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Talking to Tom Cat computer version PC games new experience

We should all know the talking Tom Cat game, but no touch screen smartphone can not play the talking Tom Cat how to do? Talking Tom Cat Computer Edition allows you to also play around with this little 2B of silly

IOS Development Notes-Basic UI (7) Tom Cat (Uiimageview's sequence frame animation, picture loading, method refactoring, Bundle picture footage)

Use Uiimageview, UIButton to achieve a comprehensive small case---tom CatMemories: Uiimageview from Uiview,uiview from Uiresponder,uibutton from Uicontrol,uicontrol from UIViewSee the implementation alone, code implementation is actually relatively simple, but the creative is very rare, the art requirements are very high! It's a great game! Functional analysis(1) After clicking on the corresponding button, let

[iOS base Control-3.4] Tom Cat

Needs: 1. Click on the button to play the corresponding animation 2. Click on the body part of Tom Cat (head, Feet, tail) show animation 3. The animation currently playing cannot trigger other animations 4. Optimize cache, memory management A. Sequence Frame Animation # #. PNG-formatted files can be accessed without the extension, and can be previewed in the "Images.scassets" group, JPG can only be placed i

iOS Learning-Tom Cat

yjviewcontroller.m//04-Tom Cat's understanding////Created by Jacky-mac on 15-5-31.//Copyright (c) 2015 All rights reserved.//#import "YJViewController.h" @interface Yjviewcontroller () @property (weak, nonatomic) Iboutlet Uiimageview *tom; @end @implementation yjviewcontroller-(void) Tomanimationwithname: (NSString *) name AndCount: ( Nsinteger) count{if ([Self.tom isanimating]

IOS Tom Cat Code

mjviewcontroller.m//03-tom////Created by Apple on 13-11-24.//Copyright (c) 2013 itcast. All rights reserved.//#import "MJViewController.h" @interface Mjviewcontroller () {nsdictionary *_dict;//Save the number of all pictures}@e Nd@implementation mjviewcontroller-(void) viewdidload {[Super viewdidload]; 1. Obtain the full path of the tom.plist nsbundle *bundle = [NSBundle mainbundle]; NSString *path = [Bundle pathforresource:@ "

Tom Cat Code implementation

: (IDsender {[Self runanimationwithname:@"fart"Andcount: -];} -(ibaction) Stomach: (IDsender {[Self runanimationwithname:@"Stomach"Andcount: the];} -(Ibaction) Footleft: (IDsender {[Self runanimationwithname:@"Footright"Andcount: -];} -(Ibaction) Footright: (IDsender {[Self runanimationwithname:@"Footleft"Andcount: -];} -(Ibaction) Knockoutclick: (IDsender {[Self runanimationwithname:@"Knockout"Andcount:Bayi];} -(Ibaction) Angryclick: (IDsender {[Self runanimationwithname:@"Angry"Andcount: -];}

Unity Tom Cat automatically detects recordings, does not speak auto-play

Unity Tom Cat automatically detects recordings, does not speak auto-playUsing system.collections.generic;using system.linq;using unityengine; [Requirecomponent (typeof (Audiosource))]public class microphoneinput:monobehaviour{//per second produces 0.4M data volume private Linkedli stProject Resource Address: Tom

iOS development UI article----UI Basics Tom Cat Animation

*) ImageName {//ThroughThe key in the dictionary obtains value, which is the number of the corresponding image nsstring *countstring = [Self.imagecountdict objectforkey:imagename]; Convert to Nsinteger nsinteger count = countstring.integervalue; Determines whether the frame animation is being executed, and if it is executing, return, that is, the subsequent code will no longer execute the IF (self.imageView.isAnimating) {return; }//1. An array is required to perform the frame animation

iOS Development-No. 01-UI Basics-02-Picture Browse &tom Cat

the order, because some of the control location calculation needs to consider the previous control position, the object created by the successive dependencies of each other, reducing the coupling between the code). 9, Strong Weak 10, Tom Cat optimization Note: When adding an animated frame sequence, be aware of freeing up memory!!! In this case, you need t

Unity Tom Cat automatically detects recordings, does not speak auto-play

Unity Tom Cat automatically detects recordings, does not speak auto-playScriptUsing system.collections.generic;using system.linq;using unityengine; [Requirecomponent (typeof (Audiosource))]public class microphoneinput:monobehaviour{//per second produces 0.4M data volume private Linkedli stfull Project Address: T

Tom Cat Game Core Code IOS/OBJECTIVE-C

#import "ViewController.h"@interface Viewcontroller ()@property (Weak, nonatomic) Iboutlet Uiimageview *tomimageview;@end@implementation ViewcontrollerKnock on Tom's cat's head. Premise: A series of animations have been imported.(ibaction) btnknockoutonclicked: (UIButton *) sender{[Self tomimatewith:@ "KnockOut" imagecount:81];}Tom plays birds. Premise: The animation about the bird has been imported.(ibaction) Eatonclick: (UIButton *) sender{[self.tom

Simple Tom Cat Code implementation

objects the [arr addobject:img]; About } the//Assigning a temporary mutable array to an array of UIImage objects for animation the //all of them are prepared for this step. theSelf.imgView.animationImages =arr; + -//set and start animation the[Self.imgview Setanimationrepeatcount:1];Bayi[Self.imgview SetAnimationDuration:arr.count *0.08]; the [Self.imgview startanimating]; the //Iv. releasing memory at the end of the animation - //self.imgView.animationImages = nil;//Error! The program loop

16. Small item: Tom Cat version 2.0

------------- viewcontroller.m -------------#import "ViewController.h"@interface viewcontroller ()@property (weak, nonatomic) iboutlet uiimageview *imageview;-(ibaction) drink;-(ibaction) konckout;-(ibaction) footleft;@end@implementation Viewcontroller-(ibaction) drink{ [ Self Playanimationwithimagename: Span style= "font-variant-ligatures:no-common-ligatures; Color: #d12f1b ">@" Drink " andimagecount: 81 "; }-(ibaction) konckout{ [ Self Playanimationwithimagename: Span s

Ios_5_ Tom Cat

Eventually:BeyondViewController.h beyondviewcontroller.h// 05_tomcat//// Created by Beyond on 14-7-23.// Copyright (c) 2014 Com.beyond. All rights reserved.//#import Beyondviewcontroller.mbeyondviewcontroller.m//05_tomcat////Created by Beyond on 14-7-23.//Copyright (c) 2014 Com.beyond. All rights reserved.//#import "BeyondViewController.h" @interface Beyondviewcontroller () {nsdictionary *_dict;} @end @implementation beyondviewcontroller-(void) viewdidload{[Super Viewdidload]; Sg_bundl

Using Uisegementcontrol to implement simple Tom Cat program

Tomviewcontroller.m#import "TomViewController.h" #import Using Uisegementcontrol to implement simple Tom Cat program

UI basics-Handwritten code implements Tom Cat animation

) footright{[self animationofaction:@"Footright"Andcount: -];}#pragmaMark-Knock head-(void) knockout{[self animationofaction:@"Knockout"Andcount:Bayi];}#pragmaMark-Water-(void) drink{[self animationofaction:@"Drink"Andcount:Bayi];}#pragmaMark-Eat-(void) eat{[self animationofaction:@"Eat"Andcount: the];}#pragmaMark-Fart-(void) fart{[self animationofaction:@"fart"Andcount: -];}#pragmaMark-Pies-(void) pie{[self animationofaction:@"Pie"Andcount: -];}#pragmaMark-Catch-(void) scratch{[self animationof

17. Small item: Tom Cat version 3.0

= [ nsstring stringwithformat : @ "%@_%02d.jpg" , imagename,i]; Span style= " font-variant-ligatures:no-common-ligatures; color: #703daa ">nsstring *path = [[ nsbundle mainbundle ] Pathforresource : Name oftype : nil ]; UIImage *image = [UIImage imagewithcontentsoffile:p Ath];[Images AddObject: image];}Self. ImageView. animationimages = images;Self. ImageView. animationduration = 0.05 * count; Self . imageview Animationrepeatcount = 1 ; [self. ImageView startanimating];you n

With Unity wrote a similar Tom cat auto-detect speaking function

Simply add the script to the camera.Here is the script I wrote, there is a problem because it is automatic call detection call recording Unity call delay will appear some delay small problem, you can refer to my code change to do a button click on the recording end play recording or can be achievedUsing system.collections.generic;using unityengine;using system.collections;public class tom2:monobehaviour{//publi c float Power = 1; public float min = 0; Public AudioClip audioclip = null;//au

Cat grooming Issues: Copy, object custom copy

Cat Share, must boutiqueOriginal address: Http:// positive purpose of copycopyCopy purpose: Create a copy, modify each other, do not disturbCopy (immutable) and Mutablecopy (mutable) data types for the foundation framework.For a custom class, copy is mutable.Copy of a variable groupHere we use Nsmutablearray as an exam

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