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WEBAPI build Help documentation and create simple test tools by the way

Http:// the final ====================, start working under the ==========.First, create the WEBAPI project  Ii. find HelpPageConfig.cs and uncomment the code    ? 1 1config.SetDocumentationProvider( new XmlDocumentationProvider ( HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath( "~/App_Data/XmlDocument.xml"))); Third, right-click on the project, select Properties, action by figure  Iv. sta

User ghostdoc & sandcastle Help File builder create msdn-style documentation

Use ghostdoc and Sandcastle Help File builder to create a professional msdn style CHM help document1. ndoc is no longer developed. You can easily generate comments in the vs environment using ghostdoc. 1. Introduction: Use ghostdoc to generate comments for the code 2. Download: 2. sandcastle visualization tool: sandcastle

Oracle server and client build help documentation, oracle help documentation

Oracle server and client build help documentation, oracle help documentationOracle server and client creation help document Directory introduction Oracle Server Installation Oracle client installation PLSQL installation login Test System Configuration Modification user operation unlock account, password creation accou

(Original) Android getting started tutorial (6)-use the android SDK help documentation (English) to download the Chinese SDK help documentation (Chinese)

Just as DOTNET development requires msdn and Java development requires JDK documentation, it is best to have corresponding help documentation before Android development. In fact, the android SDK itself contains a lot of development help documentation (English version ). The

Centos Chinese help documentation for configuration and centos Chinese help documentation

Centos Chinese help documentation for configuration and centos Chinese help documentation I am not confident that I can understand a word in English. What I wanted to do, because the document upset myself. Generally, I like to configure a Chinese help document in the environ

. NET extract Comment generation API documentation Help documentation

First, prefaceIn a multi-person collaborative project, in addition to good code specifications, the complete API documentation is also very important. Through the documentation we quickly understand the actual interface of each module of the system, its usage scenarios, use examples to reduce communication costs to a certain extent, and reduce the risk of loss of knowledge in later maintenance.For. Net, we

Tool sharing -- annotate C # documentation to generate. chm help documentation

Recently, I need to write a document for a previous project, but I don't know what to write at the moment. I just found a tool that can generate chm. So I just studied it and I feel pretty good, so I would like to share it with you. Well, there is not much nonsense. Let's implement it below. Before proceeding, we should add one note: we generate help documents through the XML file generated by C # document annotations. Therefore, the first step is to

Four sandcastle methods to generate help class Help documentation

look at how to use Sandcastle to generate CHM documents.First, downloadFirst we go to CodePlex download sandcastle, Address: download Sandcastle help File Builder, Address:, click on the right download download.Second, installationSandcastle, direct next will do, Sandcastle help File Builder to say is, in Maml Schema IntelliSense for Visual Stud

Java documentation Comment Generation Help documentation

Example:/** * Title:person class { /** * This is how the person class is constructed * @param name of person * * */public person (St Ring name) { //execute statement; } /** * This is the read () method description * @param bookname Read the name of the book * @param time Time spent reading * * * * @return number of Books read * * /public int read (String bookname, int time ) { //execute statement; return 1;} } Generate comma

Documentation conversion to pdf help class, documentation pdf Format

Documentation conversion to pdf help class, documentation pdf Format Using System; using System. collections. generic; using System. linq; using System. text; using Word = Microsoft. office. interop. word; using Excel = Microsoft. office. interop. excel; using Microsoft. office. core; using Microsoft. office. interop. excel; using System. IO; namespace Reform. fo

Four sandcastle methods to generate help class Help documentation

, Sandcastle help File Builder to say is, in Maml Schema IntelliSense for Visual Studio to the VS install plug-in when must tick, Otherwise, you will not have this option when creating a new project.Third, setSet the XML document file in the build here, save, and compile the bin\debug in your project directory to see the generated XML file.Iv. New Project DocumentationStart by creating a new documentation p

Embed Java APIs (help documentation) into eclipse help

when using eclipse for Java Program development, you always need to open a jdk1.5 CHM file at the same time, then open the eclipse help to find the API details. If JDK documentation can be displayed in eclipse help, it will be much easier. In particular, Sun China's technical community has translated the original English JDK

How to view MySQL Help documentation efficiently

: Syntax: create [temporary] table [IF not EXISTS] Tbl_ Name (create_definition,...) [Table_options] [Partition_options] Or: CREATE [temporary] TABLE [IF not EXISTS] tbl_name [(create_definition,...)] [Table_options] [Partition_options] select_statement Or: CREATE [temporary] TABLE [IF not EXISTS] tbl_name {like Old_tbl_name | (lik

Add jdk api help documentation to eclipse

When using eclipse for Java program development, you always need to open a CHM File of jdk1.5 at the same time, and then open eclipse to help find the API details. If JDK documentation can be displayed in eclipse help, it will be much easier. In particular, sun's Chinese technical community has translated the original JDK doc

PLSQ Connecting remote (virtual machine) Oracle Database Help documentation

Fourth Step: Configure environment variablesfirst create a new folder on this machine, C Directory is , configure environment variables for a folderNative My Computer (computer) à à - Environment Variables variable:= Note: This is the most important. Wrong will report variable: Note: This is to solve the database garbled problem Ld_library_path = c:\\\\oracleSQLPath = c:\\\\oraclePath ; C:\\\\oracleC:\\\\java\\\\jdk1.7.0_51\\\\bin; C:\\\\java\\\\j

See the Help documentation and introduction to Python libraries, functions, and modules with the cmd command

Dir function to view the properties of an objectThe use of the method is simple, for example, the OS type, in the Python command Window input dir (' OS ') to view the properties of the OS moduleOpen cmd Command WindowEnter Python (note: The computer needs a Python environment and the Python environment variable is configured)Enter the dir (' os ') commandHow do I see the help document for a property of an object?To view the ' OS ' Split property, you

Sandcastle Help file Builder documentation

1. Overview the application can be based on the assembly that we compiled or VS the project automatically generates the appropriate help documentation. 2. Installation Instructions Download the latest installation package from Https://, unzip to folder, run SandcastleInstaller.exe for installation. 3. New Project After the installation is complete, open the application

Resharper help documentation,

Resharper help documentation, ResharperHelp documentation ---------- John 2014/8/06 1. Resharper Introduction Resharper is an encoding extension. In addition to the. net language version, it also has other versions. For example, Java, PHP, and Object C. In the. net Framework, it supports VS2003, 2010, and. Supported languages include c #, Vb, HTML, ASP. NET, MVC

MongoDB Help Documentation

When you log in to MongoDB, you can use the Help command to view the assistance Document System-level Help documentation > () Help on DB methods # Database-Level Assistance Document DB.MYCOLL.HELP () Assist on Collectio N Methods # Collection-Level help document

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 documentation Download Address vs2012 Chinese help document Visual Studio 2012 DocumentationSelect language:GermanRussianFrenchKoreanJapaneseSpanishItalianEnglishChinese (Traditional)Chinese (simp.)DownloadCloseYou can access the product documentation in three ways: 1. Access to MSDN (with the latest content available); 2. Downloa

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