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Intel processor identification and cpuid command (2) cpuid command

Cpuid commands have two sets of functions. The first function returns the basic information of the processor, and the second function returns the extended information of the processor. Figure 1 summarizes the basic information of the processor that can be output by the cpuid command. The output of the cpuid command is completely dependent on the content of the ea

HW First system problem, second Test, HW test system sucks _ interview related

Attention matters1. Each question can only be submitted 5 times;2. The program obtains input from standard input stdin (' Standard input ') and outputs output to standard output stdout (' Standard output ').3. Input and output can not contain any hint information;4. The compiler core of the test platform is VS2005 and JDK1.7. When using the Java answer, the class name must be "Main", do not use the Package keyword declaration, and use the data types and functions supported by VS2005 when using C

Cpuid Assembly command

Use the cpuid Assembly command (machine code: 0fh a2h, if your compiler does not support cpuid command, only emit machine code), this command can be recognized by the following CPU: More than 486 of Intel CPUs, CPU above cyrix M1, CPU above amd am486 (1) obtain the cpu oem string to determine the CPU vendor Let eax = 0 first, then call cpuid InEl CPU will return:

How to Use the cpuid command in each version of VC and 64-bit

We have discussed the use of cpuid commands (http://www.cnblogs.com/zyl910/archive/2012/05/14/dos16_getcpuid.html) in 16-bit dos real-time mode ). Nowadays, 64-bit windows is very popular. How to Use cpuid in 32/64-Bit mode? This article describes how to use the cpuid command in each version of VC and 64-bit. 1. intrinsics functions such as _

Obtain the Delphi source code of hardware information (cpuid, operating system, Mac physical address, computer name, IP address, user name)

Reprinted please keep this article link: http://blog.csdn.net/sushengmiyan/article/details/8545673 {Hardware Author: sushengmiyan 2013.01.26 remarks: function: hardware information retrieval unit Units units} unit applicationhardwareinfo; interfaceuses windows, sysutils, classes, registry, nb30, Winsock; Type tcpuid = array [1 .. 4] of longint; function getcpuid: tcpuid; assembler; register; Type // cpuid Information Class tcpuidinf O = class private

Correct understanding of the C ++ cpuid command

The C ++ programming language has a wide range of applications. Many of these functions can help us meet certain requirements and improve programming efficiency to a certain extent. Here we will introduce some application methods for the C ++ cpuid command for your convenience. Overview of basic concepts of C ++ class template Specialization Understand the basic concepts of C ++ non-type template parameters Summary of precautions for using non-typ

Obtain the CPUID, hard disk serial number, and MAC address in Linux

Article Title: Obtain the CPUID, hard disk serial number, and MAC address in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. In the development of many system software, some system uniqueness information is required. Therefore, obtaining the host's CPUID, hard dis

ASM obtains the CPU serial number/CPUID, asmcpuid

ASM obtains the CPU serial number/CPUID, asmcpuid I know there are two ways to obtain the CPU serial number: ASM and WMI. If it is better, it must be the first choice for compilation. There is nothing to explain. We only embed assembly in the C #, C ++, and E languages to obtain the CPUID. First, let's take a look at, The above is C # The CPUID obtained after th

Read CPU information using CPUID in DOS and WINDOWS

One: windows, with VC + + to compile. Format: unsigned long DBase;Char ca[13];Char cb[49];_asm{xor eax, EAXCpuidmov DBase, eaxmov dword ptr CA, EBXmov dword ptr ca+4, edxmov dword ptr ca+8, ECX mov eax, 0x80000002Cpuidmov dword ptr CB, eaxmov dword ptr CB + 4, ebxmov dword ptr CB + 8, ECXmov dword ptr CB +, edx mov eax, 0x80000003Cpuidmov dword ptr CB +, eaxmov dword ptr CB +, ebxmov dword ptr CB + ecxmov dword ptr CB +, edx mov eax, 0x80000004Cpuidmov dword ptr CB + eaxmov dword ptr CB +, e

VMware Modify CPUID

Execute the WMIC CPU get processorid command under the cmd shell, but look at the cpuid of the machine, but this command shows only 2 sets of IDs, actual CPUID, 4 groupsBy changing the virtual machine configuration file. VMX implements the designation of any CPU serial number, and the CPU serial number does not revert to the original value after restarting the virtual machine. Here's how:Open the. vmx file

Three Versions of CPUID

The CPUID of the three versions-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. First version X86-ubuntu-64 bit environment, att format (gas assembly), called using linux: CODE: # cpuid. s show extract the processor vendor ID. Section. dataOutput:. Ascii "the processor vendor ID is 'xxxxxxxxxxxx' \ n". Section. text. Globl mai

C # obtain CPUID (MD5 output), Nic ID, primary DNS, backup DNS,

C # obtain CPUID (MD5 output), Nic ID, primary DNS, backup DNS, Using System;Using System. Collections. Generic;Using System. ComponentModel;Using System. Data;Using System. Drawing;Using System. Linq;Using System. Text;Using System. Windows. Forms;Using System. Management;Using System. Security. Cryptography;Using System. Net;Using System. Net. NetworkInformation;Using System. Text. RegularExpressions; Namespace WindowsFormsApplication1{Public partia

C # get Cpuid (MD5 output), network card ID, primary DNS, alternate DNS

Network Card IDManagementClass mc = new ManagementClass ("Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration");Managementobjectcollection MOC2 = MC. GetInstances ();Managementbaseobject inpar = null;foreach (ManagementObject mo in moc2){if ((bool) mo["ipenabled"] = = True)TextBox2.Text = mo["MacAddress"]. ToString ();Mo. Dispose ();}Get Preferred DNSnetworkinterface[] nics = networkinterface.getallnetworkinterfaces ();foreach (NetworkInterface adapter in NICs){BOOL Pd1 = (Adapter.networkinterfacetype = = networ

JAVA supports cross-platform access to cpuid, motherboard ID, hard disk ID, and MAC address (compatible with Windows and Linux)

("tmp ",". vbs "); file. deleteonexit (); filewriter fw = new Java. io. filewriter (File); string vbs = "set ob1_miservice = GetObject (\" winmgmts :\\\\. \ Root \ cimv2 \ ") \ n" + "set colitems = Obw.miservice. execquery _ \ n "+" (\ "select * From win32_processor \") \ n "+" for each objitem in colitems \ n "+" wscript. echo objitem. processorid \ n "+" exit for 'Do the first CPU only! \ N "+" next \ n "; // +" exit for \ r \ n "+" Next "; FW. write (vbs); FW. close (); process P = runtime.g

Wait event on the segment -- enq: HW-contention

The HW lock is provided to prevent multiple processes from simultaneously modifying HWM. The process to move HWM must obtain the HW lock. If a contention occurs during the acquisition of the HW lock, the system waits for the enq: HW-contention event. HW lock contention is mo

Wait event on the segment enq: HW

As we all know, the Oracle high water level line marks that all blocks below this line are in Oracle format. In other words, all blocks below this line are used by Oracle. Usually As we all know, the Oracle high water level line marks that all blocks below this line are in Oracle format. In other words, all blocks below this line are used by Oracle. Usually The HW lock is provided to prevent multiple processes from simultaneously modifying HWM.

HW-Video acceleration in Chrome/chromium HTML5 video playback hardware acceleration

IntroductionVideo decode (e.g. YouTube playback) and encode (e.g. video chat applications) is some of the most complex compute operat Ions on the modern web. Moving these operations from software running on general-purpose CPUs to dedicated hardware blocks means lower power consu Mption, longer battery life, higher quality (e.g. HD instead of SD), and better interactive performance as the CPU is free Everything else it needs to do.design media::videodecodeaccelerator (VDA) and media::vid

In the four months of HW

Today, the project was handed over in front of the HW supervisor, and the work card was handed in. In HW's work, he officially said goodbye. I plan to have a meeting from the situation where I came to HW, the projects I was responsible for, the technologies I used, the solutions I encountered, and my thoughts. I graduated from my undergraduate course in, and I plan to take a postgraduate entrance exam i

QEMU hw/usb/dev-network.c Integer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2016-2538)

QEMU hw/usb/dev-network.c Integer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2016-2538)QEMU hw/usb/dev-network.c Integer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2016-2538) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: QEMU QEMU Description: CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2016-2538QEMU is an open source simulator software.In versions earlier than QEMU 2.5.1, hw/usb/dev-network.c has an integer overflo

Linux 4.0+ kernel support for hardware switching modules (HW switch Offload)

development efficiency.Linux 4.0 SwitchdevAll bad news ends up in the Linux 4.0 kernel.Linux 4.0 introduces a Switchdev framework that represents the abstraction of a class of multi-port devices with "switching" capability chips. Each of these network ports is a port that is registered as a net_device in the Switchdev framework. In addition, the kernel comes with a rocker driver, demonstrating an actual device-driven implementation. The entire switchdev is as follows:650) this.width=650; "src="

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