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Can games earn millions of dollars? (22 of the Travel Notes column of the people's post and telecommunications News)

When interest becomes a mechanical repetition, anyone will feel numb. In the interviews and Memoirs of athletes, we often see similar sighs. E-sports players are no exception. 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "width =" 500 "Height =" 329 "alt =" b9f0cd564509bd928786408433879b54_b800_24 "/> Text/Zhang shule Published in the "People's post and telecommunications News" application edition Travel N

Indie games are getting easier: Unity releases its newest game engine, Unity 5, and still has a free version

It's becoming easier for independent developers to develop games, because many of the thankless work in game design can be solved directly using game engines like Epic games or Unity Technologies. These days, the game engine has announced that its products will be cheaper or even free of charge to the game developers, the threshold for the development of the game is further reduced.First Epic

Some experience doing HTML 5 games on the micro-trust public platform

-party browsers have already implemented Full-screen and control screen rotation interface, but the micro-mail built-in browser is not yet. This very affected the mobile phone web game player experience, especially some need to horizontal screen control of the game, the visual part of the screen will become very narrow, or even block some of the operation of the game can not continue. We call on the micro-trust built-in browser to provide a full screen and control screen Flip API interface as so

5 considerations for developing HTML5 mobile games-mobile development prospects-go

draw conclusions for new games within 30-90 seconds, new players in web games will be final after several minutes. Note that you not only need to compete with other games, but also compete with text information, friend appeals, and Lady Gaga's latest video. Make sure that the game can quickly attract users, otherwise they will switch to other more interesting co

Homemade Unity Games tankhero-2d (5) Sound + explosion + scene Toggle + Weapon Ammo

Homemade Unity Games tankhero-2d (5) Sound + explosion + scene Toggle + Weapon AmmoI am making such a tank game, which is modeled after this game ( Only for the purpose of learning unity. Most of the pictures were painted by themselves, and a few were from the Internet. You can get the project source on my GitHub page (Https://

Flash MX 2004 Instance making video tutorials: Space War games (5)

Tutorials | video Tutorials   Section 98th: Space War Memory Games (5)   Course Objectives: Make a Space war memory game   Lesson points: use flash MX 2004 to develop a space war memory interactive game. Divided into five sets of explanations, this is the last episode, while providing the FLA source file download, convenient for everyone to learn and reference. Watch Tutorials: [ Full screen view ] (12.9MB)

Continue to share 5 good JavaScript games

Not long ago, I shared 7 classic jquery games with you. In the original article, I shared 7 good jquery games and found many friends interested in this aspect, thank you for your attention. Today, I will continue to share five classic JavaScript games. The following games are collected from the internet. I like them ve

21 best HTML 5 web games are recommended

Document directory 1-Runfield 2-Rainbow Blocks 3-RGB Invaders 4-Cover Fire 5-Bert's Breakdown 6-Crystal Galaxy 7-Leave Me Alone 8-Cap Man 9-Super Mario Kart 10-A torus style game 11-BounceIt 12-Chain Reaction 13-Pie Guy 14-Bricks 15-Word Break 16-T-Spin 17-Agent 008 Ball 18-Far 7 19-Playing Chess 20-JS Lander 21-Towers of Wolin Although there is still a long way to go before HTML5 can be fully implemented, HTML5 is changing th

Artificial Intelligence of Chess Games (5)--2048 Game AI Interpretation

the 2048 game AI. 2048 games as a non-typical game games, this is not quite suitable as a specific case to explain. But for the original author of Creative Thinking and modeling, we as the younger generation can learn more. It is also a good way to evaluate decision-making in the face of feedback-type scenes.This article before writing, did not notice this blog post Written at the end:  If you think this

I used Python to write games. Getting started with pygame (5): Object-oriented game design, pythonpygame

I used Python to write games. Getting started with pygame (5): Object-oriented game design, pythonpygame There was a Moving bullet in yesterday's content. Although we only added one bullet, you can see that we need to record the x and y coordinates of the bullet and update its coordinates each time. If we want to have multiple bullets, We need to store multiple coordinates. At that time, the processing was

5 Array of Life games

(handle, POS);}voidstartup () {intI, J; for(i =0; I ){ for(j =0; J ) {Cells[i][j]=1; } }}voidShow () {Gotoxy (0,0); intI, J; for(i =1; I 1; i++){ for(j =1; J 1; J + +){ if(Cells[i][j] = =1) printf ("*");//living cells. Elseprintf (" ");//Output Spaces} printf ("\ n"); } Sleep ( -);}voidUpdatewithoutinput () {intNewcells[high][width];//cell condition in the next frame intNeibournumber; intI, J; for(i =1; I 1; i++){ for(j =1; J 1; J + +) {Nei

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