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Python uses custom user-agent to crawl Web pages _python

This article illustrates how Python uses custom user-agent to crawl Web pages. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: The following Python code captures the contents of the specified URL by urllib2, and uses a custom user-agent to prevent the site screen collector Import urllib2 req = urllib2. Request ('') req.add

Asp. NET global error handling and exception logging and IIS configuration custom error pages

= "Executeurl"/>8 httperrors>See Http:// for details.The error page is processed uniformly in the Application_Error method in Global.asax and logs are loggedThe first two can be custom error pages, but only cannot customize the logging, and this way can meet both requirements.1 protected voidApplication_Error (Object sender, EventArgs e)2 {3Excepti

[Reprint] Summary of custom error pages and exception logs for ASP. IIS7 above

Summary of custom error pages and exception logs for ASP. IIS7 above Wang Yujie 2014-1-11 Saturday 02:31455 Reads 1 Comments Custom error pages and exception records is a very old topic, but it can still make people explode. After I have done countless experiments and experience and principles, write this article

Common class library for implementing custom error pages for the Razor class library based on ASP. NET Core 2.1

Razor class Library is a new feature of ASP. NET Core 2.1, you can compile the MVC view into an assembly for other project references, see CREATE reusable UI using the Razor class library PR Oject in ASP-CorePreviously we implemented a common class library in the form of "Middleware + string Stitching page HTML" in order to achieve common custom error pages in various projects, but it was very complicated a

GitHub pages and each project is bound to a custom domain name (multiple and top-level domains are supported)

Suppose I purchased the domain name for, want to put and domain name jump to the following URL account on GitHub is Easonjim, and I've created a new directory for create a new file named CNAME in this directory with the contents:Easonjim.comwww.easonjim.comThe next step is to set the resolution address of the domain name as follows:Just resolve the @ and www to GitHub's IP.Reference:https://help.github.c

SharePoint Designer Custom Moss/wss form pages

return the list page. Our own button replaced it, and all of it was visible.The above template can not only be used to view the page, other pages can also be common. If you want to save the page, you need to add a save control to the template:Modify the Save page, (newform.aspx or editform.aspx) of the Listformwebpart templatename for Codeart_noticetemplate.You can look at the effect:customizing form pages

Android TextView displays HTML class-parsed Web pages and pictures and custom label usage examples _android

This example describes the Android TextView display HTML class parsing pages and pictures and custom tags. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The Android system displays the best controls for HTML pages as WebView, and sometimes needs to display HTML pages, images, and parsing

Spring Boot custom error pages, whitelabel error page processing mode

implementation of using a Java 7 inner class:@Beanpublic embeddedservletcontainercustomizer Containercustomizer () {return new Embeddedservletcontainercustomizer () { @Override public Span class= "hljs-keyword" >void customize (configurableembeddedservletcontainer container) {errorpage error401page = new errorpage (httpstatus.unauthorized, "/401.html"); ErrorPage error404page = new errorpage (httpstatus.not_found, " /404.html "); ErrorPage error500page = new errorpage (httpstatus.internal_se

Cache (partial) pages based on custom strings

For example, a website has a header. the ascx user control. Each page calls this control as the "page header". You can directly cache this user control to submit the performance. However, the current header. to display the login name of the login user, the ascx user control cannot directly use the following cache method: @ Outputcache duration = " 86400 " Varybyparam = " None " %> In this case, you can use the "cache

Implement custom 404 error pages in MVC, and customize 404 in mvc

Implement custom 404 error pages in MVC, and customize 404 in mvc Go to the topic. There is a NotFound Action Method in HomeController. public ActionResult NotFound(){ return View();}View Code View @ {Layout = null ;}View Code The Application_Error method defined in Global. asax. cs gets an error in the method and determines whether it is a 404 error of a static resource. If not, the

HBuilder App development tutorial 03-custom icons, startup pages, and packaging, hbuilder03-

HBuilder App development tutorial 03-custom icons, startup pages, and packaging, hbuilder03- Helloworld The last time helloworld was mentioned, you should have been able to create a project and debug the real machine, This time we will talk about the customization of icons, the customization of startup pages, and packaging. Icon Customization If no icons are cust

Hadoop custom Jobtracker and Namenode administration pages

following unit test code: public class Jobresourceinttest {HttpClient client; @Beforepublic void SetUp () { Client = new Defaulthttpclient ();} private string urlprefix = "http://ip:50030/agent/job/";p rivate string jobId = "job_201405121106_0001";p rivate string Tipid = "task_201405121106_0001_m_000000";p rivate String attemptid = "Attempt_201405121106_0001_m_000000_0";p rivate String regex = "\" total\ ": \" (. +?) \ ",";p rivate Pattern p = pattern.compile (regex); @Testpublic void Testclust

MOSS/SharePoint: use custom aspx pages only for some SharePoint sites

We often encounter the following requirements: We can create An ASPX page, deploy it to the 12 \ template \ layouts directory, and install it using feature (if there is a DLL, copy to the \ bin directory of the corresponding SharePoint site ).There is no problem with this, but the _ layouts directory is accessible to all sites. I need to achieve this: http: // mossdemo/onesite/customapp/custompage1.aspxThe current implementation is:Http: // mossdemo/onesite/_ layouts/custompage1.apsxAnd, more

Custom jump instructions for Apache 404 error pages

Source: Custom jump instructions for Apache 404 error pages The 404 error is actually a file error that we often see, but it is the default effect and is ugly. Sometimes we need such a feature: we need to record what is the 404 page, and sometimes I need to determine whether the 404 page is a static page that should have been generated by the system but has not been successfully generated, i

PHPCMS_V9 Multi-map field content pages, home page, paging custom field calls

PHPCMS_V9 Multi-map field content pages, home page, paging custom field callsDescription: Custom multi-image field name Shigongtu1 content Page Invocation{Loop$shigongtu$r}$r[url]} "title=" Test "/>{/loop}2 first page, paging callThe first recommended bit calls the custom fieldAfter you add a

Use @font-face in front-end pages to display Web custom fonts "Go"

your project;The above points are often produced in the usual problems, I hope we can small meaning some, and we have no way to buy all the fonts, even if you are strong, there is no way to put all the fonts you need on a server host. So I give you a few free fonts to download the URL: Webfonts,typekit,kernest,google Web Fonts,kernest,dafont,niec Web Type, otherwise you click here will have more free fonts. The first few links are to help you get some beautiful weird special fonts, but the foll

Python uses the Custom user-agent to capture web pages.

Python uses the Custom user-agent to capture web pages. This example describes how python uses a Custom user-agent to capture web pages. Share it with you for your reference. The details are as follows: The following python code uses urllib2 to capture the content of a specified url and uses a

"Dynamic Pages" (c) bis: Read the class and attribute names of the jar packages with custom annotations

(); This.meta = meta; This.field = field; (); This.type=field.gettype (); } public Sortablefield (Fieldmeta Meta, field field, int length) {super (); This.meta = meta; This.field = field; (); This.type=field.gettype (); This.length=length; } public Sortablefield (Fieldmeta Meta, String name, int length, classRead the properties of a jar package from a

Use interesting custom markup layout pages _ Experience Exchange

Today we are going to learn how to use interesting custom tags to lay out pages. Some friends may have such doubts, their own casual definition of the tag browser how to correctly understand it? Here we are going to use the namespace of the document, so what does the namespace mean? Everyone knows that XML has a big feature of his extensibility. You can create your own tag or use a tag created by someone

JSP custom labels solve time formatting problems for int timestamps in JSP pages

skip_page. If Eval_body_tag is returned, the label body contents will be set again until the Skip_body is returned, and if Eval_page is returned, the tag body will continue to execute the next part of the JSP page, and if Skip_page is returned, The subsequent content of the JSP page is no longer executed. 2. Build a Mytags.tld file under the Web-inf folder (the file name can be customized), as the label's configuration file, the contents are as follows: For information on the use of date tags i

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