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About IT foreign companies (12): Also about job-hopping for IT foreign companies (9): there are multiple ways to promote IT foreign companies (10 ): programmers are not program IT foreign companies (11): Why are your employees not working hard?

? The boss will say no, and the demand is too strong. In fact, this is also true for programmers. Supply and demand rather than use value determine our prices, we only need to ensure that the demand of people with the overall quality in the market is greater than the supply. For example, if the company wants to hire a graduate from Tsinghua University, the student union chairman, fluent in English, the ACM

Ten features of the programmers you should hire most

learn some simple accounting knowledge. If you have the ability to quickly learn other things than programming, you will definitely decide to hire this programmer for extra points. 6. Self-learning skills The software industry is evolving fast. To improve programming skills, good programmers must be good at self-learning. 7. Passion There is no doubt that you must hire

How programmers learn from "small companies" and "Big companies"

Introduction: AuthorBruce LeeI published an article in the blog 《How programmers learn from "small companies" and "Big companies"This article describes how to learn, grow, and increase your value in different working environments. The content of this article is as follows: Preface: I have been working in the software industry for several years. I have changed man

[Original] Talk about the influence of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign companies on the Growth of programmers

people to stick to the business and technology involved in the company for rapid growth. They should broaden their horizons, at the same time, we will focus on the technology field and give ourselves a position to determine the direction in which you want to engage and what kind of level you want to achieve. Companies that haven't worked for a lifetime, at least for the software industry, are like this. If they don't go out, it's really hard to go hi

Companies say this to programmers

From a website, I feel like I have talked about the current job situation of programmers. Let's look at it. It may be helpful for your employment ~ First here orz the original author C ++ programmers Company A: we need a large number of C ++ programmers, but unfortunately we won't be able to hire a few at a high price.

Self-report from programmers who have grown up in small companies

the R D department, and I am the first employee in the R D department. As a result, I feel a lot of pressure on the development of the entire R D department. The boss paid nearly 5000 yuan a month, which is already a high price for graduates in a third-tier city. At this time, I sat in front of the company, responsible for the entire project R D of the Project Department. when talking about the "Project Department", I was alone and recruited many progra

Self-Report from programmers who have grown up in small companies

sat in front of the company, responsible for the entire project R D of the Project Department. When talking about the "Project Department", I was alone and recruited many programmers, I ended up with an inappropriate solution. after half a year of work, I have developed three sets of products for the company, and 80% of the Code is independently completed by me. From hardware integration, software architecture, and sometimes even ps a few images. Th

In small companies, programmers have to take charge of product prototype design.

Large companies may have clear division of labor,ProgramWhat the staff is doing may be a complicated task.AlgorithmOr to implement some interfaces, you do not need to understand the entire system at all, so the pressure is relatively low. Programmers in small companies should participate in demand research, system design, implementation, and even customer PR.

How can companies remotely recruit reliable programmers?

, this may be suitable for some companies to recruit new programmers. Codsssuum uses Google's WebRTC architecture, so no third-party plug-ins or flash are required, which can be directly implemented in the Chrome browser. It is also very easy to use. You just need to open the codsssuum homepage and click "start". After creating a room, you can give the address to the other party. Other people can use the

Zen garden Zen of CSS before publishing-soliciting comments from designers and programmers of Chinese website companies on this book

We will present this fully-colored new book with one or two comments from designers and programmers of Chinese website companies. People's post and telecommunications Publishing House 07 Coming soon; Amazon computer bestsellers 2007 Popular books: Zen Garden Zen of CSS ------- A new CSS book that subverts traditional web design patterns is coming soon Title: Zen GardenZen of CSS (tentative title) book pric

Game companies recruit PHP development engineers !! Programmers

: This article mainly introduces the game company's recruitment of PHP development engineers !! If you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, you can refer to it. Shenzhen instant Interactive Technology Co. Ltd.-overseas game publishers with the most potential and successful genes Job description: 1. use PHP to develop Internet applications; 2. develop and maintain website products and functional modules, and write some Javascript and HTML; 3. development of mobile internet applications such as

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