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How to remove file and commit from history in git (how to remove the commit history in GIT)

Assume that our commit tree is as follows: R-A-B-C-D-E-HEAD Preparations: Rm-RF. Git test.txt Touch test.txt git init git add.Echo "R"> test.txt git ci-a-m "R"Echo "A"> test.txt git ci-a-m ""Echo "B"> test.txt

Git mistakenly commits a file that you do not want to commit, and the method you want to remove from the repository

git mistakenly commits a file that you do not want to commit, and the method you want to remove from the repository Example: Remove Lunch_history from the repository Git filter-branch–tree-filter "rm-f lunch_history" HEADWill output the following information:Rewrite 48A237

Why git add before git commit

between reset and checkoutWhen the file is added to the stage area, if you want to remove from the stage, use Reset, and the workspace file does not make any changes, such as:git reset hello.pyThis command is the inverse of git stage the file joined the stage area, and then made some changes, then found that the following changes have problems, want to fall back to the state of the stage, usi

Handle sensitive information submitted by git (roll back the GIT version library to a certain commit)

Solve the Problem of submitting sensitive information in git (rolling back the GIT version library to a certain commit) Fri 07 June 2013 Git is a good version library. Many people now use it and create projects on GitHub. I believe everyone has had the experience of submitting versions of sensitive information. How can

Ios-git View commit history (Distributed version control system)

Git repository during October 2008, Junio Hamano submitted but not merged test files, you can use the following query command.$ git log --pretty="%h - %s" --author=gitster --since="2008-10-01" --before="2008-11-01" --no-merges -- t/5610e3b - Fix testcase failure when extended attributes are in useacd3b9e - Enhance hold_lock_file_for_{update,append}() APIf563754 - demonstrate breakage of detached checkout

GIT cannot commit code

another hint: a warehouse has been pushed to the reference. Before you push again, you may need to consolidate the remote change prompt first: (such as ' git pull ... '). Tip: See the ' Note about Fast-forwards ' section in ' Git Push--help '. maya@maya-g450:~/myvimrc$ git status is located in branch Master your bra

Git use detailed (5)--Get log View commit history

, Junio Hamano submitted test scripts (files located in the t/directory of the project), you can use the following query command:--author=gitster --since="2008-10-01" --before="2008-11-01" --no-merges -- t/5610e3b - Fix testcase failure when extended attributeacd3b9e - Enhance hold_lock_file_for_{update,append}()f563754 - demonstrate breakage of detached checkout wid1a43f2 - reset --hard/read-tree --reset -u: remove un51a94af - Fix "checkout --trac

Deleting a git commit

When working with Git you'll find that sometimes commits need to be removed as they has introduced a bug or need to be Reworked.If It is, the last commit of this is very straight forward. Simply Run:git reset HEADThis would pop off the latest commit but leave all of your changes to the files intact.If you need-to-delete more than just, the last

How to discard a history commit before git push

Today wrote a day code, and then Git hub commits up to 7 times, but none of the changes are formally pushed up. The result of the final push is found in the middle of a commit file over 100M. Is the Code performance analysis report for vs. vsp file, I can only say really is gigantic, a report actually has 800M. Of course I want to ignore this file, so modify the.

Git Undo Commit Considerations

Git undo commit operation command git reset--hard head^First, new three files, Demo1,demo2,demo3Second, git add command to staging area, git reset HEAD demo1 is the file submitted to staging area revocation., executing git reset H

Git creates branches based on historical commit

Today, when using Dbus to implement RPC, it is found that the parameters passed and returned by the remote method are not correct, and the previous few days have been tested obviously normal. So it's natural to think back to the historical version and test it again, to confirm that the test environment has changed, or that the code is being modified.But how to take out the historical version? Not very good for git, a bit of a toss to finally fix.1. De

git rebase-i Convergence commit

Tutorial 3 overwrites the submission. 5. Submit with Rebase-i Convergence To save time, this tutorial uses the existing history as a local database. Download from here We enter the STEPUP-TUTORIAL/TUTORIAL5 directory. The status of the local side history is shown in the following figure. Here you'll join the "add commit" and "add pull" changes, then merge to a commit. To join a past submission, use Rebase-

Git commit--amend usage

The commit information is kept in your code base for a long time, so you will definitely want to know the code changes correctly with this information. The following command allows you to edit the last commit information, but you must make sure that the current code base (working copy) is not modified, or that the changes will be submitted with it.$ git

git for Windows cannot commit modified processing

In git for Windows, there is no commit modification, prompting the open shellAfter the open shell, using git add [filename], you will get an error:Fatal:unable to create './.git/index.lock ': File exists. If no other git process was currently running, this probably means a

git reset Rewrite commit

Tutorial 3 overwrites the submission. 3. Reset To save time, this tutorial uses the existing history as a local database. Download from here We will use reset to remove the first two commits from the Master branch. First enter the Stepup-tutorial/tutorial3 directory. The status of the local side history is shown in the following figure. Confirm the history with the log command. $ git log

Git push: Enter the user name for each commit. gitpush

Git push: Enter the user name for each commit. gitpushPreface After the Code has recently been transferred from csdn to gitee, the user name and password are required for every git push. This is troublesome. Is there a way to remove this step?Cause You need to enter the user name and password every time because you u

Git remove version control action __git Remove version control action

First, use the git RM command 1. Preview the file you want to delete Execute git rm-r-n--cached "bin/" , which shows the file table preview to be deleted 2. Remove version Control actions Execute git rm-r--cached "bin/" to delete the file's command. Execute git

How does git remove the nuclear bomb detonation code and the change from topgit 0.7 to 0.8?

sensitive data (but not before the deletion of others pull to go, or one by one to "Shut Down": X-P :). Git's nuclear bomb removal password is the issue of non-fast-forward.About git fastforwards When git executes push, it will execute a check: that is, the top node of the remote branch should be the child node of the new node to be pushed locally, otherwise the

Git-Remove files and cancel tracking of files

To remove a file from Git, you must remove it from the list of tracked files (to be exact, remove it from the staging area) and commit. You can git rm do this with a command, and also delete the specified file from the working dir

Git modify code to View File differences-Remove code-rename a file

Git version 1.9.6 Git code submission hierarchy 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" g.jpg "alt =" wKioL1Qa5-Xyp1LVAADqrDRk-Xk325.jpg "/> 1. modify local code to view differences Ii. Remove code Iii. Rename code 1.1 When we modify the local code, we can use the command to see that the fi

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