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What is the posture of using the right git? Comes with my git advice

This article refer to the Git–useful Tips article translation, improper, please understandThe purpose of this article is to provide a useful reminder of the frequent use of git management projects. If you're new to Git, you can read the references

Let Git output multiple colors and custom log formats

Let Git output multiple colors and custom log formatsGit multi-color output Git outputs a single color by default, which is not only beautiful but not easy to read. In fact, Git itself supports multiple colors to display its output information. You

My git alias in. bashrc

My favorite alias are 'G', 'gau ', 'gc', 'gt ', 'Gl', 'gdc '. # Git aliasalias G = "Git status" alias GA = "Git Add" alias GAA = "Git add. "alias Gau =" Git add-U "alias GC =" Git commit-M "alias GCA =" Git commit-am "alias GB =" Git branch "alias

Recommend a smart Shell:oh-my-zsh

GitHub Address: Https:// for Linux and Mac.Install command: sh-c "$ (Curl-fssl"or Sh-c "$ (wget https://raw.githubusercontent.

PHP7.2, git, swoole installation

First, install PHP1. Installing GCCYum-y Install GCC gcc-c++2. Install some libraries1Libpng-devel Freetype-devel Libmcrypt-devel3. Download PHP Configuration

Some basic settings for Mac (share article)

Original link: link: think that "an efficient MAC working environment" has the following features:

Daily one shell (ix) Yum install package sort go heavy

There are now a bunch of yum install packages that need to be installed, so you want to use a batch installation, the combined installation package is duplicated, so I decided to go firstThe source installation package is as follows:Python-devel

Install PHP5.5 and memcached in Centos5.8

License cdgit-1.9.0. To install GIT, install gcc-c ++ (sudo yum install gcc-c ++) first) sudo yum install gettext-devel expat-devel cpio perl openssl-devel zlib-devel wget tar-zxvf git-1.9.

Linux C + + development common tools, common instructions manual

vim commonly used::SetNU Displays the number of rows:SetMouse=a Mouse swipe screen,:SetIc:SetNoic Ignore case not ignored/word_to_search\c \c = Ignore case C lowercase ignore, c uppercase do not ignore compare two files different: Vim-D file1 file2;

Zsh and oh-my-zsh

Before starting mactalk today, let's ask two questions: 1. What are the main advantages of Mac over other systems?2. What shell do you usually use?...... The first child boots can sit down. The biggest advantage of Mac is the perfect combination of

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