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MFC single document multi-view programming and splitter splitter window

1. Create a different sub-frame.In the document View program, CMainFrame (class Cmainframe:public CMDIFrameWndEx) inherits from CMDIFrameWnd (CMDIFrameWndEx is a CMDIFrameWnd subclass). So you can turn m_pMainWnd into a cmdiframewnd pointer, and then call Createnewchild to create a child frame. This can be cast to the desired object, depending on the specific class name passed in. cmdiframewnd* Pmdifrmwnd = reinterpret_cast(m_pmainwnd); = reinterpret_castcreatenewchild (Runtime_class (CCH

MP3 Splitter -- MP3 Splitter & Joiner 4.2 Chinese-made green cracked version registration code

Nowadays, many people like to use MP3 as a cell phone ringtone, which is the most exciting part of an MP3 player. But how can we use MP3 as the most exciting part? MP3 Splitter Joiner can help you! "Software introduction 』 MP3 Splitter JoinerIt is a very useful MP3 editing software. It has built-in MP3 splitting and merging modules. You can use it to cut and adjust a large MP3 file into smaller segm

ACL Splitter is that true, what exactly is an ACL splitter? ACL split disc The Flash team

first batch of meat-eating people, the sooner the more money to seize the position of gold, the choice is not right, efforts in vain, business opportunities are not equal,ACL Splitter disc The Flash team: 18106082601650) this.width=650; "src=" "width=" 396 "height=" 517 "name = "image_operate_19281466333121091" alt= "ACL split is true, what exactly is ACL splitting? What do ACLs do? is the "title="

Network Splitter | Mobile Internet splitter Acquisition scheme

server does not have to parse the signaling surface data and the user surface data related traceability, reduce the demand for resources of the backend server;2) A single mobile internet collector can handle multiple carrier data at the same time, the message processing process does not affect each other, and the different operators of the data in accordance with their respective output group decentralized, non-interference, thereby greatly saving the user's equipment investment;3) The Exchange

C # Splitter Control SplitContainer

Splitter Control SplitContainer Splitter control SplitContainer, is a container containing splitter splitter bar, which contains two panel container panel1,panel2, you can move the splitter bar to control the size of the panel! Control to learn the sample program! Attribute

Message Splitter Simple Code

Message splitter principle, here is not in detail, you can query Google, the following provides a short code implementation Each message has WParam and lParam, such as wm_command,wparam containing two different values, including: WParam: The low byte is the ID of the control, and the high byte is the notification code Notifycode LParam: Cast to the handle value of a button or control hWndCtl #include #define CHHANDLE_DLGMSG (HWND, message, FN) Cas

WinForm programming control in the use of small tips (splitter implementation of the window in the subregion, changing the shape of the button) __ programming

The primary role of the Splitter control is to partition the window and adjust the area size, for example: I want to divide the window into about two regions and adjust the proportions of two regions. The operation process is as follows: 1, a new window: Form1; 2. Add a Panel control Panel1 to the Form1 and set its Dock property to the Left,backcolor property set to blue; 3. Add a splitter control Splitter1

The implementation of File splitter

Remember to read high school especially like reading ebook, but then still 2010, the economic conditions are not good, can not afford smart phones, only use some shanzhai machine, poor hardware facilities, the TXT text reader can only read the size of not more than 5M ebook, but the online e-book is basically more than 5M, In order to read these books, only on the Internet to download a TXT file splitter, split into small files, then downloaded to the

[Google Guava] string processing: Connector, splitter, character match

First, the connector "Joiner"Second, the splitter "Splitter"Three, character match "Charmatcher"  Iv. Character Set "Charsets"  charsets: The six character sets that are guaranteed to support all Java platforms provide a constant reference. Try to use these constants instead of getting character set instances by name. Try { byte[] bytes = Test.getbytes ("UTf-8"); Catch (unsupportedenco

Data Flow->> CDC Control Task, CDC Source, CDC Splitter

CDC control task can be synchronized from controlling CDC data, such as initialization load, LSN scope management. It can be a substitute for another approach, which is to do the same thing by calling a batch of CDC functions. From the perspective of SSIS, things are easy to program, and with the other two spaces (CDC Source, and CDC Splitter), only a few control parameters can be configured to complete the data extraction process.CDC source queries d

"Guava" Joiner, splitter source

JoinerFunction: To stitch multiple objects into a string SampleJoiner Joiner = Joiner.on (";"). Skipnulls (); Return Joiner.join (Bpeapplication, Pipeline, devicename, field); Source Code /** *returnsajoinerwhichautomaticallyplaces {@code separator}betweenconsecutiveelements. */publicstaticjoineron (stringseparator) { returnnewjoiner (separator); NBSP;NBSP} /** *Returnsastringcontainingthe stringrepresentationofeachargument,usingthepreviously *configuredseparatorbetweeneach. */publicfinalstring

Based on the simplest ffmpeg encapsulation process: Video and audio splitter start-up (Demuxer-simple)

=====================================================A series of articles based on the simplest ffmpeg packaging process are listed:Simplest FFmpeg-based package format processing: AV splitter Lite (demuxer-simple)Simplest FFmpeg-based package format processing: AV Splitter (demuxer)Simplest FFmpeg-based package format processing: AV multiplexer (muxer)Simplest ffmpeg-based Encapsulation Format processing:

MFC split form (Splitter Windows)

MFC split form (Splitter Windows)This document describes the csplitterwnd class in MFC, which is used to support form separation and Management of the size of each sub-pane (PANE) after split. 1. splitter styles)The csplitterwnd class supports split windows of two different styles. 1.1 static Splitter)The split pane is created when the split form (

Implement window separation in the Custom splitter window dialog box

Custom splitter Window Using MFC class csplitterwnd Custom splitter Window Using MFC class csplitterwnd this article shows a demonstration of how to create an explorer interface on a dialog using the MFC class csplitterwnd . an Explorer interface is two controls? master and slave. the master? S content is not changed but the slave? S is. In this particle project the master is a list box c

Nah Lock: A lock-free memory splitter

OverviewI implemented two completely unlocked memory allocators: _nalloc and Nalloc. I used the benchmark tool to perform a comprehensive set of tests and compared their indicator values.The first allocator had a poor test result compared to libc (glibc malloc), but I learned a lot from it, and then I realized the second unlocked splitter, with the number of cores increasing to 30, the test results were linearly improved. The number of cores increased

A recommended Avi, MPEG, RM, rmvb, and WMV Splitter

Avi/MPEG/RM/WMV splitter v4.28 Simplified Chinese versionSoftware: 3.85 MB The fastest media SplitterWhich can be divided into video files and audio files. Supports Division *. MPG ;*. MPEG ;*. avi ;*. div ;*. m1v ;*. m2v ;*. MP1 ;*. MP2 ;*. MP3 ;*. mpga ;*. MPa ;*. ASF ;*. WMV ;*. WMA ;*. dat ;*. wav ;*. AC3 ;*. rm ;*. rmvb ;*. RA ;*. rmj; * mainstream video formats such as RAM are small clips. You can drag the start and end points to specify the s

Network splitter |3g/lte Service collector | Mobile Internet Collector

Network splitter |3g/lte Service collector | Mobile Internet Collector 1, overview | network shunt | 3G/LTE wireless network monitoring is far more complex than the original Internet backbone monitoring, mainly in the following aspects: The System diversity, China Mobile based on TD-SCDMA Technology, China Telecom is based on the CDMA2000 technology standard, and Unicom is based on WCDMA technology. Therefore, 3g/lte business acquisition equipment mu

Network Splitter | Mobile Internet Collector |100g LTE core network collector

Network Splitter | Mobile Internet Collector |100g LTE core network collectorThe RTL9807 flow acquisition equipment developed by Rongteng Network is a new generation NPS multi-core processing platform plus high performance switching chip, based on the ATCA architecture of high-performance 3g/lte acquisition and shunt equipment. Designed for the 3g/lte Core network, supports multi-interface signaling decoding of 2/3/4g core networks and supports inform

How do I freeze splitter windows in Excel2007?

To split a worksheet into a window, you can divide the data from the the split window is frozen again, we have a great help in reference to the data, when we drag the scroll bar to view, the frozen part of the change will be frozen, no matter how you drag the frozen part is not changed, It has played a great role both in our work and in our study. Operation Steps 1, open a data sheet in Excel, first of all, to split the window, such as the next small series where you need the first three rows

Powerful video segmentation software: boilsoft video splitter 7.01.1 green portable Edition

Boilsoft video SplitterIt is a very powerful video splitting tool that allows you to directly cut and edit video files without coding, so it is extremely fast and convenient. You can also select the splitting start point through preview videos. After boilsoft video splitter is updated to 6.x, it becomes very powerful and supports editing more video formats, includingFLV and MKV, Avi, DivX, mpg, MPEG, ASF, WMV,Rm, rmvb, MP4, MP3, 3GP, AC3, etc. The c

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