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[Oracle] returns the CHR function of Oracle

Return result of the CHR function: Return string, which contains the specified characterCodeRelated characters. The CHR ("0") is a string of 0 characters. CHR ("1 ") CHR ("2 ") CHR ("3 ") CHR ("4 ") CHR ("5 ") CHR ("6 ") CHR ("7")

List of vbs CHR code values

Character whose CHR (0) is 0 CHR (1) CHR (2) CHR (3) CHR (4) CHR (5) CHR (6) CHR (7) bell rings CHR (8) Return CHR (9) tab (horizontal tab) CHR (10) line feed CHR (11) tab (vertical tab) CHR (12) form feed CHR (13) carriage return CHR (13) & CHR (10)

VBS CHR code value counterpart list _dos/bat

CHR (0) is a 0 character CHR (1) CHR (2) CHR (3) CHR (4) CHR (5) CHR (6) CHR (7) Bell CHR (8) Back to Grid CHR (9) tab (Horizontal tab) CHR (10) line wrapping CHR tab (Vertical tab) CHR (12) page change CHR (13) Carriage return Chr (a) CHR (10)

ASCII Correspondence Table CHR ()

Chr (9) Tab Space Chr (10) NewLine Chr (13) Enter Chr (&CHR) (10) Carriage return line Chr (32) whitespace Chr (34) Double quotes CH R (39) single quotation markChr (33)!        Chr ("CHR") # Chr ($) $ chr (notoginseng)% chr (& chr) ' Chr (40) ( Chr

The meaning of Chr () and ChrB () (RPM) (CharCode)The necessary charcode parameter is a Long that is used to identify a character.  Charcode:ascii yardsEach word has its own ASCII  To know the ASCII code of a word, write a VB

List of CHR code values

The CHR ("0") is a string of 0 characters.CHR ("1 ")CHR ("2 ")CHR ("3 ")CHR ("4 ")CHR ("5 ")CHR ("6 ")CHR ("7") RingCHR ("8") ReturnCHR ("9") tab (horizontal tab)CHR ("10") line feedCHR ("11") tab (vertical tab)CHR ("12") form feedCHR ("13") Press

[Oracle] The CHR function of Oracle returns

The CHR function returns: A String that contains the characters associated with the specified character code.Chr ("0") is a 0 characterCHR ("1")CHR ("2")CHR ("3")CHR ("4")CHR ("5")CHR ("6")CHR ("7") bellsCHR ("8") back latticeCHR ("9") tab

Chr () and ASCII () functions in Oracle (attached: characters commonly used and ASCII table)

Chr () and ASCII () functions in Oracle (attached: characters commonly used and ASCII table)keywords: chr ()Chr () function action: Special handling of "special" charactersThe corresponding loadline and special characters can be queried in PlsqlChr (

Characters corresponding to the ASCII code value and ascii characters

Characters corresponding to the ASCII code value and ascii characters Chr (9) tab space chr (10) newline chr (13) carriage return Chr (13) & chr (10) carriage return newline chr (32) space character chr (34) double quotation marks chr (39) single

Common ASCII code Comparison table

The most widely used character set and its code in the current computer is the ASCII code (American Standard Code for Information Interchange, American Standard Information Interchange Code) developed by the U.S. National Standards Office (ANSI). It

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