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Python uses an online API to query IP-corresponding geographic information instances _python

This article is based on the initial phase of my blog, which I used to build a U.S. VPS last year, that is a lot of malicious access, I based on access log in the source IP to do a lot of statistics, and I also have the most visited the most

Php obtains all the information (address, zip code, country, latitude and longitude) of the specified IP address.

This article describes how to obtain all the information (such as the address, zip code, country, and latitude and longitude) of a specified IP address in php, it is very simple and practical to call an API to query visitor information, This article

GEOIP module is configured in the Nginx server to intercept the designated country Ip_nginx

Recently there is a Web site project requirements: the need to block domestic requests. Take the time to study the information in this area. The best way to find it now is to use the Nginx GeoIP module to realize the region's identification. Then

Jain API for call control and Wireless Networks

Document directory Jain proposal SIP, ISUP, call control system, and Jain Interface Application of Jain APIs to Mobile Networks Mobile Station No-wire access to network (RAN) Network and Enterprise Internal capacity and service End-to-end

Write json, PHP, JAVASCRITP programming jobs Google Places API

Write json, PHP, JAVASCRITP programming jobs Google Places APITravel and entertainment Search Server-side Scripting1. ObjectivesGet experience with the PHP programming language;Get experience with the Google Places API;Get experience using JSON

IP interface API query

IP interface API query IP interface queryHttp:// DescriptionThe IP address location is called. this interface is not pure data and is not comparable to any other data on the market, but... it cannot be

PHP through the Taobao API query IP address attribution and other information _php skills

Taobao Company provides a very useful IP geographic information query interface. Here: TaobaoIPQuery2 This class will greatly simplify the relevant information query. Class TaobaoIPQuery2 File: $ip)); $ch =

Rails: Identify a city by IP Address

1. For rails, the mainstream method should be to use the Google library plug-in geoip GitHub address:   Require 'geoip' geoip. new ('geolitecity. dat '). country ('www. atlanta. SK ') => ["www. atlanta. SK

AWStats display country-region plug-in geoip Installation

After AWStats is installed by default, it does not have the country or region information to identify visitors. Therefore, you need to install the plug-in to support AWStats to list the countries and regions of visitors for analysis. Geoip is a

Asynchronous callback of the IP query system, ip Query System callback

Asynchronous callback of the IP query system, ip Query System callback 1 package com. lxj. demo; 2 3 import java. io. bufferedReader; 4 import java. io. IOException; 5 import java. io. inputStreamReader; 6 import malformedURLException; 7

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