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OpenGL Learning Footprints: Model loading Preliminary-loading obj model (Load obj models)

Label:Write in frontThe lighting basics, as well as the materials and lighting maps, and the types of light sources are described earlier, and we have a certain understanding of the use of lighting to enhance the realism of the scene. But so far, we'

Basic knowledge of Xcode and OBJ-C

Label:1, from a simple routine to see the basic syntax:The following code is generated by the Osx-application-command line tool:#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {@autoreleasepool {Insert code here

OBJ{A:1,B:2} Health Value operation

Label:var obj = {a:1,b:2}; for (var in obj) { alert (x); Alert (Obj[x]) }1. Pop up A, 1, B, 2 in turn. ( Note that the value in the loop is obj[x], while the general operation of the JSON array is obg.a. )2.OBJ.A is 1 obj.b is

JS to convert a variable to a string

Tags: script UI date img Ror es2017 nbsp operator technology SharingTranslator by: The details of the language to understand it, do not need to be too serious, but if you do not know, it is not very good. Original: Converting a value to

JavaScript Learning JS objects and JSON objects (Obj=json.parse (STU))

Label:The JS object is a container for key-value pairs,Be sure to understand the use of commas and semicolons in JSIf a variable is not declared within a function (without using the var keyword), the variable is a global variable./w3cschool/i is a

Manual binding implementation of cocos2d-x-3.x version Js binding

Tags: c + + BindingOnline circulating is a 2.x version, has now been updated to 3.x, after arduous, finally debugging success.1. First define the class to be boundAnimationkoo.h#ifndef __animationkoo_h__#define __animationkoo_h__namespace Ls{class

Buffer Cache Experiment 2: Detailed buffer header--dump buffer combined with X$BH view

Buffer header structure Diagram and introduction Figure 1: Buffer header: Each data block is read into the buffer cache, will first in the buffer cache to construct a buffer Header,buffer header and data block one by one corresponding. The main inf

Makefile Analysis of U-boot

Tags: makefile u-boot samsung ARM9By the top-level makefile file, comb the U-boot compilation process.Tips:in large makefile, it is often necessary to determine the value of a variable , and a small method is:$ (Shell echo "Variable0_val = $

code example for using XStream annotations to convert Java objects to and from XML

Tags: blog http io os ar using Java for SPThis article records some code examples that use the annotations feature of the XStream API to convert Java objects to and from XML strings.Many of us have worked with XML files, and there are many very

HTML and UBB code convert to each other

Tip: You can modify some of the code before running <html> <head> <meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "text/html; charset=gb2312 "/> <title>html with UBB code conversion </title> <script language=" Java

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