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Introduction to the Python Automation deployment tool Fabric

Introduction to Automation Deployment Tools fabricFabric is an automated deployment tool that helps us reduce repetitive/cumbersome operations on-line, and it is necessary for operations or developers of many small companies that lack a mature

"Recommended" HyperLedger fabric environment construction, testing and precautions [detailed instructions] [pro-Test effective]

System: Ubuntu16.04 LTSFirst, the Environment Preparation 1.1 Ubuntu installs the Crul sudo Install Curl Curl is an open source file Transfer tool that works with URL syntax in the command line mode. It is widely used in Unix, multiple Linux

Guide for installing and using Fabric, an automated deployment module of Python, pythonfabric

Guide for installing and using Fabric, an automated deployment module of Python, pythonfabric Fabric is a python2.5 or higher library. You can execute tasks in batches on multiple hosts through ssh. complete system management tasks. it provides a

Ubuntu16.04 Build Hyperledger Fabric 1.0.5 development environment

First, Prerequisites 1. Installing Docker and Docker-compose Reference blog: http://blog.csdn.net/diligent_lee/article/details/79098302 2. Install node Only two commands are required: CURL-SL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_8.x | SUDO-E

Fabric Source Parsing 13--peer's BCCSP service

Fabric Source Parsing 13--peer's BCCSP service General topics of cryptography Encryption involves the content is very complex, is a highly professional discipline. I have not specifically learned, here is just a little bit about the BCCSP services

Fabric Source parsing 12--peer MSP Service

Fabric Source Parsing 12--peer MSP service MSP is the abbreviation for Membership service Provider , and the personal custom is a member relationship service provider . The role is similar to having a large number of participants in a running

Quickly build a fabric 1.0 environment __QQ

Super Record Book: Quickly build a Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 environment Here we start our environmental set-up work: 1. Use VirtualBox and install Ubuntu in it This step is actually nothing to say, download the latest version of VirtualBox,

Hyperledger fabric Enable COUCHDB for the state database

Hyperledger Fabric enables COUCHDB as a state databaseI. Overview Data Request Flow The super ledger uses an endorsement/consensus model, where simulation execution and block validation are performed separately in the nodes of

Python uses the Fabric module for automated O & M, and pythonfabric

Python uses the Fabric module for automated O & M, and pythonfabric   Overview: Fabric is an SSH command line tool based on Python. It simplifies SSH Application Deployment and system management tasks. It provides basic system operation components,

Taking E2E_CLI as an example to talk about some basic knowledge points of fabric

In the first contact with the fabric is usually directly follow the Wiki tutorial step-by-step installation of the configuration, execute a series of commands, and eventually run it up, but many people on the running process and its basic knowledge

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