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Magento -- steps for implementing multiple domain names and multiple online stores

  Http:// Address Source     How to setup multiple magento stores By Kyle on December 28,200 8. posted in howto, magento · 78 comments There are numerous ways to

Rails app deployment experience in BlueHost

Google search has published many articles on "bluehost rails" (mostly in English ). For more information, see!   But there are a few special points to note. 1. Add a subdomain name Go to cPanel and click subdomains under Domains. Then, Add.   (When

Google App Engine (Gae) Registration and deployment

Address: 1. Registration of Google App Engine (Gae) was limited when it was just released. But now, as long as you have mobile or Unicom mobile phone numbers, you can apply for

Linux penetration and Elevation of Privilege: skills Summary

This article is a summary of Linux penetration and Elevation of Privilege techniques. It aims to collect various Linux penetration techniques and Elevation of Privilege versions, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort in future

Fundamentals of e-commerce: SME construction station programmes and resources

At present, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China has tens of millions of, but the information construction is not ideal, the site has only not more than 2 million, tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises exist

Using Ruby on Rails on bluehost

Using Ruby On Rails on Bluehost: This is intended to be a brief introduction to developing ruby on rails applications on a bluehost account. at the bottom of this article you will find a number of resources to help you learn more about ruby on rails

How To Deploy on Bluehost

Document directory 1. database. yml (in the config folder) 2. environments. rb (in the config folder) 3.. htaccess (in the public folder) 4. dispatch. fcgi (in the config folder) I 've noticed a lot of people asking about this one (probable

A summary of the application basic directory structure built by Ruby on Rails _ruby topics

After using the rails new appname to build rails applications, we can view the directory structure of Rails applications through tree: Directory structure The application directory will have 11 directories of App, config, DB, Doc, lib, log, public,

[Study Notes * original] local installation of ruby-China website source code package

1. Ruby-China website source code package: $ cd ~/workspace$ git clone 2. If you want to worry about it, do not try to install it in windows. Last night, it took 30

The PHP Web site under Linux is placed under Windows Server IIS import. htaccess file pseudo-static rule conversion (WordPress)

Special attention is paid to the following:1.. htacdess files can be generated in WordPressAfter installing WP Super cache, turn on the plugin >> settings >> advanced >> Find and click on the "Update mod_rewrite rule" button, which will generate the.

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