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Mobile Security Guard-Cache cleaning and security guard cache cleaning

Mobile Security Guard-Cache cleaning and security guard cache cleaning CleanCacheActivity. java /*** Cache cleanup */public class CleanCacheActivity extends Activity {private PackageManager packageManager; private List cacheLists; private ListView

ASP. NET Status Management 6 (cache)

ASP. NET provides a powerful and easy-to-use cache mechanism for you to store objects that require a large number of server resources in the memory. Caching these types of resources will greatly improve the applicationProgramPerformance. The cache

Tencent classroom how to clean up the cache? The method of cleaning up the cache in Tencent classroom

To clear the cache is very simple in the Tencent classroom we open the entry and then in the interface to find a clean cache and then click it to clean up the cache. 1, in the mobile phone into the "Tencent classroom" and then as shown in the

IOS cache file size display and the implementation of one-click Cleaning function _ios

Cache occupies a lot of space in the system, how real-time dynamic display of the size of the cache, so that users clearly understand the accumulation of the cache, an effective key to clean up it?For the convenience of readers and the future

Atitit Cache Attilax Etti Summary 1. Use cache for purposes (using cache) 1 1.1. 1, to achieve the goal of reducing the burden

Atitit Cache Caching Path Attilax Etti Summary 1. Purpose of using caching (using cache) 1 1.1.1. Reduce the burden on the database by achieving the target 1 1.2. Speed up the query 2 2. Common parameter expiration time of the cache (seconds 2 3.

The caching mechanism of Linux and the method of cleaning Buffer/cache/swap

(1) Caching mechanismIn order to improve the performance of the file system, the kernel uses a portion of physical memory to allocate buffers for caching system operations and data files, and when the kernel receives read-write requests, the kernel

Nginx supports HTML pseudo static pages with Ngx_cache_purge module cache acceleration

Nginx cache acceleration steps are as follows One, add moduleThe Nginx cache shared by this article requires additional compilation of ngx_cache_purge modules. As for the download module, recompile will be said later.Second, nginx configurationTo

ASP. NET cache-Overview

Typically, applications can store frequently accessed data and data that requires a large amount of processing time to be created in the memory, thus improving performance. For example, if an application uses complex logic to process a large amount

Research on VC ++ IE Cache Management, vcie

Research on VC ++ IE Cache Management, vcie IntroductionThere is very little information about IE Cache Management. Although there are some articles on the Internet, there are also tools to download (such as search cache or clear cache), but they

/Usr/ports/edit/Vim make install clean has been installed with so many things. It took me one night to get dizzy.

==> Compressing manual pages for VIM-7.3.121 ==>> Registering installation for VIM-7.3.121 ==> Cleaning for libXt-1.0.9, 1 ==> Cleaning for intltool-0.41.1 ==> Cleaning for pkg-config-0.25_1 ==> Cleaning for atk-2.0.1 ==> Cleaning for glib-2.28.8_4 =

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