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CloudFlare CDN Toss-Up-optimization settings

Recently again in the toss, often visit my blog friends may have appeared on the page 502 error hints, that is tossing CloudFlare CDN unsuccessful tips. In this first thanks to the jar, in his dedication and truth, last night finally successfully use the CloudFlare CDN. Before setting up the CloudFlare CDN 502 Error This problem has not been found, anyway, the ja

CloudFlare support-error 522:connection timed out Error 522: Connection timed out

can run the command by "W" on the command line, or use the ' top ' command to check for checks. what constitutes depending on the load value can be based on the computer and run on the software, but generally over 10-20 of the average load may mean that the server is overloaded with different high loads. This is best for your host or this system administrator to check if you are unsure. The origin has a firewall (or rate limiter) that blocks our requestThis is the most common cause of intermi

Use CloudFlare dynamic domain name under Ubuntu

DemandFirst make sure you have an own domain name, then log in to CloudFlare and add your domain name. Follow the instructions and use the default values given by it. You will have cloudflare to host your domain, so you need to adjust your registration authority settings. If you want to use a subdomain, add a ' a ' record to it. Currently, any IP address is available.Ddclient is a Perl client that updates d

Use CloudFlare dynamic domain name in Ubuntu

Use CloudFlare dynamic domain name in Ubuntu Valid during testing and expired.Requirement First, ensure that you have a domain name, and then log on to CloudFlare to add your domain name. Follow the commands and use the default value. You will allow CloudFlare to host your domain, so you need to adjust the settings of your registry. If you want to use A subdomain

How to configure the CloudFlare node ip address in nginx

System: CentOS 5.x 1. Install Ngx_http_realip_module Only need to compile the nginx time, add--with-http_realip_module this parameter is OK. 2. Configure CloudFlare node IP The code is as follows Copy Code vi/etc/nginx/nginx.conf//write in HTTP area IPv4: set_real_ip_from; set_ real_ip_from; set_real_ip_from; set_real_ip_from; set_real_ip_from 103.31

CentOS leverages CloudFlare's bpf-tools for DDoS protection

ConceptUsing the BPF (Berkeley Packet filter) toolset combined with the Iptables XT_BPF module enables high-performance packet filtering to address large-scale DDoS attacks. BPF Tools contains a simple set of Python scripts that are used to parse the Pcap file, and others are primarily used to generate BPF bytecode.First, download and install BpftoolsDownload the zip file in Https://, or you can download it via git, and t

Investigate how CVE-2015-5477 & CloudFlare Virtual DNS protects its users

Investigate how CVE-2015-5477 CloudFlare Virtual DNS protects its users Last week, ISC released a patch to fix a remote vulnerability in the BIND9 DNS server. This vulnerability causes the server to crash when processing a certain data packet.The announcement indicates that an error occurs when the server processes a TKEY-type query. This error causes assertion fail, which causes the server to crash. Because assertion occurs in the query parsing proc

How does wordpress-cloudflare intercept PHPCURL?

I want to get the link www. random. orgintegers through Wordpress wp_remote_get? Num10 amp; min1 amp; max45 amp; col1 amp; base10 amp; formatplain amp; the real random number provided by rndnew, but it is enabled by I want to obtain Wp_remote_get ()Get Link Https:// Num = 10 min = 1 max = 45 col = 1 base = 10 format = plain rnd = newThe real random number provided. However, uses cloudflare

Wordpress-cloudflare blocking PHP curl how to solve

I want to get the wp_remote_get() true random number provided by WordPress's Get link , but because use cloudflare protection, cause every acquisition will be intercepted, how should I solve? Reply content: I want to get the wp_remote_get() true random number provided by WordPress's Get link

PowerShell tips for calling CloudFlare SDK query site statistics _powershell

CloudFlare is the world-famous CDN service provider, its free package is enough to meet the average user. Optimize the load speed of the website, cache the static resources, distribute the content near the local area to protect against the DDoS attack. In short, very good, very honest. But in the celestial many nodes are sealed, its own DNS was sealed, and Google and FB, the same as the end of the people (in fact, we are). When I looked at CloudFlare

NS Server address for CloudFlare


Deploying HTTPS using go and let's encrypt certificates

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Why use HTTPS? What are the ways to use HTTPS? How do I use go to deploy HTTPS? Take out your little laptop, and all the dry goods you need are here! The benefits of HTTPS have improved a lot in previous articles. It encrypts the traffic between the browser and the server, to ensure the security of your password transmission, so that your page load quickly, to help the SEO optimization of the site and the HTTP sit

Play games with hackers: Use CryptoWall tracker to mess up hacker actions

is completely static is mainly for security. This website does not have much content to update. It does not prevent me from working on the website or browsing the website. The network server serving static content runs behind CloudFlare to filter out various network noises and reduce traffic through CloudFlare cache. This means that although I gave up some "control" on the website itself, the website is al

Teach you free to replace the website IP

Recently, the official CloudFlare, and APNIC official cooperation with the IP1.1.1.1 to launch faster, more private DNS Cloudflare runs one of the world's largest and fastest networks. APNIC is a nonprofit organization that manages IP address allocation in the Asia Pacific and Oceania regions. Cloudflare has a network, APNIC has an IP address ( A

Cloud computing services against DDoS attacks

A recent media report, after more than 10 days of DDoS attacks paralyzed, WikiLeaks (WikiLeaks) Web site in the cloud computing services provider CloudFlare Support finally came back online. WikiLeaks officials said they found CloudFlare because the CloudFlare had enough capacity and systems to block DDoS attacks. At the beginning of August, WikiLeaks was paraly

Nginx: A Russian software that takes over the entire network

running on Nginx, and other companies have followed suit. In an era when the world's best-known web servers are losing market share, Nginx's market share is growing because of its unpretentious business philosophy and the skills to handle multiple network links at the same time. Apache is still the king of all Web servers, but the number of Nginx has doubled in the past two years. Currently, it serves 15% of sites, including startups like CloudFlare

Understand how Internet works from Google outage events

Translated from: Google Went Offline Today, and a Bit about how the Internet WorksNote: This article mentions that CloudFlare is a San Francisco-based Content distribution network (CDN) service company, founded in 2009 by the three-bit former developer of project Honey Pot projects. October 2011 was named the most innovative network technology company by the Wall Street Journal.Today, Google's services have underg

Encrypting the Internet with go-tutorial

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Overview Starting at the beginning for this year, a lot of your Internet traffic probably is going through Go. That's because Cloudflare delivers content for a great number of websites, and they has the build their TLS 1.3 using G O ' s crypto/tls. Tls Technically TLS is a transparent security protocol for data transfer over the Internet and it stands for Transport laye

New utility of php dos Vulnerability: CVE-2015-4024 Reviewed

AccelerationBaidu cloud acceleration and CloudFlare can be seen from the Baidu Uniform Acceleration interception page that CloudFlare is used, but it is estimated that Baidu cloud acceleration is a product of both Baidu and CloudFlare. Baidu did not set up its own test environment. He found a site connected to Baidu cloud acceleration for testing.Step 1: Verify

11 Ways to bypass CDN to find real IP

may be a pre-CDN record, the relevant query site is: # #DNS query # #Microstep online Http:// # # #Online domain name information inquiry # #DNS, IP and other queries # # #CDN query IP 2) with the Securitytrails platform(, attackers can pinpoint the real original IP. They simply enter the site domain name in the search field

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