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Nginx Security Configuration about SSL in the server _nginx

This article shows you how to set stronger SSL on a Nginx Web server. We are implementing this method by weakening the crime attack by invalidating the SSL. Do not use the vulnerable SSLv3 in the protocol and the following version and we will set up

High-performance networks in Google Chrome (1)

The following is a draft of "the performance of Open Source Applications" (POSA), which is also Successor of architecture of Open Source Applications .POSA includes a number of papers on performance optimization and design, as well as performance

Configuring Nginx support SSL Server-https

Under abstract from: Configuring HTTPS on Bigbluebuttonanchor link for:configuring https on BigBlueButtonYou'll want to add HTTPS support to your BigBlueButton server for increased security. Also,

Configure SSL mutual authentication for tomcat and ssl for tomcat

Configure SSL mutual authentication for tomcat and ssl for tomcatI. Introduction to SSL SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol (specification) used to ensure the security of communication between the client and the server, so as to prevent

Google Chrome installation methods and usage tips

Google Chrome is characterized by simplicity and speed. Google Chrome supports multiple-label browsing, with each label page running in a separate "sandbox," while improving security, a tab-page crash will not cause other tabs to be closed. In

How to fix the SSL 3.0 poodle Vulnerability

Google disclosed a security vulnerability in SSL 3.0 on Tuesday. For more information, visit: /~ Bodo/ssl-poodle.pdf   What isSSL3.0 poodleVulnerabilities? The SSL protocol was developed by Netscape and V3.0 was released in 19

Self-built CA Based on OpenSSL and SSL certificate issuance

Self-built CA Based on OpenSSL and SSL certificate issuance For details about SSL/TLS, see the SSL/TLS principles.For more information about Certificate Authority (CA) and digital certificate, see OpenSSL and SSL digital certificate

How to Set up Apache + a free signed SSL Certificate on a VPS

 PrerequisitesBefore we get started, here is the Web tools need for this tutorial: Google Chrome Browser Apache installed on your VPS (cloud server) A Domain name you own Access to a email address at this domain, either:

Graphics: CentOS + Tomcat configuration SSL for server/client two-way authentication

1. Install nginx1.1 Nginx Package and its dependent package download for module dependencies, Nginx relies on the following three packages: Gzip module requires zlib library (; Rewrite module requires Pcre library

GlobalSign teaches you how to deploy SSL certificates more securely

Many people often tell me that SSL deployment is becoming easier and easier now, in most cases, you can deploy an SSL certificate on various servers by using a search engine or by reading blogs written by some technical staff. Although SSL and HTTPS

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