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94 free software better than paid Software

Best Web Browser Firefox. Firefox is a very popular browser with higher security and user customization than IE. It can be automatically upgraded, fast tag browsing, and better privacy and confidentiality settings, an integrated search box

Test introduction of Ad-hoc Test

Ad-hoc TestBasic knowledge about Ad-hoc Testing "Ad-Hoc" is intended to refer to "specific, one-time", which specifically refers to "random, free" testing. In addition to testing according to the test samples and instructions, random testing (Ad-hoc

Secrets: How do ad interception software make money?

Secrets: How do ad interception software make money? There is no free lunch in life. Similarly, interception software is not free, that is, blocking advertisements can also make money, how does the interception software make money to ensure that

IOS9 's ad blocking feature stabbed a deadly stab in the back of Google?

Apple has previously alerted developers in the name of privacy and user preferences, which will add to the iOS9 of the upcoming ads. This is expected to arrive as early as the new iphone on September 9 (in fact postponed). This creates a tense

"Turn" shared software made $1 million, and why didn't you? && my software to promote the success of the road

Some shareware made $1 million, and why didn't you?Transferred from: Dreamgoal Original: Steve PavlinA few months ago, I decided to conduct an informal long-term study of the

Check 43 free anti-virus software

  Anti-virus software is always a hot topic, especially free anti-virus software. It is said that the entire anti-virus industry is slowly switching to free, regardless of whether you agree or not, you always need to learn more about this free tide.

[Original] ad RMS client service discovery

I wanted to write an article about configuring ad RMS to support exists. Before that, I must describe the working mechanism of the RMS client service discovery. What is ad RMS client service discovery (word in the RMS document )? To put it bluntly,

AD Health Experience

AD Health ExperienceWhen it comes to AD (Active Directory), I believe that the internal IT department is the most concerned about the service, especially for large enterprises, we all know that Microsoft's services are based on the ad architecture,

94 of the best priceless Software

Peter note: the original article named 94 free software that is better than paid software. I did not fully agree after reading the full text, so I did not follow the original title. However, as free software, they are definitely the best, and some

Getting Started with IOS: User testing with AD Hoc

Before completing the iOS development and preparing for the release, we wanted the app to test, comment, modify, and then post to the app store around friends. With this in mind, Apple uses ad hoc to implement pre-release user testing. From another

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