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Pure Java Environment Get APK information (package name, version, version number, size, permissions ...), Java language writing PC-side get apk information

Pure Java Environment get APK information: Package name, version, version number, size, permissions ...Pure Java Environment Get APK information requires two packages:Axmlprinter2.jar and Jdom.jar, used to decompile XML and parse XMLProject directoryThis class is the one that gets the

Php to get apk package information, php to get apk package _ PHP Tutorial

: TYPE_INT_COLOR_RGB4: return sprintf ('# % 08X', $ data); case self: TYPE_DIMENSION: return $ this-> _ complexToFloat ($ data ). self: $ DIMENSION_UNITS [$ data self: UNIT_MASK]; case self: TYPE_FRACTION: return $ this-> _ complexToFloat ($ data ). self: $ FRACTION_UNITS [$ data self: UNIT_MA SK]; case self: TYPE_FLOAT: return $ this-> _ int2float ($ data);} if ($ type >=self: TYPE_INT_DEC $ type If you are interested, you can debug and run the example in this article. I believe it will in

PHP Get APK Package information method, PHP get apk package _php Tutorial

PHP Get APK Package information method, PHP get APK package Sometimes when uploading an Android APK package using PHP, we need to get the information inside the Android APK package, wh

Android enables you to check for and download apk updates, install APK, and get network information _android

The example described in this article is the Android code for a weather report, which includes downloading and installing APK, checking apk updates, displaying ' already up-to-date ' or ' unable to get version Information ' dialog box, getting current client version information, displaying the Version Update Notification dialog box, displaying the Download dialog

Android APK package to get information from APK package

//Install package pathString weicharfilepath= "sdcard/weichar.apk"; Packagemanager pm=Getpackagemanager (); PackageInfo Info=Pm.getpackagearchiveinfo (Weicharfilepath, packagemanager.get_activities); if(Info! =NULL) {ApplicationInfo appInfo=Info.applicationinfo; String AppName=Pm.getapplicationlabel (appInfo). toString (); //get the installation package nameString PackageName =Appinfo.packagename; //Get ver

(31) Tool method: Get application Package name/install apk/How to get the current stack top activity/android how to implement click a button to enter the specified page

(1), get the application package name code/*** Get the version number of the current application * *@return */ PrivateString getversion () {Try{Packagemanager Manager= Getpackagemanager ();//Get package Management ServicePackageInfo Clientinfo =Manager. Getpackageinfo (Getpackagename (),0);//get information abou

Get the installation status of the Android installation apk box (e.g. click Cancel, return)

Recently Tinker Android, encountered a problem, because there is no root permissions, need to invoke intent installation apk, but need to get the user is installed (such as, the user clicked back or cancel), check a lot of articles, and finally can be resolved, but there are flaws, the solution is as follows: public static void InstallPackage (context, file, int requestcode) {//before installation records

Use of the Java--processbuilder class and get apk information

This is to get the APK package version number, package name, size and other information. There are actually two ways:One is:Pure Java Environment Get APK information (package name, version, version number, size, permissions ...), Java language writing PC-side get

Android Security Tour---get you to confuse apk into Chinese language code

of the transformation, the following to demonstrate the results of the changes, we need an apk to do the test, we randomly get an apk, because here do not want to write a project script, Then replace the system's Proguard.jar tool with our modified Proguard.jar. So just get the Classes.dex file in the

Android apk anti-compilation get Java source code (v)

>] The timestamp mechanism's public key certificate the[-altsignerclass>] The class name of the replacement signature mechanism -[-altsignerpathPath List>] The location of the replacement signature mechanism - [-INTERNALSF] is contained within the signature block. SF file - [-sectionsonly] does not calculate the hash of the entire manifest + [-protected] keystore protected authentication Path -[-providernamename>] Provider name +[-providerclassclass>the name of the cryptographic service provider

Get Android APK JNI Library

/* ************************************************************************* * get android APK JNI Library * Description: * With Android APK as the built-in apk, you will often encounter problems finding the JNI library, this article records how to solve this problem. *

How to quickly get information such as the APK signature/package name

Method from Baidu Search: Original link method1: byAndroidClientwill get the APK install into pea pods Android version, then find the app through app Management, go to the app's details page, click the app icon continuously 5 , you can get the APK the package name, Versioncode , signature and other information. Method2

Several ways to get the APK package name from Android

Android Gets the APK package name in several ways:1, adb shell pm List package-f | findstr keyword #只能获取到包名, the main activity name cannot be obtained2. Using AAPT--AAPT is a tool that comes with the SDK,Sdk\builds-tools\Directory underThe following two lines in the result of the run are the app package name and the entry activity namePackage:name= ' 'Launchable-activity:name= '

Anti-compilation Android APK package get source code (using tools: Dex2jar and Jd-gui)

1. Download the anti-compilation tool dex2jar and Jd-gui from (you can also download Google search);2. the APK package to be anti-compilation to the extension zip (apk package is actually a zip package), unzip the zip file;3. In the extracted folder there will be a classes.dex file (binary file of the program), in the download dex2jar and Jd-gui found

[Go] Combine hierarchyviewer and apk file decompile to get the app element ID value

first step to download something and put it in the appropriate folder. 3. To the anti-compilation of the apk file suffix to zip and unzip, get the Classes.dex, it is the Java file compilation and then through the DX tool packaging, the classes.dex copied to the 2nd step extracted by theDex2jar.batThe folder where you are located. 4. Position the command line toDex2jar.batin the folder where you run the com

Golang get exe, DLL, APK version number

Tag:golang get EXE version get DLL version get APK version golang Implement read exedllapk version number packagemainimport ( " Flag " fmt" "Log" "OS" "Path/filepath") import ( "") var ( filefileinfo) const (MZ = "MZ" PE= "PE" RSRC= ". RSRC" TYPET =16PEOFFSET=64MACHINE =332DEFAULT= '

Mac version Anti-compilation apk get resource file and source code

preparatory work Download the anti-compilation tool Apktool, Dex2jar Jar View tool Jd-gui for Mac : Decompile The resource file Open the terminal CD to the directory that holds the Apktool (you can use LS to view the folders in the current directory, and then keep looking for CDs to APKTOOL) Input chmod +x apktool modify Apktool to executable Enter ./apktool d xx.apk to perform the anti-compilation

Golang get exe, DLL, APK version number

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Go to get exe, DLL, APK version number, support Kua platform, can cross-compile. A little bit uncomfortable, modify a format also to review, wasting mood. Golang implementation read EXE DLL APK version number package Mainimport ("Flag" "FMT" "Log" "OS" "Path/filepath") Import ("Git

Get APK local storage data with backup technology

Even if the device does not have root, we can physically access the device to obtain the application's data, we can also change the data of an application through this method. If an application stores data on the client, using a simple password or pin check, it is possible for an attacker to use this method to bypass these checks. In this article, we will discuss how to use this method to change application-specific data on a device that is not rooted. The main steps are as follows:Step 1: Backu

PHP Get APK Package Info

This time is too busy, one months did not write a blog, a little idle to feel the development of the problems encountered in the recordWhen PHP uploads the Android APK package, you need to get the information inside the Android APK package.The following is the Apkparser class package, copy the following code to save as apkparser.php can execute the above code----

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