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What is the difference between a static global variable and a normal global variable? What is the difference between a static local variable and a normal local variable? What is the difference between a static global function and a normal global function?

Label:The 1.static global variable is only initialized once, preventing it from being referenced in other file units;2.static Local variables are initialized only once, the next time based on the last result value;The 3.static function has only one

JavaScript jQuery-9 jquery Development plugin (Add new global function, add JQuery object method, add new shorthand method, method parameter)

Tags: development space ajax Best NameFirst, add a new global functionGlobal functions-Global functions, which are actually methods of jquery objects, are, in practice, functions inside the jquery namespace-Some of the features built into jquery are

4 C + + base 4 class const function Go global function returns the *this array class. Friend function class operator overloading

Tags: 4 c + + basic 4 class const function Go global function return *this array class. Friend function class operator overloading1, who is the const modification of a function in a class?[Email protected]:~/c++$ cat main.cpp #include

Multithreaded programming review the Windows thread function must be a global function or a static function

Label:Call CreateThread (...) To specify the entry function of the created thread when the thread is created, this entry function can only be a global function or a static member function of a class.The global function is easy to understand, but if

C + + Learning 27 using global function overloading operators

Label:An operator overload function can be declared as a member function of a class, or as a global function other than all classes.Operator overloading functions as member functions of a classWhen you declare an operator overload function as a

C + + global function Std::getline

Tag: line exists without input stream false ETL standard BSP STROften use Getline to read the file, but found that for C and C + + getline before a very deep understanding, here to draw on some information on the web to summarize.1, in the standard

Bind () adapter (Adapter)--Call global function and member function

Label:Calling global functionsTo invoke a global function program instance:#include <iostream>#include <algorithm>#include <functional>#include <locale>#include <string>using namespace STD;using namespace STD::p

A global function Usage example _jquery of jquery plug-in production

This article illustrates the global function usage of jquery plug-ins. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: 1, add a new global function The so-called global functions, in fact, are the methods of the JQuery ob

JS Global function

Tags: http HTML htm window js arHttp:// we understood the global function of JS, the global function and the function of the window object were different.A global function does not belong to any of

JS Learning (v)-global function and class intrinsic function difference

Tags: this var text OLE Pointer does not have a UNC definition member---------------------------JS Code---------------------------function User () {Definition and constructors of class = "Hello";This.age = 25;This.sayhello =

Lua and C + + Interactive learning Record VI: global function interaction

Label:The main content is reproduced from: Zilong People Blog (strongly recommended to go to the sub-Longshan blog completely learn it again)Part of the content is read from: "Lua 5.3 Reference Manual," the Chinese version of the translator Cloud

Laravel Create a global function _php technique similar to the functions.php in thinphp

Objective It has always been felt that the public functions in thinphp are a good design, because we only need to encapsulate the shared functions in the functions.php, and then we can call them directly on the global. In fact, Laravel also have sim

Read more about the basic usage of-this-keywords in global, function, object, jquery!

Tags: keyword ASC foo detailed summary Usage Global object class hisFirst, preface1, JavaScript is an object-based dynamic language, that is, everything is an object, a very typical example is that the function is also considered a normal object.

Why is the stream insertion operator overloaded to a global function?

Label: Liu-cha-ru-yun-suan-fu-he-liu-ti-qu-yun-suan-fu-de-zhong-zai notesPart 1. Overloads of the stream insert operator: cout<<5<<endl;  Cout is overloaded

Understanding-plus reload to use global function + return value non-reference

Label:One, plus inC + + overloading a bit of using a global function is the ability to use cascading methods for addition operations. Fraction a,b,c,d,e; A=b+c+d+e;If the member function1. The this pointer of the returned b is used for the

JS Global function

Label:The following 7 global functions are included in JavaScript to accomplish some common functions (which may be used in later chapters):Escape (), Eval_r (), Isfinite (), IsNaN (), parsefloat (), parseint (), unescape ().1. Escape ()The Escape ()

The global function in Nodejs settimeout/cleartimeout,setinterval/clearinterval,unref/ref

Label:/** Global functions and methods* 1, SetTimeout, cleartimeout How long after the function is executed (only once)* 2, SetInterval, clearinterval the timer that executes once every few seconds* 3, Unref,ref stop and start timer (for setinterval)

JavaScript global function unescape () Escape () encodeURI () decodeURI () decodeuricomponent () encodeURIComponent ()

Label:The unescape () function decodes a string encoded by escape ().GrammarUnescape (String) string is required. The string to decode or reverse.return valueA copy of the string that was decoded.DescriptionThis function works by finding a sequence

Jscontext global function calls and object function calls, Evaluatescript

Tags: Word content protocol key var load CTI variable ESCEvaluatescript: Both JS load (generate concrete context) (function and general variable loading), and function execution function;There are two ways to call a function:1) Get the function

Global function--load_class () within the WUZHICMS

Tags: instantiation record extension One core Lib code also refLoad_class ()You can load and instantiate an object in the/coreframe/app/module name/libs/class/$class. class.php class file, and if there is an extension class file ext_$class.class.php

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