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Cocos2d-x 3.2 mobile game backgrounds and Genie, cocos2d-x game backgrounds

Cocos2d-x 3.2 mobile game backgrounds and Genie, cocos2d-x game backgrounds 1. Add a listener first. auto listener = EventListenerTouchOneByOne::create();listener->setSwallowTouches(true);listener->onTouchBegan = CC_CALLBACK_2(StartGame::onTouchBegan, this);listener->onTouchMoved = CC_CALLBACK_2(StartGame::onTouchMoved, this);listener->onTouchEnded = CC_CALLBACK_2(StartGame::onTouchEnded, this);_eventDispa

Multiple Backgrounds multiple backgrounds

The syntax is abbreviated as follows:Background: [Background-color] | [Background-image] | [Background-position] [/background-size] | [Background-repeat] | [Background-attachment] | [Background-clip] | [Background-origin],...Note: use commas to separate the abbreviated values for each group of background, and if you have a size value, you need to follow position and separate it with "/", Background-color can only set one when you break the notation.For example:Background:url (./image.jpg) No-rep

Implementation of multiple backgrounds of CSS3 instance sharing (multiple backgrounds) _css/html

(images/3.jpg), url (images/4.jpg), url (images/5.jpg); Background-repeat:no-repeat,no-repeat,no-repeat,no-repeat,no-repeat; Background-position:top left,top right,bottom left,bottom right,center Center; } The effect of the following figure: There is this sentence in the above code: Copy Code code as follows: Background-repeat:no-repeat; Write a value on the line, the effect is exactly the same. Of course, the abov

[Front-end blog] make a cute button gradient, cute button

[Front-end blog] make a cute button gradient, cute button It mainly involves three points: gradient, shadow, and data-icon. Based on the simple blog, you can easily write three articles every day. ^ V ^ this article is a gradient article. This article takes the core Web browser of webkit as an example. The support for each browser is as follows: 1. The basic syntax of the core webkit browser is as follows:

Recommended website design materials-30 exquisite Free vector backgrounds

ArticleDirectory Vector leaf background Spring vector graphic Vintage badge vector graphic Vector heart Colorful vector background Vector Easter eggs Sky Vector Abstract vector background Blue Waves vector graphic Toilet signs vector graphic Audi vector car Colorful vector background Vector curved lines Vector art heart Vector Graphic Curled corner business card vector graphic Imaginary flower vector graphic Retro card vector graphic Abs

Sharing 50 + exquisite webpage vector backgrounds and vector graphics materials [Part 1]

Document directory As a fan of vector materials, I believe designers like free vector backgrounds and vector graphics materials. These materials can help them quickly complete design projects, saving time, and has good results. The following are 50 + exquisite webpage vector backgrounds and vector graphics materials collected from the Internet.Camomile Sign Vector Graphic Progress Vector Graphic Color

Use CSS to accurately control page and element backgrounds

css| Control | page Prior to the advent of CSS, Web developers had little control over the page and background elements. Of course, at that time they could use the background property to tile an image across the page, and they could use the bgcolor property to control the background color of the image. But their control is just these-for example, they can't adjust the position of the page background image, cannot control the tile (tiling), and cannot generate the page watermark. Now with CSS, th

3 steps to learn to change backgrounds for portrait photos

Background elements have an extremely important effect on the picture. For single portrait photos, a clean, simple background can indeed play a role in keeping the picture simple and eliminating interference.  In addition, the simple background can make our works appear modern, individuality, prominent characters in the image of the important position. The pictures taken outside are often cluttered with backgrounds.

Photoshop combines glass bottles and backgrounds

This is a more common use of Photoshop glass bottles and background perfect synthesis tutorial, although the glass bottle is transparent, but the kind of unique material is still very easy to see, because the glass is characterized by high transparency, strong reflection, so different backgrounds under different colors. Here we will use Photoshop to change the background of a transparent glass bottle, and perfect fusion, hope that this tutorial on the

MyEclipse of various backgrounds: black, eye protection, welcome onlookers

Look at the background of the white working space recently, look at the eye pain. Look for a bit. Share now:1. Download see which appropriate direct click to enter, download the EPF on the right.Where do you like to go?After the point in. Choose here ...2. After the download is complete,file-->import-->general-->preferences-->browse--> Select the EPF file you downloaded-->finish3. All right, that's it. Classic sentence.Good Night ~ ~MyEclipse of various

Troubleshoot problems with desktop backgrounds that cannot be loaded under Windows 10

1. Restart the computer, we can try to restart the computer to see if we can solve the problem, or set up a desktop wallpaper try, specific: Right click on the desktop space, and then click the "Personalized" option, you can set the wallpaper after entering. 2, the use of win+r combination of the operation, input regedit, bring up the Registry Editor (registry modified before the best backup, the menu above the Registry Editor can directly export the backup); 2, positioning to \heky_loca

Sharing 31 beautiful vector backgrounds

Document directory 1-2 Ways Vector Background 2-Abstract Background 3-Red achAbstract Background 4-Waves Vector Background 5-Bokeh Vector 6-Free Vector Jungle Background 7-Yellow Line Vector Background 8-Floral Vector Background 9-Colorful background 10-Orange Landscape 11-Seamless Vector Background 12-Abstract Free Vector Background 13-Blue Circles Background 14-Snow flakes and rain drops 15-Aluminum Skid Plate 16-Abstract Hi Tech Background 17-6 Colorful

Implementation of different backgrounds in different regions of Ubuntu

Gnome is used by default in Ubuntu, but different backgrounds in different regions cannot be implemented in gnome. Since the 3D desktop function is implemented in compizcomfig, we can use other third-party software to implement the functions of different backgrounds in different work zones. This software is screenlets. Step 1: Install screenlets. Open the new software package manager, search for screenlets,

How to Use PS to easily and quickly create beautiful colorful backgrounds-PS tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to use PS to easily and quickly create beautiful colorful backgrounds. The production method is very simple, and the background produced by the tutorial is also very beautiful. We recommend this course to my friends who like it. you can follow this course to learn how to use PS to quickly create beautiful colorful backgrounds. the method is very simple, the background created b

CSS Backgrounds and lists

use of backgrounds in CSS Use of lists in CSS 15.1 The use of backgrounds in CSS Property name property value description background-attachment Scroll Setting the background image scrolls with the window Move as the bar moves. fixed Setting the background image does not scroll with the window bar Movement of the mobile. Background-color hexadecimal background-color: #ff0000; English name

CSS3 different shadows, backgrounds, and rounded border styles

CSS3 different shadows, backgrounds, and rounded border stylesCSS2.1 has been published for more than 7 years now. The appearance of CSS3 is to enhance the function of CSS2.1, reduce the number of pictures and solve the special effects on the HTML page.Currently, CSS3 technologies are best suited for use in mobile Web development, including:Enhanced selectorsShadowPowerful background settingsRounded borderShadow:The CSS3 style now supports shadow styl

Web page design trends-blurred backgrounds

With the general background image, blurred background images are becoming the mainstream of web design. In addition, the blur not only creates a cool effect, but also highlights the main content that the site needs to focus on, avoiding any legibility issues. The following is a collection of foreign pictures of some blurred backgrounds. The effect is quite good to sayHappytablesTiny FactoryBlue-Blue Design ( ) is a dedicated and in-d

Compatible with gradient color backgrounds of multiple browsers

There are often times when gradient backgrounds are needed. It is a little too small to use a long image, so I wrote a small example myself. To be compatible with multiple browsers, I had to write the corresponding CSS for each browser, browsers of earlier versions can only use images as backgrounds. The following figure shows gradient support for the five browsers. CSS code HTML code When there is

A website has multiple backgrounds. how can we make them irrelevant? -Php Tutorial

A website has multiple backgrounds. how can we make them irrelevant? A website has multiple backgrounds A, B, and C. Now I have logged on to A, so the Session has been generated. when I enter B or C, I do not need to log on, how can we separate them so that B or C can be accessed only after logging on to A, instead of automatically logging on to B and C after logging on to. How can this problem be achieved

Adaptive Backgrounds-jQuery Adaptive Background plugin

Adaptive Backgrounds is a specialJQueryPlugin that extracts dominant colors from an image and applies them to its parent element. This plug-in exploitsCanvasElement and ImageData object. Note that due to cross-site security restrictions, this script fails if you try to extract colors from images that are not hosted in the current domain, unless the image allows cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS ).Articles you may be interested in Metronic-Bootst

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