configure linksys router as access point

Want to know configure linksys router as access point? we have a huge selection of configure linksys router as access point information on

Application point of view: quickly learn to configure a CISCO Router password

At present, there are many users using CISCO routers, so today we will introduce in detail the main steps for configuring the CISCO Router password and what we need to pay special attention to. I hope this will help you, I hope you will learn more after reading the article. In CISCO router products, we usually need to restrict the access of general users during i

Exploring how a wireless router converts a Wi-Fi Access Point

China's wireless routers have developed rapidly, and technologies are constantly being updated. So I studied how to convert a wireless router into a Wi-Fi access point. Here I will share with you, I hope it will be useful to you. Do not discard the old 802.11g device. Although the latest 802.11n annotation can provide faster speed and wider coverage, the legacy 8

Configure a cisco router for ADSL Access

This article uses a specific example to illustrate how to configure the access to ADSL through the vro. What problems should we pay attention to during access? The following articles will benefit you a lot. Note: In this case, a common adsl modem and a cisco 25001841) router (dual Ethernet port) and IOS 12.2 (15) T nee

How does a home user configure a valid router to access the Internet?

with high penetration rate, and of course there will be other topological connections and authentication methods; therefore, if you are not sure about your bandwidth, you 'd better ask your ISP: is the IP address static or dynamic? Are the protocols used for authentication PPPoE, 802.1X, or WEB Authentication? With the answers to the two questions above, you can configure the router to

Configure access control for the MAC address of a vswitch on a Cisco 3550 Router

This article describes how to configure a vswitch for a CISCO 3550 router and how to configure access control for a MAC address. In network management, users often encounter this situation: some users violate management regulations and modify their own IP addresses without permission to

How to configure two-line access for lingke Router

Currently, the two-line access setting of the lingke router is commonly used by China Southern Telecom North China Netcom. The access speed between different networks is greatly affected. Therefore, some websites only use the two-line access method, this article uses the lingke rou

Application point of view: view the actual application of Huawei Router Access

Huawei Router Access is still one of the access technologies worth learning. Here we mainly analyze the practical application of Huawei Router Access. With the rapid development of IP technology in recent years, financial IP networks have been spread all over the world, esta

How to configure a wireless router to allow Internet access on only one or more computers

The wireless router settings allow only a certain computer or a fixed computer to access the Internet. For some reason, the wireless router's Frequent password is cracked by some people, and the data is continuously downloaded, normal office or entertainment cannot be achieved. Therefore, it is best to bind the mac nic address of the computer to the wireless router

How to configure the access list of AR series router package filtering control

Access to the Internet from the Intranet Address is not restricted. Only sending and receiving mails are allowed for the Intranet address, and access to the Internet is not allowed # Sysname roupid # Firewall enable/Enable Firewall/ Firewall default deny/configure the default firewall operation as deny/ # Radius scheme System

How to configure a list of reflexive access controls on a router

The reflexive access list automatically creates a control list in the opposite direction based on the access control list in one direction and reverses the source and destination addresses of the original control list-ip, and a list of the exact opposite of the source port number and destination port number. So how do you complete the configuration of the reflexive acce

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