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Ajax Request VS Normal request

Tags: request normal null AjaxThe AJAX request (asynchronized) differs from the message header (header) of the normal request (synchronized):String Reqtype = Request.getheader ("X-requested-with"), if (null = = Reqtype) {//normal request}else if

Java local time vs. UTC time Conversion

Label:UTC time: Universal co-ordination (Universal-time coordinated), like Greenwich Mean Time (Gmt,greenwich Mean time), is the same as in London,

HTTP Negotiation cache vs Strong Cache

Tags: information ROM status Code Width tab Common Store response modifiedhave been to the browser cache can only describe a general, deep-seated principle can not be described up; finally in the front of the two interview process was asked to fall,

C#-vs string, date, time, and time period

Label: Small knowledge A hash table, an in-memory object, uses a fast hashtable when the dictionary tables, record primary keys and content. @, encountered escape character, not escaped, direct output, that is. The escape character is

HTTP is really simple.

Label: Original: HTTP made really easy because I own network foundation is very poor, so see this article on the one hand is learning network knowledge, on the other hand in order to exercise my poor English level, if there are errors in

HTTP Cache

Label:This is an informative document designed to make Web caching-related concepts easier for developers to understand and apply to real-world applications. For the sake of brevity, some implementation details have been simplified or omitted. If

iOS vs Android Difference---new date () pit

Label:This two-week consecutive encounter in the use of the new Date () object was pits, hereby souvenir. var date = ' 2016-02-28 16:42:54.0 '; Android: New Date (date) Sun Feb 16:42:54 gmt+0800 (China Standard Time) Ios:

UTC time in Linux vs. windows

Tags: using strong OS IO Linux reLinux and UTC time in Windows introduce a few terms firstUTC coordinates the world, also known as world standard Time or world coordinated time, referred to as UTC (from English "coordinated Universal"/French "Temps

Web cache acceleration Based on reverse proxy--design of a cacheable CMS system

web| Cache | design For a Web site with a daily visit to millions, the speed is quickly becoming a bottleneck. In addition to optimizing the application of the content publishing system itself, if you can not need real-time update of the dynamic page

Web performance optimization: No-cache and Must-revalidate in-depth exploration

Tags: problem block max Prot Val summary ODI impact requestIntroductionSlightly familiar with the HTTP protocol front-end classmate, compared to Cache-Control not feel unfamiliar, performance optimization often with it.Common values include,,,,,,

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