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[Coffeescript] plots the complexity of C + +, Coffeescript, and Ruby

?? Most people agree that C + + is a very complex language, but how complex is it? As a result of curiosity, I compared the C + +, Coffeescript, Ruby, the language of the necessary functions as a criterion for the complexity of evaluation. Although both Coffeescript and Ruby are dynamic languages, which are clearly different from C + +, they are multi-instance languages and (at least to some extent) support

Node.js combined Coffeescript Use method Summary Tutorial

Coffeescript is actually a very flexible language because it can be translated into JavaScript in a one-to-one manner. There are more than one way to bring it into the project. Here, I will first introduce the node project Coffeescript Way to make a summary, and compare the pros and cons of each way. Run a pure Coffeescript project directly using the coffee D

[Coffeescript] Writing JavaScript code in a graceful way

, programmers try to impose paradigm into JavaScript, But that's not a good idea, because JavaScript is not Java, not sheme, or python, like any other language has its strengths and weaknesses.At the same time, JavaScript's sloppy design and poor decision-making are manifested in this, the dynamic domain like this, the syntax for inheritance, and the difficulty of fixing these issues due to backward compatibility considerations. Here is a good quote from the creator of JavaScript, the bright spo

Coffeescript using the way to summarize _javascript tips

Coffeescript as a JavaScript low-key little brother is really a good place, use it can improve development efficiency, reduce code errors, the key is to greatly improve the development of pleasure. I feel more and more that I can use the coffee in my project as long as possible. But perhaps you and I, like me, after understanding the grammar of Coffeescript ready for a try, but faced with how to introduce

Use coffeescript to compile the method summary of the node. js project, node. jscoffeescript

Use coffeescript to compile the method summary of the node. js project, node. jscoffeescript Node. js writes applications based on JavaScript. JavaScript is my main development language. CoffeeScript is a programming language compiled into JavaScript. In fact, the CoffeeScript language is flexible to use because of its one-to-one translation into JavaScript. Ther

Summarize _javascript tips for writing node.js projects using Coffeescript

Node.js based on JavaScript, JavaScript is my main development language. Coffeescript is a programming language that is compiled into JavaScript. In fact, Coffeescript language because it can be one-to-one translation of the characteristics of JavaScript, the use of a very flexible. There are a number of ways to bring it into the project, and here I'll do a summary using

The experience of developing COCOS2D-JS games using Coffeescript+browserify

The use of COCOS2D-JS for more than a year, from the early 2.1.2 began to the present 3.0 of the use of javascript/cocos2d-js more and more handy. However, the current project is only a card-based round game, there are some of their own puzzle-type games. Every time I do a small game or demo will need to copy files from the original project and modified to normal use, so I have been thinking about whether to write a library of their own class.For the above reasons, we have been thinking about ho

Experience in the use of Coffeescript

Today, more and more secondary languages replace the traditional web three languages, respectively, jade/hbs corresponding html,sass/less corresponding to css,typescript/coffeescript corresponding JavaScript, of course, In fact, can be more than listed above, listed above should be a bit of penetration of the secondary language. In this, I think the most perfect should be sass, this article does not discuss it, only discuss coffeescript.But all of the

How to summarize using Coffeescript in a node. JS Project

Coffeescript as a low-key JavaScript little brother is really a big thing, using it to improve development efficiency, reduce code errors, the key is to greatly enhance the development of pleasure. It is more and more that I find it possible to use coffee in my own projects. But maybe you're just like me, and when you're ready to try your hand at Coffeescript's grammar, you're worried about how to bring it into the project. In fact

Build Node. js integrated development environment Cloud9 and use the CoffeeScript plug-in

CoffeeScript uses a syntax similar to Ruby/Python,It provides many benefits to make the script compilation work flexible and interesting, reducing the amount of code and so on,For CoffeeScript, this book is worth reading (only 142 pages ):CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development URL:

Compiling coffeescript of webstorm writing in JS

A friend who has written python or Ruby should like to Coffeescript, if not too familiar with Coffeescript's friends can go to the official website to make up a lesson Believe that after using the coffeescript you will not want to go back to write JavaScript, webstorm support Coffeescript very good, as it is for Nodejs support as well, u

Use sharing when jquery encounters Coffeescript _jquery

When I first contacted jquery years ago, I felt like I was in the programmer's paradise. It greatly simplifies the DOM operation. Functional programming has become so easy, although more frameworks for RIA development have surfaced in recent years, but I still can't imagine a program without jquery. Life is a sin, I believe you feel the same and came to the Coffeescript world, the same wonderful story again staged. After writing a few lines of code, I

Installation and compilation of Coffeescript

InstallationInstall -G coffee-scriptEnter coffee in cmd to enter coffeescript command-line mode (REPL), but by the end of this blog post, I don't think it has any eggs.Compilation of Coffeescript1. First create a Coffeescript file, as long as ". Coffee" End is good, it is worth mentioning that Coffeescript's logo is very moving:2. Get some Coffeescript sample cod

Angular meets the Coffeescript-ngcomponent package

Coffeescript is a JavaScript-based, extensible, compact language that needs to be compiled into JavaScript and then run with a browser or Nodejs platform. JavaScript has been in a hurry for 10 days due to business reasons, so there are many drawbacks. But as the JavaScript Digest says: JavaScript also has a gorgeous heart, and if we can avoid the "pit" in JavaScript and use its essence, it will be a very addictive language. And

Install CoffeeScript in ubuntu 12.04

Install CoffeeScript in ubuntu 12.04. 1. Install node. js (installed with package manager) 1 sudo apt-get install python-software-properties2sudo add-apt-repository ppa: chris-lea/node. js3sudo apt-get update4sudo apt-get install nodejs npm 2, install coffee-script1sudo npm install-g coffee-scriptThe-g parameter allows you to use coffee-script globally.3. test CoffeeScript coffee

"Aborted by" -- coffeescript: accelerated Javascript development

Some days ago, Teacher Fu Zhihong of Turing contacted me and asked me to translate the book coffeescript: accelerated Javascript development. I readily agreed, but after two trials, I still cannot reach the level of publication and do not intend to target reviewers. However, I believe that the reviewers still need to improve their technical skills when targeting a specific technology. Of course, my translation skills also need to be improved. Next, l

RunJS supports CoffeeScript/Less CSS Online Editing

Have you noticed that you can use CoffeeScript in RunJS to write scripts and Less CSS to write styles. Let's take a look at the Demo code: CoffeeScript: # Assignment: Number = 42 Opposite = true # Conditions: Number =-42 if opposite # Functions: Square = (x)-> x * x # Arrays: List = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] # Objects: Math = Root: Math. sqrt Square: square Cube: (x)-> x * square x # Splats: Race = (

Coffeescript Implement Python Decorators

In the Coffeescript–ngcomponent package of the previous angular, we talked about Coffeescript's small language, discarding the dross ("pit") part of JavaScript, And bring the pristine parts of JavaScript to dripping. Although I prefer the ES6 + Babel or typescript this kind of distinctive features of JavaScript syntax. But Coffeescript is also a good JavaScript extension language, especially in the Ruby com

Coffeescript? TypeScript? or JavaScript?

Please note that this article is just my prejudice, and I am trying to understand the rationale for writing JavaScript code with compilers such as Coffeescript or typescript. Statically compiled, strongly typed languages and frameworks, I have these popular, rich backgrounds. My last job was to use typescript because I had to use it. It was a time of unhappiness, and I would leave for it.I am fortunate to have freed myself from this dilemma and burden

RUNJS support coffeescript/less CSS Online editing

Have you noticed that you can now write the script using Coffeescript directly on the RUNJS, using less CSS to write the style. Let's look at a demo code: Coffeescript: # Assignment: Number = 42 opposite = True # Conditions: Number = -42 if opposite # functions: Square = (x)-> x * x # Arrays: list = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] # Objects: Math = Root:Math.sqrt Square:square

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