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[React Native + Firebase] React native:real Time Database with Firebase-Setup & CRUD

Install: // v3.2.1 Config Firebase: First we need to require Firebase: from ' Firebase '; Then on the component constructor, we need to init Firebase: constructor(props){ super(props); // Initialize Firebase va

[Angular2fire] Firebase Auth (Google, Github)

To does Auth, first you need to go to enable the Auth methods, for example, enable Google, GitHub ...Enable Goolge is quite simple, just one click, enable Github, Twitter, and you need-to-do more configuration.Follow the Link: successfully enable it, we create a service to do the AUTH:Import {authproviders, firebaseauthstate, Firebaseauth} from "Angularfire2"; import {injectable} from "@angular/core"; @Injectable () E

Firebase Remote Update app

The ability to create great applications does not necessarily mean success in business, and there is still much work to be done, and it is no longer possible to announce a "knock-out" after simply releasing the application. You need to be able to quickly make adjustments based on user feedback, test new features, and provide users with the content they care about most.Firebase remote configuration is the result of this. With Firebase remote configurat

Google Firebase Unity access to the pit

Let's just say run the demo and hit the pit.Https:// is the Setup Guide for Firebase Unity.About writing steps:1. Firebase Console ( set up your API key to create a good app2. Download Good googleservice-info.plist (IOS), Google-services.json (Android), and throw it into the Unity Engineering directory, which is

[Angularfire] Angular File uploads to Firebase Storage with Angular control value accessor

The upload class is used in the service layer. Notice it has a constructorfilefor attribute, and which has a type ofFile. This would allows us to initialize new uploads with a JavaScript File object. You'll see what's important in the next step. export class Upload { $key: string; file:File; name:string; url:string; progress:number; createdAt: Date = new Date(); constructor(file:File) { this.file = file; } } Then build the upload service, which can inject to compo

Implementing push notifications in Android apps

An important feature of almost every application is the ability to support push notifications. With push notifications, you can update users without requiring the application to run or poll the server at any time to avoid potential battery power shortages. With the introduction of Firebase Cloud Information (FCM), Google makes it easy to implement push notifications in Android applications. FCM is a new version and an improved version of Google Cloud MVC+SIGNALR Implementation Message Push sample

Background OA management system, the employee submits the application form, the message real-time informs the related personnel to carry on the approval in time, after the approval the result pushes to the user. Technology options The first thing to find is firebase, so excited to start to sell up. Firebase is simple to use: a reference to a JS can be, according to the official online tutorials quickly a MVC+SIGNALR for message push

Background  OA management system, the employee submits the application form, the news real-time notification to the relevant personnel timely approval, after approval will push the result to the user.Technology optionsThe first discovery was firebase, so excited to start Daoteng up. Firebase is simple to use: quoting a JS can be, the official web-based tutorials quickly applied to the project. Open the proj

Ember.js Getting Started Guide--Query records

The store provides a unified interface to get data. Including creating new records, modifying records, deleting records, and more about the Store API, see this URL: in order to demonstrate the use of these methods we combine firebase, about the integration of Firebase and Ember before the article has been introduced, not too much introduction. To prepare for

How to use Angularjs to build a simple Web application _angularjs

Currently, different types of Web developers are using ANGULARJS extensively, and this excellent framework also fully demonstrates their ability to meet different needs. As a web developer, whether you're just getting started or have a lot of practical experience, choosing a good framework is a necessary work premise, and Angularjs is the ideal solution. In the process of using ANGUARJS, you can learn more about application development and how to build better and more attractive application resu

How to save your app from the Parse hand

to connect users and persist user data on the server. Many of the developers I met and mentored lacked a solid understanding of backend programming. They set the Parse configuration item on an extremely simple Dashboard, write a query statement, and then assume that the data is "right there." Who wants to know what's going on in the clouds? I often interpret Parse as an "applied spreadsheet." This is true: Parse provides a backend service for your app, and its Dashboard is as simple as Google

The latest database ranking, Oracle slightly tired

September topdb Top Database index, topdb top database index is based on the search frequency analysis on Google, the database is searched more frequently, indicating the number of September topdb Top Database index compared to the same period last year, Oracle slid 2.9%,mysql in second place on the leaderboard, while Google's firebase grew by 1.4% to become the fastest growing database.Firebase was acquired by Google in 2014, the real-time database i

33 2017 years must know the Ios/swift Open Source Library third-party library

multiple devices in one app. Support Touch ID? No problem.Square/valet-valet allows you to securely store data in an IOS or OS X keychain without having to master any key-chain work knowledge. It...6. Firebase Analytics Author is Google developersProduced by Google (well, acquired ), should be the best free analytics solution for IOS. Track app usage, user activity, and events, set user attributes, create custom audiences, and more.Firebase Analytics

Android Studio 2.2 Espresso Test Recorder-----Hands-free, test by recording test process

viewMonitor the process of testing in the Run window at the bottom of the IDE. Android studio recreated and generated the project, and in the Run window opens a new tab page based on the name of the test, as shown in 3. You can see in this tab page whether the test passed and how long it will take to run. When the run is received, the tab page will output "Tests ran to completion".Figure 3: Running the local espresso test after the output from the Run windowFor more information on if write test

iOS Development Tools-20 tools to help you streamline your mobile app development process

, and real-time functionality. A higher reliability and toolset can help developers reduce development time effectively, and it may be time to consider using server services in your next app. Here are a few brief introductions to this service:Firebase Firebase is a San Francisco-based backend service provider focused on real-time back-end data processing for apps that require high real-time data, such as Web games, collaboration tools, and more. With

2018 Javaweb and mobile programmer Learning 12 Frames __java

application development framework originally created by Nitobi. Adobe Systems acquired Nitobi in 2011, renamed it PhoneGap, and later released an Open-source software called Apache Cordova. It allows you to use standard Web technology--HTML5,CSS3 and javascript--for Cross-platform development. One ) firebase Firebase is Google's mobile platform that can help you quickly develop high-quality mobile apps and

Learn these 12 frames and your salary and level will be higher.

based on the popular map reduce model and is the key to developing reliable, scalable, and distributed software computing applications. 9) Apache Spark This is another big data framework that is becoming increasingly popular. The Apache Spark is a fast memory data processing engine with an elegant and expressive development API that enables data workers to efficiently perform streaming, machine learning, or SQL workloads that require fast iterations to access datasets. You can use spark for ET

[AngularJS] accessing Services from Console

Using The Chrome console, you can access your AngularJS injectable services. This was down and dirty debugging, and can be a lifesaver in troubling times.You can get the services/factories in console by using:var $injector = angular.element ($). Injector ();This $injector can-help-skip the form validations on the client side, but you do need to check the value on server side.If you have the factory like:function ($firebase, Fburl) { return $

12 iOS Developer Essentials productivity tools

delivery, and real-time functionality. A higher reliability and toolset can help developers reduce development time effectively, and it may be time to consider using server services in your next app. Here are a few brief introductions to this service:FirebaseFirebase is a San Francisco-based backend service provider focused on real-time back-end data processing for apps that require high real-time data, such as Web games, collaboration tools, and more. With Firebase's services, you can create a

Open source project Rethinkdb closed, founder summarizes failure lesson (market positioning error)

the competition, and we tried to differentiate it from MongoDB. We found a very elegant way to add real-time push, hopefully allowing developers to build a generation of applications that they could not build before. But that's not enough. Suddenly, we find ourselves competing with Meteor and firebase who are almost ignoring the many years of commitment to solving real-time problems. We were three years behind the market again, and then we found ours

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