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Git push Origin Master fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to being a git repository fatal:could not read

Push in Xcode hasn't reacted in a long time, and then it stopped. Son, I tried push in the terminal, and there was an error: Git push Origin Master Fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to be a git repository Fatal:could not read from remote repository. Sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

[Git] Git's origin and master analysis

cannot change its data locally. At the same time,Git builds a local master branch of your own , which points to a copy you've just uploaded from remote to your local server. As you continue to change files,git add, git commit,Master 's point will automatically move, you can also move through the merge(Fast forward) the point of Master. $

Git's origin and master analysis

/master points to an remote branch (from that branch our clone data to local), But you cannot change its data locally.At the same time, Git builds a local master branch of your own, which points to a copy you've just uploaded from remote to your local server. As you continue to change the file, git add, git commit,master point will automatically move, you can als

Git rollback error pull origin operation

Git remote show origin the origin indicates the root directory of your project. $ git remote show origin* remote origin Fetch URL:

Git tips: git blame && git show to see the revision history of a line of code

First, see who wrote the line of code, and in which commit:git blame file_namegit blame-l 58,100 Keyboardactivity.javaIts display format is:Commit ID | Code Submission Author | Submission Time | Number of lines in the file that the code is in | Actual codeThis is similar to the following:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" width : 600px;height:476px; "title=" Qq20161228163503.png "width=" "height=" 476 "border=" 0 "hspace="

Git status Message-your branch is ahead of Origin/master by X commits

Git status Faq:when I issue the "Git status" command, I see the following "Your branch is ahead or origin/master ..." git Message# on Branch master# Your branch are ahead of ' Origin/master ' by 5 commits. #nothing to commits (working directory clean)What does this "Your bra

Talk about git remote prune origin

There is a git branch–a used to view all the branches, both local and remote, in the commands you often use. But for a long time you will find that some of the branches have been deleted in the remote, but you can still see the deleted branches in your local area. You can use the command, GIT remote show origin to see

Use of the Python crawler Git (Origin description)

1, first of all we recall two commands#git Remote Add origin repository link#git Push-u Origin MasterLet's take a look at this command, git is a git command, push is the download,-u should use the account to verify that Maser is t

Git hints Fatal:remote origin already exists workaround: Previously added remote library

The error when adding a remote GitHub repository using git today: Fatal:remote origin already exists. Finally find the solution as follows:1. Delete remote git repository git remote rm originGit Remote removal origins $ git Remote RM o

[Practical Git] Show who changed a line last with Git blame

When working in a file, we often want to know who made certain changes last; We can use the "see details" of the last modification of each line in git blame a file. In this lesson, we show and example of using to see who made the last change on git blame a line in a file, and then we use th E output of-use-in other tools like-to-see the full context of the change

github# fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to be a git repository

1. Fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to be a git repositoryFatal:could not read from remote repository.Please make sure the correct access rights and the repository exists.Translation: fatal: "origin" is not a git repositoryFatal: Unable to read remote repositoryMake sure you have the right access rights and store inve

Git push-u Origin master error

Error item: [Root@tyzz shell]# Git push-u Origin master Error:the requested URL returned error:403 Forbidden while accessing HT Tps:// Solution: Vim. Git/config will [remote "origin"] URL = Fet

Git push origin master error, workaround

Today, an error occurred while using git to push local code to the remote server: whl@whl-desktop:/work2/recvdsrc$ git push Origin master ' s password:counting objects:44, done. Compressing objects:100% (24/24), done. Writing objects:100% (25/25), 13.10 KiB, done. Total (delta), reused 0 (Delta 0) remote:error:refusing to update checked out Branch:

GIT's checkout Origin/branch

1, from the Remote Repository clone project to the local, in addition to create a current remote head pointer to the branch, but also copy the remote Repository branch to the local, can be through git branch-a or git Branch-r to view all branch that are remotely copied to the local. The default name is: Origin/branchname2. Locally you can checkout these remote

Git push-u origin Master upload error issue

============================================Follow Liu Cofeng tutorial beginner git found a very strange problem, the back of the original found to be so, a little tease.============================================Http:// 0013752340242354807e192f02a44359908df8a5643103a000#0 step is an error.

The Push Code branch appears: fatal: ' origin ' does not appear to be a git repository

There is a problem with submitting a local branch to the remote library for Ubuntu:Solution: Execute the following command:git remote add origin [email protected]:yourusername/test. GitYourUserName: Name of the GitHub registryTest: for Remote library name:The commands to be executed are:git remote add origin [email protected]:fwl8888/f01. gitExecute the push submission againThe Push Code branch appears: fat

"Linux Learning Notes" show Git (ON)

to copy its contents into the GitHub Web page of my SSH key and confirm the submission.In this way, the account on GitHub has the key to your local computer, which allows you to freely access and upload data.Next experiment how to add a remote libraryGo to GitHub pageBack to the local warehouse,$ git Remote add origin [email protected]:wly95/testing.gitHere origin

Ubuntu16.04 Show git branching status

Reference articlesMake terminal show Git branch on Ubuntu (OH-MY-ZSH)Installation and basic configuration of oh-my-zshInstall oh-my-zsh under UbuntuObjectiveBefore learning Laravel, often to switch git branch, but the existing shell does not show the branch state is always used git

Let the shell show the branch name of the current git

In the morning test script, accidentally in this article "git–setting up a remote repository and doing a initial push" see a fun thing about Git, recorded here.Add the following in the ~/.BASHRC, as prompted by the article, to let the prompt display the name of the current Git branch. I changed the format of the prompt according to my own habits.__mikespook_ps1 (

Auto show git branch--Install oh-my-zsh (Ubuntu Environment)

1, install Zshsudo apt-get install zsh2, cloning the projectgit clone git:// ~/.oh-my-zsh3. Create a new. zshrc fileCP ~/.oh-my-zsh/templates/zshrc.zsh-template ~/.ZSHRC4. Back up the ~/.ZSHRC file (plan for later)CP ~/.ZSHRC ~/.zshrc.orig5, change the system default bash environmentChsh-s/bin/zsh6, exit the current user, re-login (reboot only for the root user)RebootThe Last post-installation effect.Refer to: Http

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