have access to OOP, for the Java Core Foundation, OOP thought in the moment of stepping into Java has been engraved on theBrain, but what is OOA? What is Ood? These concepts, can not see touch, usually do not pay


Review OOA, OOD, OOPOoaObject-oriented Analysis: An object-oriented analytical approachis to analyze the problem according to the object-oriented thought after conducting the system business investigation in a system development process. There is a

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