fsutil hardlink

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CMD fsutil command creates a new empty text file _dos/bat

fsutil/? Help contentBehavior Control file system behavior Dirty the number of corrupted bits of the managed volume FILE-specific commands Fsinfo File System Information Hardlink Hard Link Management Objectid Object ID Management Quota Quota Manageme

12 kinds of shortcuts for Windows

Label:Shortcuts, many people's reflection is that little arrow, in fact, Windows supports 9 kinds of shortcuts.About this format1. *.lnkThis is Microsoft's general shortcut, many computer beginners that year is to put a 500MB game on the desktop 1k

NTFS advanced applications for Windows 7

Microsoft introduced the NTFS file system from Windows 2000, but at this point the user can choose to install the system in a non-NTFS-formatted partition. At this moment, Windows 7 can only be installed in NTFS format. We can see that Microsoft has

Windows platform quickly creates a file of the specified size

Tags: creating filesSometimes, we need to quickly create a file of a specified size, for system testing, we specify that the following commands can be used in the Linux platform:Create a 100M empty fileDD If=/dev/zero of=hello.txt bs=100m count=1You

mysqldump Backup, restore database path name contains whitespace processing methods (such as: Program Files)

Label:Although the following methods can be solved, but the simplest direct, or directly before and after the path of the double quotation marks-"", this method is simple and effective.The first thing to note is where mysqldump.exe is not important,

How to view the Linux file system block size implementation _linux

On Linux systems, you can use command TUNE2FS to test the following [Root@localhost test10g]# tune2fs-help tune2fs 1.35 (28-feb-2004) tune2fs:invalid option--H usage:tune2fs [-C Max-mo Unts-count] [e-errors-behavior] [G Group] [-I interval[d|

Link symbol creation under NTFS

Tags: RDL tps NTFS load UNIX amp down disable hrefFamiliar with Unix/linux should know that unix/linux with LN to establish a hard link, ln-s to establish a soft link (symbolic link).The difference between hard links and symbolic linksThere are also

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