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C # referencing ConnectionString in Web. config

C # referencing connectionstring in Web. configUser id=sa"providername=" System.Data.SqlClient "/>Integrated security=true " providername=" System.Data.SqlClient "/>The way to get it is:configurationmanager.connectionstrings["Jgxtconnectionstring"].

ConnectionString encryption for Web. config

Original: ConnectionString encryption for Web. configThis article refers to Wayshan's blog, the original address: the Web. config configuration file, there are some sensitive data

The item "ConnectionString" in the C # Background service Web. config has been added. Problem

is to build a virtual directory under a Web site.The original site is empty, and later changed its own path, with the default configurationAfter a long time to open the original OK virtual directory, Pit Dad. The cup is

Format description of the ConnectionString string for the C # connection database

The basic format of the connection string includes a series of keyword/value pairs separated by semicolons. The equal sign (=) joins each keyword and its value. To include a value that contains a semicolon, single quote character, or double quote

C # connect to the sqlserver Database

This article describes in detail how to use a connection object to connect to a database. For different. NET data providers, ADO. net uses different connection objects to connect to the database. These connection objects shield us from specific

C #. net access Operations

C #. net access operation class 1. Configure the web. config file: configure the database connection parameter configurationappSettingsconnectionStringsaddnameConnectionStringconnectionStringProviderMicrosoft. Jet. OLEDB.4.0; performancef:

C # access connection

C # access connection operation [transfer, organize]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Configure the Web. config file: Configure database connection Parameters (C #) layer-based Class

Using System;Using System. Collections;Using System. Collections. Specialized;Using System. Data;Using System. Data. SqlClient;Using System. Configuration; Namespace LiTianPing. SQLServerDAL // you can change it to The namespace name of the actual

C # database operations, including attaching, restoring, backing up, detaching, compressing, creating, modifying, and other common operations

Using system;Using system. Collections. Generic;Using system. Data. sqlclient;Using system. Data;Namespace adminzjc. databasecontrol{/// /// Database operation classes, including attaching, restoring, backing up, detaching, compressing, creating,

C # Operations SQL Server database

In C # program development often need to deal with SQL Server database, below we understand the C # operation of SQL Server database method: 1. The first step is to add the necessary references and some data members to our program. Because our

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