content transfer encoding base64 email

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[Python module Learning] using the Base64 module for binary data encoding

Base64 Module Preface Yesterday the team's sister came to ask questions about the POP3 protocol, so today a little bit about the format of the POP3 protocol and the poplib in Python. And the POP server back to the data in a part of the need to use

Python uses the base64 module for binary data encoding.

Python uses the base64 module for binary data encoding. Preface Yesterday, my team asked me about the POP3 protocol. So today I have studied the POP3 protocol format and the poplib in Python. Some of the data transmitted back by the POP server needs

Introduction to base64 encoding principles and use of the python base64 Module

Base64 encoding. First, we should clarify why there is a 64 character in it? In fact, because the encoding uses 64 plain text to encode arbitrary binary files, it only uses the A-Z, A-Z, 0-9, +,/This 64 characters, some people who have "a little

Base64 and quoted-printable encoding in Android mail

Tian haili @ csdn 2012-07-31   The mime (multipurposeinternet Mail Extensions) is used when an email is uploaded or transmitted over the network ). Mail transmission can only deliver US-ASCII characters, and other characters in the mail must be

Introduction to base64 encoding

I bet when you see the word base64, you will think where you have seen it, because you can see this article online. Article You have already used it in the background. If you know something about the binary number, you can start to read it.

An efficient base64 encoding/Decoding Algorithm

What is base64? According to rfc2045, base64 is defined as base64 content Transfer Encoding. It is designed to describe the 8-bit bytes of any sequence as a form that is not easily recognized by people. (The base64 content-transfer-encoding is

Mime encoding (base64) and Its Significance

1. Mime: Multipurpose Internet Mail ExtensionsThe English Empire University's online computer dictionary foldoc interprets mime as: "multi-part, multimedia e-mail, and WWW hypertext encoding standard, it is used to transmit non-text data such as

Talking about Base64 coding

Talking about Base64 codingI bet you see the word Base64 when you see it, because you used it in the background when you were able to read the article online. If you know something about binary numbers, you can start reading it.Open an email to view

Example of data/base64 data transfer image file output in PHP

Data/base64 webmasters often use more data. I often see that they generate data/base64 data for images and then input the data. This shows a very long string, now let's take a look at the php input method. Let's take a look at data/B. Data/base64

Authoritative resolution of Chinese culture and internationalization: MIME encoding/character Transfer Encoding

Mime (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is the abbreviation of "multi-purpose Internet Mail extended protocol". Before the mime protocol, the mail encoding methods such as uencode were used, but the mime protocol algorithm is simple, it is also

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