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Linux conditional judgment: eq, NE, GT, lt, GE, le

Introduction to Commands:Condition Judgment: If the user does not exist Add user, give password and display add success; otherwise Show if no already in, no add; Variable name:1 , can contain only letters, numbers, and underscores, and cannot begin

Shell Programming--if Statement If-z-n-f-eq-ne-lt__ programming

The use of conditional expressions in shell programming If conditionThenCommandElseCommandFi, don't forget this ending. If statement forgets the end 14:syntax error:unexpected End of fi Three

C # and. NE Study Day Fourth

(mainly the notes of the Zhaojianyu teacher of the Preach Wisdom Podcast, due to the lessons of these days and the previous C-C language and C + + almost all have learned all began to jump, here to thank Zhaojianyu Teacher)1. Abnormal captureWe

BASH shell test condition tests [[]] and [] similarities and differences summary

The test command is very powerful, but it is difficult to satisfy its escape requirements and the difference between string and arithmetic comparisons. Greater than Less than Equals Not equal to If ["$a"-gt "$b"]

15. Learning progress and task of self-study--linux "bash programming condition judgment"

Conditional Judgment of Bash programmingBash Programming condition judgment: determine if the prerequisites for subsequent operations are met          1. The common judgment type of condition judgment (bash endogenous):Integer testCharacter testFile

Shell script if condition judgment and judging condition summary

From: This article mainly introduced the shell script if condition judgment and the judgment condition summary, this article first gave the IF condition judgment the grammar, then gave the commonly used judgment

Use of the if statement in Linuxshell script programming (condition judgment)

This article mainly introduces how to use if Shell script to program if statements. for details, refer to the if statement format. If condition Then Command Else Command Fi, don't forget the end. If statements forget the final fi Test. sh: line 14:

Use of shell scripts---if condition judgment

Testing and judging of shell scripts1. TestingGrammar:[operator condition] = = Test operator condition1) test file-level directoryType of File:F, FileLs-l # #只查看字段的第一个字符, file "-"D, CatalogueLs-ldL, Link fileLs-lC, character deviceLs-l/dev/ttyB,

Shell Programming---condition judgment

I. Condition judgment of shell programming1. Integer testA. Expressions for conditional tests[Expression][[Expression]]Test expressionB. Integer comparison-EQ: Tests whether two integers are equal, such as $A-eq $B-ne: Test whether the two integers

Shell Learning Condition test (refer to Shell scripting tricks)

1 about test testing, see the man documentationThe judgment of an expression(EXPRESSION) #EXPRESSION is True! EXPRESSION #EXPRESSION is FalseExpression1-a EXPRESSION2 #both is true,-o means orWhether the string is empty, equal-N string #the length

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