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How to import a MSSQL database to a Godaddy host

These days, when a user asked me about the import of the ms SQL database, I found that the MSSQL database of Godaddy cannot be released through remote control or be directly restored by backing up the Bak, you must convert it to CSV to import the

Telecom shielding GoDaddy part of the DNS service

Starting from July 16, some local users (mainly in XI ' an telecom and some of the local unicom users) to me, unable to visit my blog, after my test to find out, the reason is that some areas of telecommunications operators blocked my blog DNS

GoDaddy integrated Google Webmaster Tools

According to Mashable reports, as one of the world's largest domain registrars, GoDaddy is currently trying a new service so that its host users can know how Google views their site. This small experiment is in GoDaddy site editor Seamless

The risk analysis of the domain name registration of GoDaddy

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported that the domestic well-known movie Database website time Network was closed the reason finally has the answer, time network closure is said to be related to the yellow, million network staff said,

GoDaddy Linux host Support room replacement

GoDaddy Linux host Support room replacementHttp:// the introduction of the Chinese interface, the small series found that the virtual host has a change, that is, the Linux host in the open when more

GoDaddy space independent IP can improve access speed

For the GoDaddy space, the purchase of independent IP has many reasons, such as, can prevent the site by the wall, can avoid being "bad neighbour" implicated, or, in the IPV4 address gradually depleted today, the purchase of an independent IP is

Graphic tutorial on purchasing a Godaddy host

1 # Large Medium SmallPublished in PM only to see the author Godaddy host purchase graphic tutorial new purchase instructions please refer to: ----------------------------------------------------

How to transfer a domain name from GoDaddy

This is a long story, hoping to help those who wish to transfer a domain name to a foreign country but have been blocked by domestic domain name service providers.ICANNICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is translated

Complete Godaddy free 10 Gb space activation tutorial

All domain names registered with Godaddy provide a free 10 Gb space. Although there are advertisements and functional limitations, it is good to store files, godaddy, as the world's first domain name registrar, is still trustworthy. Since many of my

Use FileZilla to upload website files to the GoDaddy host

There are two ways to upload website program files to the GoDaddy host: one is to upload files through the file manager on the GoDaddy host panel, and the other is to upload files through FTP. Using FTP to upload website files supports resumable

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