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Git to get the latest version from the remote branch to the local

(1) Download first git clone URL (2) Switch to branch Jarsample git checkout Jarsample (3) Download the code from the master branch of the remote Origin repository to the local Origin jarsample Git fetch Origin Jarsample (

Git Fetch/pull Get the latest version from the remote branch to the local

There are 2 commands in git that get the latest version from the remote branch to the Local: git fetch: The equivalent of getting the latest version from remote to local, not automatically merge

Git uses basic methods (get branch from remote server, commit changes)

--global "[Email protected]"7. Submit ChangesUse the command git add * to commit all changes to the cache (local), waiting to be sentUse the command git commit-m "Modify information" to submit the changes to head (local) and describe what modifications were made8. Commit changes to the remote serverUse the command

Linux See git Create branch, delete local branch, view remote branch, local branch example

'Shuohailhl@shuohailhl-pc/f/ggg/jingwei (br-$ git BR* br- (br-$ git br-d testDeleted Branch Test (was 17d28d9).Shuohailhl@shuohailhl-pc/f/ggg/jingwei (br-$ git BR* br- 6 view local and rem

Git branch admin push local branch to remote branch etc __git

1. Create local branch Local_branch Git branch Local_branch 2. Create local branch Local_branch and switch to Local_branch branch Git checkout-b local_branch 3. Switch to Branch Local

Git creates a new branch locally and pushes it to the remote branch

the modified files need to be submitted before switching branches 1. Switch branches Git checkout-b branchname to create a branch locally and switch to that branch V. Merging of branches 1. Merge the Branch (Branchname) in development into the main branch (Otherbranchname)

"Git" on the remote branch--My understanding: The remote branch is always the latest version of the store.

About the remote branch-My understanding: The remote branch is always the latest version of the store.If the remote branch has been modified by someone else and its version is higher than the local version, you need to pull the

Git usage explained (10)--remote branch

newest location ( See figure 3-24). Figure 3-24.The git fetch command updates the remote index。To demonstrate how a project with multiple remote branches (on different remote servers) works, let's say you have another internal server that is only available to your Agile development team

Git uses summary two: GIT's branch and remote repository

The previous article introduced Git's local basic operations, if you don't need to collaborate with others, such as writing a book yourself, writing a small program yourself, writing a website, and so on, it's almost enough. but sharing and collaboration is the theme of the free world, and Git is born for it, so try to be a student who loves to share and collaborate. ^_^The Git repository concept can be und

GIT Create branch commit remote Branch

1, create a new branch from an existing branch (such as from the Master branch), create a dev branchgit checkout-b Dev2, can be viewed once created, branch has switched to DevGit branch* DevMaster3, submit the branch to the

Git pulls a remote branch and creates a local branch

One, view remote branch Use the following git command to view all remote branches: Git branch-r1 Two, pull remote branch and create local

Git local branch associated with remote branch

When clone finishes the repository and switches to the development branch, a hint appears after using Git pull-r to pull and merge branches:$ git pull-rFrom Ssh:// B72fc88 Dev-and Origin/devThere is no tracking information for the current branch.Please specify which branch the w

A method of associating a git local branch with a remote branch

Master Branch and Dev branch already on GitHubOn a localgit checkout-b dev new and switch to local dev branchGit pull Origin dev local branch associated with remote branch========================================================================================================

git deletes remote branch and tag related commands _git operations

objects:92, done. Delta compression using up to 4 threads. Compressing objects:100% (48/48), done. Writing objects:100% (58/58), 1.38 MiB, done. Total (delta), reused (Delta 5) To * [New Branch] Develop-> develop However, when I was working on the GitHub, I encountered this error while removing the remote

Git view, delete, rename remote branch and tag "Go"

tag Delete local branch that does not exist for the corresponding remote branch Renaming a remote branch Push local tag to remote Get

Git: view remote branches, local branches, and delete local branches. git: View branch Deletion

Git: view remote branches, local branches, and delete local branches. git: View branch Deletion1. view remote branches 123456789101112131415 $ git branch -a* br-

git remote tab Download (remote branch)

Generally we publish a new version to the online server will be a tag in the repository, so we can always view the tag version, that is, the tag is actually a snapshot in the repository. A git tag is similar to a branch, except that the branch is mutable and the label is immutable. Next we show you how to get the versi

git clone remote Branch

Sometimes git clones come down with a lot of branch, and the trouble is that if the main branch doesn't have code then you can only see the. git directory. As in the following:$ git clonegit:// that there is only one.

Git remote branch creation and management

automatically switches to the develop branch. 3. synchronize local remote branches: 1 $: git fetch origin 4. Submit the branch data to the remote server: 1 $: git push origin For example:

git merge remote branch (with conflict)

Application Scenarios Two people in the team fetch a branch at the same time. The first person changes after the submission, the second person submits the failure. The failure information is as follows: Error:failed to push some refs to ' ' hint:updates were rejected Beca Use the remote contains work, which you do H

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