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Flash actionscript knowledge: from AS2 to AS3

constant operator Parameters With the release of Flash CS3, it is estimated that many friends have started migrating from AS2 to AS3. But AS3 has changed so much more than AS2, many methods in the AS2 in the AS3 is not the same, or even disappear, and the current help document is E, now the AS3 basic article is not mu

Flash as3/as2 flash full screen and exit code

Flash exit code The code is as follows Copy Code On (release) {Fscommand ("Quit", true)} Put it in the button! ------------------------------------------- The code is as follows Copy Code On (release) {Fscommand ("Quit");} You can turn off playback with the Flash Player Use The code is as follows Copy Code

Flash filter highlighted elements (as2 colormatrixfilter)

ThisCodeYes as2 You can use a matrix to conveniently operate colors in flash. Colormatrixfilter is very powerful. Its package is: Import flash. Filters. colormatrixfilter; The values of red, green, and blue channels are determined by the calculation method shown below: Code: Redresult = A [0] * srcr + A [1] * srcg + A [2] * SRCB + A [3] * srca + A [4]Gr

Flash AS3 new features and changes relative to AS2

AS3, and the previous AS2 version XML processing APIs are transferred to the flash.xml.* package to maintain backward compatibility. adds a socket class that allows you to read and write binary data so that the underlying network protocols (such as POP3, SMTP, IMAP, NNTP, and so on) can be parsed through as, allowing Flash Player to connect to mail servers and newsgroups. The adds a Proxy class t

Full screen Flash control for AS2 and AS3

How to implement full screen control of Flash Player 9 Update 2, I will provide 2 versions, the first version is AS2, and the second version is AS3. Interestingly, many of my friends who can write the AS2 file have difficulty writing The AS3 file, which may be difficult to adapt to changes in syntax and production methods.AS2 full screen playback control:The AS s

Flash AS2 and As3 Right-click menu instance Code

AS3: Right-click menu The code is as follows Copy Code var mycontextmenu:contextmenu = new ContextMenu ();Mycontextmenu.hidebuiltinitems ();Declaring menu New Itemvar item:contextmenuitem = new Contextmenuitem ("@author amyflash");Add to menu display items arrayMyContextMenu.customItems.push (item);Root.contextmenu = Mycontextmenu;Click the button to raise the eventItem.addeventlistener (Contextmenuevent.menu_item_select, mouserelease);function Mouserelease (event:co

Flash as2 bitmapdata application-draw two lines

// In this example, you can strip a line with a shadow... Import Flash. display. bitmapdata; Import Flash. Geom. rectangle; Import Flash. Geom. Point; Createemptymovieclip ("draw_mc",-999 ); Createemptymovieclip ("mm",-992 ); VaR Draw_bit: bitmapdata = new bitmapdata (stage. Width, stage. height, True , 0x226600 ); /**/ VaR Draw _; // Draw_m

Problems with flash/flex/as3 application loading as2 and as1 swf

From: http://www.itfeed.cn/post.asp? Id = 10197 In fact, the concise statement here is that AVM2 loads the swf of AVM1. Actionscript1.0 (flash 1.0-6.0) corresponds to the Virtual Machine AVM1, based on ECMA-262 V2 (equivalent to javascript1.2) Actionscript2.0 (flash 7.0-8.0) corresponds to the Virtual Machine AVM1, based on ECMA-262 V3 (equivalent to javascript1.5) Actionscript3.0 (flash9.0 --) corresponds

Flash as2 error

A few days ago in debugging a AS2 with the background communication program, has not seen the normal data display, and then the line trace, finally found the problem.It used to be a JSON class with AS2, which throws an exception if the format is not in JSON format, because our data format is not wrong, or there is no data, otherwise there will be no format error, all there is no try catch.Just this time the

Flash FMS AS2 Turn AS3 connection error

AS2: 1. client_nc.showmsg = function (msg) {2. Txtchat.text + msg;3.}; Copy CodeAS3: 1. Private function receives object (content): void {2.//trace ("Onreply received value:" + result);3. textlbl.text+= content;4.} Copy CodeBut then, the server says it can't find the receiver, what's going on? The following is the completion of the code, master advice. Client: 1. Package {2. Import Flash.display.MovieClip;3. Import Flash.net.Responder;4. Import Flash.

Flash AS2 map scaling implementation code

._y + 4;New Mx.transitions.Tween (_c, "_alpha", Mx.transitions.easing.Regular.easeOut, 0,. 5, true);};} Mapmc.onmousedown = function () { This.startdrag (FALSE,0,_RH-_MW,-_MW + _RW,0,_RW); nbsp;//Calculates the current MC at the center point of the canvas. Defaultx = this._x + (_RW/2); defaulty = this._y + (_RH/2); }; Mapmc.onmouseup = function () { stopdrag (); }; var mylistener:object = new Object ();Mylistener.onmousewheel = function (Delta){With (MAPMC) {var OMX = _xmouse, omy =

Flash as2 simple tablet with Erasure

// Video Clips named mc_bursh/mc_earse must be placed on the current layer of the stage. // Friendly reminder. In this example, there is something irrelevant to the page presentation.Code, But it does not affect the actual function. You can delete it as needed when using it! Import Flash. display. bitmapdata; Import Flash. Geom. rectangle; Import Flash

[AS2] Delay function in Flash.

Var cSecPerFrame: Number = 0.05;Function Delay (timeDelay: Number, secPerFrame: Number): Void{Var startTime: Number = fig ()/1000 ;;Var tmpTime: Number = startTime;Trace (tmpTime );While (tmpTime {If (tmpTime + secPerFrame) {TmpTime = fig ()/1000;Trace (tmpTime );}}}Delay (5, cSecPerFrame );Trace ("OK "); Haha, if Old Tang is used for a new drug, Delay can be used for Delay. However, it is used to forcibly occupy Flash running resources and even the

Lossless compression of photo pictures in Flash AS2

Compression We all say lossless compression, preserving dot matrix data.This method compresses the data already close to BMP format picture size, my machine spends approximately 1 seconds processing 200*200 's picture, compared to uncompressed

Flash as2 uses eventdispatcher to broadcast events

  Product. As File Import usstore. model. productinfo; Class usstore. businessobj. Product{Public VaR Addeventlistener: function;Public VaR Removeeventlistener: function;Private VaR Dispatchevent: function;Public Function

Intermidiate EDI-AS2

As2 EDI over the Internet (EDI/INT) is a working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF ), chartered with creating specifications for transporting EDI or XML clients over the Internet in a secure (digitally signed and encrypted), highly reliable manner. applicability Statement 1 (AS1) and applicability Statement 2 (as2) are industrial standards for Internet-based data exchange. when you choose a

Similarities and differences between onenterframe and onclipevent (enterframe) of as2 and as3

Similarities and differences between onenterframe and onclipevent (enterframe) of as2 and as3 In the flashas manual, enterframe is interpreted as a frame entry._ MC. onenterframe {} indicates that an event is triggered when the video is played to the current frame. When I first started learning as, I naturally thought that if the current frame uses the stop statement, the video will stop playing and the onenterframe event will no longer be triggered.

AS3 the cumulative second: from AS1 and AS2 to AS3 concept change

http://as3blog.com/as3/as3tip-new-philosophy/ The change of AS1/2-AS3 concept (Meet with new philosophy)For AS1, AS2 development model, flexibility is the biggest advantage. However, flexibility creates instability and disorder. This is taboo for the development of complex, long-term projects. On the (as1/2/1+2) flexible and durable (AS3) balance, I personally think it can be understood as "the fish and bear cake cannot have both", but I hope has been

A foreign as2 airplane tutorial (1)

The author's own level should be very high, but in terms of the Game Model, this game does not have much innovation, and it is still infinite,However, the idea is already quite complete. With such a good development habit, you won't be able to get started if you want to do something bigger.The main purpose of this article is to introduce how to use object-oriented as2 to write games,Therefore, from this perspective, this article is still quite excelle

Flex implements swf interaction for loading as2

.Or AVM2, can communicate with each other. Example: Flex (as3 swf) transmits a value to an as2 swf Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/-->1 2 3 4 5 6 import flash.net. LocalConnection; // import LocalConnection class 7 private var CNum: Number = 0; // The swf passed to as2 by the Flex variable 8 private var sendConn: LocalConnection; 9 // 10 intern

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