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PHP get Browser name version Instance program _php Tutorial

Get the browser version in PHP directly using http_user_agent can be, but to determine the specific browser, what version we need to judge each, Example 1 The code is as follows Copy Code function Get_user_browser () {if

XSS attack: Get the plaintext password that the browser remembers

Cosine (@evilcos)0x01. XSS multiple ways to get plaintext passwordsI have felt the great innovation of the web trend, especially the recent HTML5 is getting more and more fire. Browsers in the client partition the Web OS, as long as the user

Php get the browser name

Php obtains the browser name if (strpos ($ _ SERVER [HTTP_USER_AGENT], 'maxthon ')){??? $ Browser = 'maxthon ';} elseif (strpos ($ _ SERVER [HTTP_USER_A php get the browser name If (strpos ($ _ SERVER [HTTP_USER_AGENT], 'maxthon ')){??? $ Browser =

Php get the browser name version instance project_php tutorial

Php obtains the browser name version instance program. You can directly use HTTP_USER_AGENT to obtain the browser version in php. However, you need to determine the version of the browser, example 1 the code below is used to obtain the browser

BOM (Browser object model) browser objects models

The role of the object, so all variables/functions declared in the global scope become properties and methods of the Window object;/PS: Attempting to access an undeclared variable throws an error, but by querying the Window object, you can know if

PHP Get Browser name

PHP Get Browser name if (Strpos ($_server[http_user_agent], ' Maxthon ')) {??? $browser = ' Maxthon ';} elseif (Strpos ($_server[http_user_agent], ' MSIE 8.0 ')) {??? $browser = ' MSIE 8.0 ';} elseif (Strpos ($_server[http_user_agent], ' MSIE 7.0 '

Android allows you to open a local app (app) and get the data from your browser by clicking the link in the browser

Today, the boss gave me a need to ask me to investigate, he has tested the iOS platform is available, the requirement is simple is to enter a URI in the system browser to open the corresponding app.For example, you enter in the system browser of iOS:

JS get Browser version and name implementation function _javascript skills

Copy code code as follows: Get Browser name and version information function AppInfo () { var browser = { Msie:false, Firefox:false, Opera:false, Safari:false, Chrome:false, Netscape:false, appname: ' Unknown ', version:0 },

Browser cache insider and getlastmodified Method

The httpservlet class defines a getlastmodified method. Its complete syntax is defined as follows: Protected long getlastmodified (httpservletrequest req) The returned value indicates the number of milliseconds that have been calculated since 00:00:0

Javascript code to get the browser version and name implementation function _ javascript skills

Obtain the browser name and version information. If the current browser is IE, the browser version is displayed. Otherwise, the current browser name and version are displayed. For detailed implementation code, see this article. The Code is as

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