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The default margin for body in CSS

The default margin for body in CSSThe default margin setting for the body tag in the General browser is set to 8px, of course, different browsers will be set to different values, it is provided by the browser's User-agent-stylesheet, Some browser user-agent-stylesheet can be modified by the user, while some browsers do

A strange discovery: HTML and body,body margin do not work with HTML, HTML padding works for the body __html

eg This is the text section. 1. In the first case: Body has margin,html not padding: You can see that no matter how big the body of the margin, the body and the HTML side of the paste. 2.html has padding; When the HTML has padding, it will affect the

The body has the margin of margin by default. bodymargin

The body has the margin of margin by default. bodymargin By default, the body has the margin of margin:Here is just a fact, that is, the body has a margin by default.The code example is

Graphic CSS (3): padding (inner margin), margin (outer margin)

Paddingpadding-toppadding-rightpadding-bottompadding-leftmarginmargin-topmargin-rightmargin-bottommargin-left Padding: Top, right, bottom, left; {clockwise from top} It can be indicated by padding-top, padding-bottom, padding-left, and padding-right respectively: If the padding attribute lacks right, bottom, and left, refer to top: If the bottom and left attributes of the padding attribute are missing, refer to top for bottom and right for left: If left is missing from th

CSS percentage margin & amp; padding, css percentage margin

CSS percentage: margin padding; css percentage: margin Some time ago, my colleagues seemed to have some misunderstandings about the percentage values of the margin and padding applications, and thought it might be a common problem. Therefore, I think it is necessary to writ

CSS deep understanding of learning notes-margin and css learning notes-margin

CSS deep understanding of learning notes-margin and css learning notes-margin 1. margin and container size Element size: ① visible size clientWidth (standard); ② occupying size    Margin and visual size: ① applicable to normal blo

Understanding CSS Margin margin

, the parent-child margin overlap is also called the margin Passstyle>.box{ background-color:pink; height:30px;} .inner{margin-top: 1em ; background-color:lightblue;} style>div class= "box" > div class= "Inner" > Child div>div> ConditionsRelative to the adjacent sibling element margin overlap, the parent-ch

Note: css-margin does not overlap, and css margin overlaps.

Note: css-margin does not overlap, and css margin overlaps.Margin overlaps From the Chinese version of css2.1 specifications In CSS, two or more adjacent margin boxes (possibly but not necessarily sibling) are combined into a

Use margin: 0 auto and body {text-align: center;} correctly to center the elements and use margintext-align.

; margin: 0 auto ;} If the elements on the page are both in the div label or other block elements and reasonably nested, we do not need to set the body {text-align: center }. You only need to set the corresponding div element margin: 0 auto. As described in the Code above, all the elements on the page are in the section p label, and you only need to center the se

CSS margin knowledge point and CSS margin knowledge point

CSS margin knowledge point and CSS margin knowledge point1. Percentage value of margin Percentage of common elements relative to the containerElement width). Here we set a container with a width and height of 800*600 on the outside of the image. Set img {

CSS layout-negative margin-margin

The negative margin (negative margin) in CSS is a common technique in layout, so long as it is used properly, it often has unexpected effects. Many special CSS layout methods rely on negative margins, so mastering its usage is a must for the front-end students. This article is very basic, the veteran can skip over.The

Analysis of CSS margin folding (collapsed margin)

-height ' property was zero, and it has neither top or bottom borders nor t Op or bottom padding, and it has a ' height ' of either 0 or ' auto ', and it does not contain a line box, and all of Its in-flow children ' s margins (if any) collapse. 1. There is no folding between the floating box and the other boxes. (Even the floating box does not collapse between the elements of its normal flow). For example, an outer edge collapse occurs between a parent element and a child element in the follow

About CSS margin merging and CSS margin Merging

About CSS margin merging and CSS margin Merging First, it must be clear that only the vertical outer margin of the block boxes in the normal document flow will be merged. The margin between the inside box, floating box, or absolut

Css layout: negative margin and Other implementations; css layout: margin

Css layout: negative margin and Other implementations; css layout: margin I believe that you have encountered this kind of requirement in project development. One row is placed with X (X> 1) blocks and the spacing between adjacent blocks is the same. This is probably the above. The following describes several implemen

Summary of CSS Margin-left and margin-right usage methods

Generally in CSS styles, use the margin property to set the margin. If you need only one side of the margin, you can use the unilateral margin property to set the value for the margin on the element's unilateral edge. Use the

CSS margin margin properties and usage summary

An empty area around the border of an element is the margin. Setting the margin creates an extra "blank" outside the element. The simplest way to set the margin is to use the margin property, which accepts any length units, which can be pixels, inches, millimeters, or em, percent values, or even negatives. In this pape

html,body {margin:0; padding:0;border:0}

body,html /* Set the window div to browser size * /{ margin:0; padding:0; height:100%; }The following codeDOCTYPE HTML>HTMLLang= "en">Head>style>#side{float: Left;width:30%;Height:300px;Background-color:#99FF99; }#main{Margin-left:30%;width:70%;Height:300px;Background-color:#99FFFF; } style>Head>

CSS margin (margin)

The CSS margin property defines the space around the element. MarginMargin clears the area around the element (outer border). Margin has no background color and is completely transparentMargin can be changed individually on the top, bottom, left, and right margin of the element. You can also change all properties

Margin-top or margin-bottom failure in CSS

CSS in the margin-top is set the distance between the outer space of the container, div nested, margin-top or margin-bottom invalid, in the online hit to the following method can be resolved. When designing a page, there's a magical question, and here's the code for the HTMLAt this point I set the style of the sub-cont

CSS margin properties, in-depth understanding of margin

value can be a percentage, and the percentage is calculated based on the width of the parent element , which is set for the child element in Example 2 margin: 50% . The property value can be a CSS length unit and the value can be negative. The property value can be inherit .Margin OverlayNote: In normal document flow, the vertical arrangement of two block-level

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