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Window.close (); Close the browser window JS Code Summary Introduction _ Basic Knowledge

Window.close (); Close the browser window JS Code Summary Introduction Serial Number Close Code need to confirm no effect whatsoever No confirmation required Test 1 Window.close () IE7

The recv blocked after the Linux close socket is not returned immediately

A strange phenomenon was found in the development of a program based on rtmp chat.Under Windows, when we perform closesocket operations, the blocked recv immediately returns-1.And under Linux, when we do the close operation, the blocked Recv will

Close the menu (click one to close other items), and close the menu.

Close the menu (click one to close other items), and close the menu. 1. The menu here is not only a menu bar, but also an article module. 2. Main effect: click one of them to close or expand yourself and close other expanded menus. 3. Advantages:

C # basics: How to differentiate Dispose (), Close (), and Finalize ()

. Net memory recycling and Dispose, Close, Finalize MethodsI. net objects are generally used in three situations ﹕1. Create an object2. Objects used3. Release objects2. Create an object1. There are two steps to create an object: variable type

Window. Close () Close the form description to remove the pop-up dialog box

Window. Close () Close the specified browser window. If the close () function is called without a window reference, JavaScript closes the current window. In event processing Program You must specify window. Close () instead of close (). Because of

How to close a file using the close () method in Python Programming

How to close a file using the close () method in Python Programming This article describes how to close a file using the close () method in Python programming. It is a basic knowledge in Python programming. For more information, see Close () method

Fineui Tips (4) Close the form those things (another 24 professional HD large image)

ObjectiveThe window control in Fineui is often used as a selection, new, or edited content. While closing the window control has a lot of tricks, understanding these tips can help you develop your project quickly.How to close the window controlThe

Fix HTML tags that are not properly closed (supports nesting and close close) code

/** * Fixhtmltag * * HTML tag repair function, this function can fix HTML tags that are not properly closed * * Due to too many uncertainties, there are two modes of "nested closed mode" and * "Close-up mode" should

Differences between socket shutdown and close Functions

If the server and client have established a connection, the server calls close and sends the fin segment to the client (in fact, it may not necessarily send the fin segment, which will be discussed later ), at this time, the server can no longer

[Socket] shutdown and close in socket

After all data operations are completed, you can call the close () function to release the socket and stop any data operations on the socket:Close (sockfd ); You can also call the shutdown () function to close the socket. This function allows you

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