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CSS for water ripple effect

1. HTML Code:2. CSS style: Set animation property. Dot:before{content: ';p osition:absolute;z-index:2;left:0;top:0;width:10px;height:10px;background-color: # ff4200;border-radius:50%;}. Dot:after {content: ';p osition:absolute;z-index:1;width:10px;height:10px;background-color: #ff4200; Border-radius : 50%;box-shadow:0 0 10px Rgba (0,0,0,.3) inset;-webkit-animation-name: ' Ripple ';/* animated property name,

Water ripple effect --- 3 ring ripple, water ripple --- 3 ripple

Water ripple effect --- 3 ring ripple, water ripple --- 3 ripple Import android. content. context; import android. graphics. bitmap; import android. graphics. canvas; import android. graphics. color; import android. graphics. matrix; import android. graphics. paint; impor

Android Water Ripple Click Effect (Ripple Effect)

Android released the preview version of Android m last week. But presumably Android5.0 a lot of cool effects, most developers have not used, that is not to say the majority of users.This article describes one of the cool effects in Android5.0, click on the Water Ripple Diffusion effect (Ripple Effect).The implementatio

Custom view to achieve water ripple effect, custom view water ripple

Custom view to achieve water ripple effect, custom view water ripple In actual development, we often encounter relatively complex requirements, such as where the product paper or UI paper looks at exciting results and comes to you with high spirits, after reading it, the goal is clear. Of course, you want to give it to her; At this critical time, the body must b

Android Ripple button Water Ripple effect (ii) optimization

In the previous article we talked about the custom ripple water ripple effect, first to review the effect it!After watching the feeling there is no problem, I feel very satisfied at the beginning, then, we take the Android 5.0 comes with the effect to compareHave you found a

Want a water ripple effect like 5.0? _ Water Ripple

Lead:Want a water ripple effect like 5.0? is not also distressed backward compatibility collapse of the problem, let's take a look at it @............@ 1: First write an XML fileWrites the selector's XML under the Drawable folder Then create the Drawcble_21 folderCreate the same file code inside to write the following paragraph: The value inside the 2:color is the press and the normal color "'

Android ripple spread effect of imitation payment po-A-function to achieve ripple spread effects _android

This year's Spring Festival party did not see the fun, was paid to add an episode of treasure, friends are in that number of time to stop a thump, wow, I'm a professional blessing, impossible, haha. So what is the function of the performance based on how the program code is implemented? The following cloud-Habitat Community Small series to share this tutorial to help you learn the Android ripple spread effect

Water Ripple effect---3 ring ripple

()/2, RADIUS3, PAINT3);} private void Init () {alpha1 = 255;radius1 = min/2;alpha2= 175;radius2 = min/2 + 80;alpha3 = 95;RADIUS3 = MIN/2 + 160 ; Initpaint ();} private void Initsimple () {if (alpha1 = = 0) {alpha1 = 255;radius1 = Min/2;paint1.setcolor (Color.Blue);} if (alpha2 = = 0) {alpha2 = 255;radius2 = Min/2;paint2.setcolor (Color.Blue);} if (Alpha3 = = 0) {alpha3 = 255;radius3 = Min/2;paint3.setcolor (Color.Blue);} Paint1.setalpha (ALPHA1);p Aint2.setalpha (ALPHA2);p Aint3.setalpha (ALPHA

After effects make ripple ripple text effect

This tutorial is the After Effects instance tutorial, which uses the wave warp built-in filters in the transform filter to animate the key frame settings for volatility, transparency, and use glow glow effects to change the wave, feel its effect, and understand its parameter settings. See the effect demo below: Final effect First, run after Effects software,

Android5.0 new Features--button click Effect Animation (ripple effect)

Android5.0 Material Design Animation effect rippledrawable Ripple effect The ripple effect is a new feature after Android5.0. For compatibility, it is recommended that you create a new DRAWABLE-V21 folder to hold the Rippledrawable,drawable folder to fit the appropriate pict

Android Add click Ripple Effect to controls

Android has added a ripple effect to the button by default in version 5.0, and it can be easily implemented on other controls. Ripple effects can be divided into two types, one with the boundary ripples, the other with no boundary ripples. The so-called boundary, that is, the effect of ripples will not exceed the size

Android special effect album (10)-click the ripple effect to achieve clear logic and simple implementation

Android special effect album (10)-click the ripple effect to achieve clear logic and simple implementationAndroid special effect album (10)-click the ripple effect to achieve clear logic and simple implementation What I did this

Android TileMode effect water ripple effect ring gradient, androidtilemode

Android TileMode effect water ripple effect ring gradient, androidtilemode TileMode is an enumeration class located in the android. graphics. Shader class.Android source code public enum TileMode { /** * replicate the edge color if the shader draws outside of its * original bounds */ CLAMP (0), /** * rep

Waves: Material Design circular Wave (ripple) Click Effect Plugin

Google Material Design believes you also know a lot, but at present both the application side or the Web side, can refer to the case is still few. In addition to "Material design some related Chinese materials/resource Collection Summary" for the purpose of the article, introduced a kind of Google Material design circular wave (ripple) Click Effect Plugin waves.Google Material Design has a special

button click Effect (water ripple)

Recently saw a good button click Effect, when clicked to produce a ripple effect, very fun, so simple implementation of the next (not considering the low version of browser compatibility issues)First look at the effect bar, such as (recording GIF software A little slag, looks like Kaka's ...) )This

Multi-color water ripple diffusion effect

Layout xmlns:tools= "http// Schemas.android.com/tools " android:layout_width=" Match_parent " android:layout_height = "Match_parent" tools:context= ". Mainactivity "> com.ee.MyWave android:layout_width=" Match_parent " android: Layout_height= "Match_parent" > Class Packagecom.ee;Importjava.util.ArrayList;ImportAndroid.content.Context;ImportAndroid.graphics.Canvas;ImportAndroid.graphics.Color;ImportAndroid.graphics.Paint;ImportAndroid.graphics.Paint.Style;ImportAnd

JS Click button to achieve water ripple effect code (CSS3 and canves) _javascript tips

Recently saw a good button click Effect, when the click to produce a ripple effect of the ripples, it is fun, so simple implementation of the next (not consider the low version of browser compatibility issues) First look at the effect bar, the following figure (recording GIF software a little slag, it looks like Kaka'

The realization of the water ripple of the Android special effect _android

Objective Water ripple effects, presumably we have seen more or less, in my impression, there are roughly the following: Alipay "Xiu Xiu Xiu" type Flow Ball "rippling" type Real water ripple effect, based on bitmap processing Say not much, first to see the effect: Filled-type water

Android Water Ripple Effect implementation

1. Under the drawable file, create a new seletor, as the background of the button, here I use the shape of two rounded cornersXML version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?>selectorxmlns:android= "Http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android">Itemandroid:drawable= "@drawable/shape_btn_cycle_normal"/> Itemandroid:state_pressed= "true"android:drawable= "@drawable/shape_btn_cycle_press"/>selector>Shape_btn_cycle_normalXML version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?>Shapexmlns:android= "Http://schemas.android.com/apk

Android Custom view--realizes water ripple effect similar to residual flow ball

Recently suddenly preface want to make a Bezier curve to do a water ripple effect to play, finally Kung Fu does not bear the final realization of the desired effect, together to see it: Zhen LouA: First step to break down the implementation of the process Need to draw a sinusoidal (sin) or cosine curve (COS) The

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