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Using the right comment in Java

Java provides three types of comments: Single-line (c ++-style) CommentsThe simplest comment in Java is the single line comment. It starts with two forward slashes and continues to the end of the line. For example:Figure 1: single-line

MATLAB Basic functions: Custom function, add block comment, timer trial

1. Custom FunctionsCreate a new M file in the M file inside the first line input function [X,Y]=PLL (X1,Y1,X2,Y2), here x1 x2 y1 y2 is the input value of your function, X Y is the output value, and then define the function you want to implement,

Vim block Comment

How to quickly comment block codes under vimAdd a block comment01. Enter View modev Enter view mode, control direction key check Comment code02. Enter the column mode and insert #Ctrl + V into the column,I Insert Comment #03. All CommentsESC two

Wordpress comment is different from the recommended block location, and an error occurs.

If the location of the wordpress comment is different from that of the recommendation block, an error occurs in the wordpress single. on the php page, I want to add a recommended content section. queries a similar article based on the Category ID of

MATLAB Add block Comment

1) To select the content you want to annotate, and then select the tool menu "Text|comment", if you want to change the comment into a statement, also select the statement to be changed, and then use the mouse to select "Text|uncomment". The keyboard

Personal website Comment Message area production

First, on the personal site of the message page, you can see the effect: Message board There's also an effect chart here. In order to save the front end, use jquery to write, backstage use PHP simple read and write MySQL database. database design

Django comes with comment Comment library using

The comments Library is a library of comments built into the Django framework that allows you to quickly build a comment system that your site needs.Django1.9 version uses django_comments instead of "django.contrib.comments", direct pip install

JavaScript-Should a single-line comment be placed at the end or above the code?

If it is necessary to add single-line comment, we develop the general single-line commentPut it at the end of the line of code, or the exclusive line above the code? Or the specific situation, the specific analysis? is a personal habit, or have your

Python General Forum Body extract \python Forum comment Extract \python Forum user Information Extraction

I long-term sales of ultra-large amount of micro-blog data, and provide specific micro-blog data packaging, Message to [email protected]Background Participate in the data mining competition, this time really learned a lot of things, and

Vim's bulk comment and delete comment

Vim's bulk comment and delete commentMethod One: Block selection modeBulk Comment:Ctrl + V into block selection mode, then move the cursor to select the line you want to comment, and then press the uppercase I into the beginning of the insertion

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