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PHP Curl Get page content, not directly output to the page, curlopt_returntransfer parameter settings

Use PHP curl to get page content or submit data, and sometimes you want the returned content to be stored as a variable instead of being output directly. At this point, you must set the curlopt_returntransfer option for Curl to 1 or true.1, Curl get

JS and jquery get page size, scroll bar position, element position

  This article is mainly about JS and jquery get page size, scroll bar position, element location sample code is introduced. Need friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you. JS and jquery get page size, scroll bar position, element

JS and JQUERY get page size, scroll bar location, element location

JS and JQUERY get page size, scroll bar location, element location This article mainly introduces the sample code for JS and JQUERY to get the page size, scroll bar location, and element location. For more information, see. Js and jquery get page

WordPress get page links and titles related PHP function usage parsing _php tips

Get_permalink () (Get article or page link)Get_permalink () is used to return a link to an article or page based on a fixed connection. The Get_permalink () function needs to know the ID of the article to get when getting the link, and automatically

Page static-http Get request get page content code

1 Importorg.apache.http.HttpEntity;2 Importorg.apache.http.HttpException;3 ImportOrg.apache.http.HttpResponse;4 Importorg.apache.http.client.HttpClient;5 ImportOrg.apache.http.client.methods.HttpGet;6

C # Several ways to get page content

Common Web pages get page content using WebRequest or HttpWebRequest to manipulate Http requests.For example, get the HTML page of Baidu websitevarRequest = WebRequest.Create (""); Request. Method="GET"; varResponse =request.

How to get Page setup information (margins, paper size, output direction) from the Birt report file

Report printing, especially the set of reports, page setup information is very important, such as page margins, paper size, output direction, etc., and the relevant parameters of each report may be different, so the relevant parameters from the

Get page element values with JavaScript

There are three common ways to get page elements using JavaScript :getElementById ()Getelementsbyname ()getElementsByTagName ()The syntax for the "document.+ method name" obtains its page elements, which can be manipulated after the attribute is

Android: Simple Networking Get page code

Set permissions to join in Androidmanifest.xmlandroid:name= "Android.permission.INTERNET"/> Public classMainactivityextendsActivity {PrivateEditText address; PrivateButton Getbutton; PrivateTextView text; @Overrideprotected voidonCreate (Bundle

C # get page URL information

We are developing Web applications that often need to parse every fragment of the Web address (Request.url) to do some judgment. For example, "Http://localhost:1897/News/Press/Content.aspx/123?id=1#toc", we want to get the first name of the website (

Jqery and JS get page height, scroll bar height

Web page Visible area width: document.body.clientWidthWeb page Visible Area height: document.body.clientHeightWeb page Visible Area width: document.body.offsetWidth (including edge width)Web page Visible Area High: document.body.offsetHeight

jquery Get page URL

Window.location.pathname//Sets or gets the file name or path specified by the objectWINDOW.LOCATION.HREF//Set or get the entire URL as a stringWindow.location.port//Set or get the port number associated with the URLWindow.location.protocol//Set or

JS method to get page URL

we can use Javas . Cript get all the parts1, Window.location.hrefThe entire URL string (in the browser is the full address bar)This example returns the value:,window.location.protocolThe

JS get page window size

function Getwinsize () {var winwidth =null;//widthvar winheight =null;//Heightif (window.innerwidth)Winwidth = window.innerwidth;else if (document.body && document.body.clientWidth)Winwidth = Document.body.clientWidth;if

JS Get page URL

Sets or gets the file name or path specified by the object.Window.location.pathnameExample: http://localhost:8086/topic/index?topicId=361alert (window.location.pathname); Then output:/topic/indexSets or gets the entire URL as a

Several ways to get page elements

In JS we can get to the elements in the page in the following ways:1. Use ID to get the element of the object (the object element obtained is unique)document.getElementById ("")Cases:2, through the tag name to obtainDocument.getelementstagname

PHP page static get page cache generate HTML page

Include (".. /conn.php "); $url =$_get[' url '];//url address $uid =$_get[' uid '];//id value function Get_center ($url _id, $uid) { $c//Get content from the cache $url = $url _id; $id = $uid; $c//bar The contents of the cache are assigned to a

Js get page window size

Js get page window sizeFunction getWinSize (){Var winWidth = null; // widthVar winHeight = null; // heightIf (window. innerWidth)WinWidth = window. innerWidth;Else if (document. body & document. body. clientWidth)WinWidth = document. body.

Get page elements

  Get page elements

Get page height in JavaScript (knowledge point)

Width of the visible area of the Web page: document.body.clientWidthHeight of the visible area of the Web page: document.body.clientHeightWidth of the visible area of the page: Document.body.offsetWidth (including the width of the edge)Height of the

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