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Mastering Facebook application development, using PHP, RAD, was, and DB2, part 3rd

Complete the development of the Facebook stock broker Demo Application Introduction: This is the last tutorial in the three-part series of a fully functional Facebook application that uses the PHP and Java™ languages to add a Facebook interface to

Facebook _php tutorial for getting Started with PHP development

Objective The United States has been leading the technology trend, take the open this matter, also from Google Play to Facebook to Twitter, three companies to play the open API. If not, it is unlikely that Facebook and Twitter will emerge in such a

Create an Application for Facebook

With the increasing popularity of Web 2.0 applications, today's Web has changed from an independent Web Site to an interactive Web Application. More and more Web 2.0 applications are opening up APIs, and other Web applications are welcome to be

Facebook unveils hiphop project PHP program big speed Up

Recessive nutrition crisis programming efficiency is the most important feature of PHP language, but as a scripting language, there is a problem of inefficient CPU and memory usage until the advent of hiphop for PHP. Facebook's cryptic PHP project,

Revelation from the Book of Facebook

In a hurry to read this little book (translated version), the author is Karel Baloun, a former Facebook technical engineer, because he entered Facebook earlier, so the book's selling point is based on the rapid growth of Facebook interest. A lot of

Facebook stores 6.5 billion-photo storage frames

Facebook stores 6.5 billion photos of the storage frame Facebook has never been used, but it is still interested in the large capacity of unstructured data storage solutions. This article is through the Online network broadcast (webcast) through

How can we understand Zuckerberg saying, "Facebook's biggest mistake is to bet too much on HTML5 and waste two years on mobile platforms 」? -

0 reply content: from another perspective: One of the hot topics in the industry today is that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted in an interview that "focusing on HTML 5 is the biggest mistake he has ever made .」 Then, the leaked

Facebook unveiled the big speed of the HipHop PHP program

High programming efficiency is the biggest feature of PHP, but as a script language, there has always been a problem of low CPU and memory usage efficiency until the emergence of hiptoo forphp. Facebook's mysterious PHP project hipster forphp was

Facebook tab & app development portal and FAQs

Recently, we are developing Facebook tab & App. I would like to share some basic documents and concepts with you; We hope to help you understand some basic concepts, resources, and preliminary development of Facebook. Facebook has become an

A PHP extension for Facebook ' s ROCKSDB

A PHP extension for Facebook ' s ROCKSDB commits 2 Branches 0 Releases 2 Contributors C + + 90.5% C 8.9% other 0.6% C + +c OtherBranch: Master rocksdb-php/ Merge Pull request #1 from Miclen/patch-

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