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QQ Computer Butler for adolescence Middle season Butler exclusive

 Participation Mode: Login to the computer housekeeper, attention to the computer housekeeper micro-signal, 100% to receive butler general hair ceremony, more organic will win IPhone6, limited Bluetooth keyboard!  How to collect the interim gift package? First of all, in the computer-side login to the latest version of QQ computer Butler qualification, and then pay attention to the computer

What to do if the butler lock of Tencent Computer Butler is changed after changing the computer

After entering the supported game, click "Butler Lock" icon will appear to enable the Butler lock Prompt box = "click enable after =" Follow the prompts by the bundled secret phone to receive the Verification code = "Enter the verification code can be enabled." Note: 1, if not bound to protect mobile phones and install the computer butler, in the activation of th

How to lift the butler lock of Tencent computer Butler

The Butler Lock is a game equipment protection product introduced by the computer steward. By enabling the Butler lock in its supported Tencent game, you can bind your PC (up to five computers) and the thief will not be able to steal your equipment from other computers. You can enter the game through a computer that has been bound to the Butler lock, click on th

Tencent Mobile Butler Notice bar can be closed? Tencent Mobile Butler notification bar Closure method

1. We open "Mobile Butler" in the mobile phone to enter Tencent mobile phone housekeeper, open the following figure shows 2. After entering, click the "Avatar" button, and then open into 3. Then we click on "General Settings" to open the entry, details as shown in the following figure 4. Then we click on the "Notification bar icon" after the green button, and then click Open to enter 5. After we click "Off" to open

Tencent mobile phone Butler where is the small rocket? Tencent Mobile Butler closes small rocket method

Some children are worried about the closure of Tencent mobile phone butler after the small rocket will lose the optimization of the function of the phone, this does not worry about just close the tube hint. 1. To turn off this feature, we need to enter the mobile phone in the Tencent Mobile Butler, and then click on the right side of the "Avatar" icon 2. After opening the avatar, we click on "Commo

Laidian Butler for android projects (7) and android butler

Laidian Butler for android projects (7) and android butler Because we use SharedPreferences to store user setting information, some default settings will be made when we first enter the telephone Butler, and the content of the Setting information file will be updated based on the user's settings. To open the application, start ActivityGroupDemo and display the bl

Tencent WiFi Butler app How to use? Tencent WiFi Butler App tutorial

We only need to open the Tencent WiFi Butler on our mobile phone, as shown below we click on the "Connect Now" button. The second step, then scan out the surrounding can be connected to the WiFi, if we see the use of the password can be clicked "Tencent WiFi Butler a key connection" words. Click to select one of the strong signal wiif, Tencent WiFi Butler

Laidian Butler for android Project (5), android butler

Laidian Butler for android Project (5), android butler In the above four sections, the interface design has been implemented. The blacklist (the addition and deletion of the white list are the same as those of the black list, so we will not repeat it here), the listener switch, the timed interception switch, and the selection of the interception mode are enabled, the following describes how to implement the

QQ Phone Butler blacklist in which settings? Tencent Mobile Butler blacklist setting method

The first step, we in the mobile phone first open "mobile Tencent Butler" then you will see the interface has a "security" we click here to open. The second step, then in the entry to the "Security protection" you will see that there is a "disturbance interception" open to enter we will see a spam message, harassing phone, number tag, these are the blacklist key numbers sent to the message and call records. The th

Tencent Computer Butler Star Edition evaluation Experience

  New UI Gorgeous switch Tencent Computer Butler Star Edition evaluation   Interface: flexible and concise cool smooth   Tencent computer Butler Star Version Classic mode next screen and the previous layout similar Switch to the computer Butler Classic mode, I will find that in fact, in this interface, the overall design layout o

Tencent Computer Butler 8.0 evaluation

Recently Tencent computer Butler 8.0 New Edition officially released, comprehensive anti-virus protection and security management, not only provide innovative anti-virus services, but also the integration of garbage cleaning, computer acceleration, repair loopholes, software management, computer clinics and other rich computer management functions, but also added a number of new features new features, strengthen anti-virus anti-virus ability, Light NE

Adsafe Advertising Butler FAQ

1, the current Adsafe advertising butler support which system? The current software support mainstream PC computer operating system: such as win8-32, win8-64, win7-32, win7-64, Vista, WinXP, Win2003 and so on. 2, the current Adsafe advertising butler support which browsers? At present, the software supports the majority of mainstream browsers on the market: such as IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, 360, QQ, Firefox, C

QQ computer Butler icon how to light?

To light the QQ computer Butler icon, you must first install the latest version of the QQ computer Butler. QQ computer Butler icon Lighting requirements--three consecutive days with QQ login QQ computer Butler. Install QQ computer Butler's step does not elaborate, after opening the QQ computer housekeeper, clicks the

DNF Butler lock how to operate?

What is a housekeeper lock? The Butler Lock is a game equipment protection product launched by the computer Butler. In its supported Tencent game to enable the Butler lock, you can bind your personal computer (up to five computers), the thief can not steal your equipment on other computers.   Do you charge for housekeeping locks? The

QQ Computer Butler 6.0 behind the scenes: how to refine the boutique?

Tencent Science and technology news 90 days day and night fighting, 8 designers painstaking ... September 26, QQ computer Butler 6.0 version of the official launch, once on the line to receive a sound of appreciation. Compared with the previous 6.0 version in the security, functional and other aspects have a greater improvement, especially in the interface design, visual effects, but also has a "revolutionary" upgrade, called a "visual feast"! So how

How does Tencent WiFi Butler connect to WiFi?

Mobile phone want to visit the page, need data, traffic, of course, can also through WiFi, this time need some WiFi helper class gadgets, small series today recommended Tencent WiFi Butler, this is a similar WiFi universal key tools to allow users free access to many WiFi Oh! Tencent WiFi Butler this year to allow the flow of expensive problems have been very good relief, which allows a lot of the lack of t

Tencent Computer Butler account treasure how to use

Tencent Computer Butler account treasure is what? Tencent Computer Butler account treasure How to use? Tencent Computer Butler account treasure 1, what is the account treasure? Answer: Account treasure is a special protection QQ security, by Tencent QQ and Tencent Computer Butler jointly launched the QQ

Computer Butler 7.0 Highlights: Antivirus management perfect combination

June 14, 2012, a collection of anti-virus and management of the new concept of the computer Butler 7.0 official version of the shock on-line. Computer Butler formerly known as QQ computer Butler, name removed QQ is estimated to create another Tencent brand. 7.0 official version of the computer butler is the first guard

Tencent Computer Butler account Treasure FAQ

Tencent computer housekeeper Account Treasure FAQ Summary 1, what is the account treasure? Answer: Account treasure is a special protection QQ security, by Tencent QQ and Tencent Computer Butler jointly launched the QQ security protection function, designed to enhance the user QQ account protection. Tencent QQ Computer Butler launched the account Treasure, for QQ users to provide "beforehand,

Computer Butler account number of how to open failure

  What to do when the account treasure is destroyed 1, when you can not use the security login function, may be the computer housekeeper account treasure was blocked by Third-party software, if you want to open account treasure function, it is recommended to try to manually quit the third party software after the start of the computer housekeeper Exit Method: Right click on the Tray area icon, click Exit, click on the pop-up window "continue to retreat 2, when you repeatedly repai

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