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Clustering by density peaks and distance

This presentation is an article on the science published by Alex and Alessandro in 2014 [13], the basic idea of the article is simple, but its clustering effect is both spectral clustering (spectral clustering) [11,14,15] And K-means characteristics,

The way of Big Data processing (MATLAB article)

One: Cause(1) Recently has been dealing with big data, from MB----> GB changes, is a qualitative leap, the corresponding tools are also changing from widows to Linux, from single-machine to Hadoop multi-node computing(2) The problem is, in the face

cs281:advanced Machine Learning second section probability theory probability theory

Basic concepts of probability theory two basic laws in probability theory of discrete variables: addition and multiplication, the addition rule defines the direct relation between the random variable x and the condition variable Y. The

[Dip] Digital Image Processing ch03

--- Slowly go through the dip and the MATLAB, and write down some fragmented knowledge points for yourself to review later.   Dip ch03 brightness transformation and Spatial Filtering Matrix A = [1, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6] Sum (A, 1) sums the first dimension

P-stable distribution of lsh

1: Cauchy Distribution Probability Density Function The Cauchy distribution has the probability density function = {1 \ over \ PI} \ left [{\ gamma \ over (X-x_0) ^ 2 + \ gamma ^ 2} \ right], ">     WhereX0 is the location parameter,

CSS 3D look

Bytes The emergence of HTML5 and CSS achievements (such as transition, animation, deformation, text shadow, graphic shadow, gradient and SVG) greatly enhances the richness of HTML graphics and interactions. Now you can use it in CSS and HTML.Filter

A good tool for realizing qq-plot in "machine learning" matlab gqqplot_ machine learning

A good tool to realize qq-plot in MATLAB gqqplot June June 26, 2013 These days looked at Qq-plot as well as in the implementation of MATLAB, but the qqplot function of Matlab can not meet my use, so search on the Internet a good tool: Gqqplot.

A mathematical formula is required to generate a random number that can control the distribution?

For example, a random value rand (range: 1-100) is generated ). The probability of a small value in rand is very high, but the probability of a large value is very low. I hope you can give a specific formula. The random value can be replaced by rand.

A __matlab of the practice of MATLAB introduction

Provide a few introductory miscellaneous examples for the first time to touch matlab people pondering. The beauty of Matlab lies in the simplicity of its code and its use in various industries. tiredness and product and upper and lower triangles CLC

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