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How to select available services for Windows Azure Vm, cloud service, Web application

features of Virtual machine are as follows: Services that provide IaaS. Not only Windows-supported, but Linux operating systems are supported. Easily deploy and run Windows Server and Linux virtual machines within minutes, migrating running loads without changing existing code. For Windows OS-based apps, you can deploy it to Hyper-V as a VHD file an

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud Enterprise Exchange 2016 Deployment 6-Create a dual-Nic VM

Azure virtual network.B. Only the following types of VMS support multiple NICs, the type and number of support are as follows:Large (A3) and A6:2Ultra-Large (A4) and A7:4A9:2 AD3:2 AD4:4 AD13:4 AC. Single and multi-NIC hybrid deployments are not supported in the same Azure cloud service, that is, you cannot enable multi-Nic VMs in a cloud service that already has a single network card, or you cannot enable

Use vhdupload to upload vhd files to cloud storage and add azure drive to Azure VM.

); //string cachePath = @"C:\Resources\LocalStorage"; //for VM role //Console.WriteLine("Local Cache initialized.....{0}", cachePath); //try //{ // CloudDrive.InitializeCache(cachePath, 10); //} //catch (Exception e) //{ // Console.WriteLine(e.Message); //} if (IfUnmount)

Windows VM password reset under Windows Azure

Windows VM password reset under Windows AzureSpeaking of the password problem, I believe that the administrator is a headache, especially as a large enterprise administrator, the use of server password is very troublesome, why so to say, because the information security requirements of large enterprises, require user password 45 days change, of course, do not cha

Running a remote Desktop on a Windows Azure Linux VM (Remote Desktop to Windows Azure Linux)-Excerpt from the network

directly from the Windows Azure portal by downloading the RDP file from the server.Let ' s has a look at what this is all achieved, Click-by-click.In the Windows Azure Portal, I-Create a new Virtual machine. In this case I ' m creating an Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. I Specify the latest version release date, the machine name, the size of the VM, and I create a n ad

Correct use of VM role in Windows azure

Correct use of VM role in Windows Azure by: Microsoft, source: blog, responsible editor: Valen, At the 2010 PDC Conference, we introduced a new computational role-VM role in Windows azure. This feature greatly improves application control, but may be confused with the full infrastructure solution in

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (5) Configures the endpoints of a VM

First, we review the previous chapters: 1. First we created a new virtual Machine with SQL Server 2012 installed. 2. After the creation, we mount disk in this VM, the F disk (50GB) and the G disk (80GB). 3. Then we configure SQL Server 2012 to Data,log, backups to the F disk and G disk we created respectively. The TCP/IP protocol is set to Enabled and firewall rules are configured to allow access to port 1433. In this chapter I will show you how t

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (3) Mounts disks on a VM

In the previous chapter I've explained how to create a Windows Server VM that installs SQL Server 2012. In this chapter I will describe how to mount a disk on this VM. When you see this, there are readers who might have questions: Why do you want to introduce the features of a mounted disk here? Here I first briefly introduce the concept: In some existing syst

Use Windows Azure VM to install and configure CDH to build a Hadoop Cluster

Use Windows Azure VM to install and configure CDH to build a Hadoop Cluster This document describes how to use Windows Azure virtual machines and NETWORKS to install CDH (Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop) to build a Hadoop cluster. The project uses CDH (Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop) in the private

Amazon vs Google cloud services

hosts, unstable networks, and API compatibility. How can Google solve these difficult problems? At present, everything is unknown ." At present, Microsoft's Windows azure cloud service is paying high tuition fees for insufficient preparation. This service is based on Windows and. NET applications.ProgramDevelopmen

Use the Google Cloud connect plugin in Word

editing can be easily achieved. Note: The plug-in needs to install Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 when it is used under Windows XP systems. This article takes the Windows XP system and Office 2003 Environment for example to describe the magical features of this plug-in.   Easy A "point" file into the cloud First open Word 2003, you can see the new

Getting Started (Google Cloud Storage Client Library)

Before you run the following steps, make sure that:1. Your project has activated Google Cloud Storage and app Engine, including the creation of at least one Cloud Storage bucket.2. You have downloaded the client library and unzipped it.3. You have installed and configured the latest app Engine Java SDK.Run is a non-deplo

Ubuntu 16.04 (VM) enables Samba service to share files with Windows

command error:[Email protected]:~# sudo systemctl enable SambaSamba.service is isn't a native service, redirecting to Systemd-sysv-installExecuting/lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install Enable SambaUpdate-rc.d:error:samba Default-start contains no runlevels, aborting.It is not affected by the temporary use, so temporarily ignore this error.Access shared files on 5:ubuntu:To install the smbclient, the installation process is quite smooth here:sudo aptitude install-y smbclientUse the command:Smbclient

Cloud computing and SaaS of Google Chrome

Google Chrome and cloud computing and SaaS are actually unrelated. KESO understands chrome Description Chrome is intended for cloud computing. Google transfers the work of the original server to the client through chrome, and adds the user's computer to the cloud, this grea

Move Windows Azure virtual machines from one cloud service to another cloud service!

Azure account:We then use the Select Azuresubscription command to choose a second subscription account:OK, let's see if our own set-up account has the machine we built, let's get our VM,GET-AZUREVM.Let's take a look at the specific virtual machines, we want to merge our PilotS1 and PilotS2 into the same cloud service, let's take a look at the specifics of the two machines, and first look at PilotS1, curren

Windows Azure Cloud Service (47) modifies the Cloud service time zone

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes the content that is appropriate for Azure global and Azure ChinaWhen we use the cloud service, we find that the default cloud service is the UTC time zone.In many cases, the time zone used by our application is the utc+8 time zone, which is Beijing.In this case, it is our traditional practice

Cloud storage-google Technology details GFS

The emergence of cloud storage and cloud computing is generated by the demand of information mass storage and processing, so whether it is a real cloud, the problem of storage and computation should be solved first. One: Cloud storage In the practical process of moving to commercial applications, the possibility

Windows Azure cloud computing Study Notes 1-Windows Azure Introduction

and simulation. Generally, you can use Web Role to interact with users, and then hand over these computing-intensive tasks to Worker Role for processing. In addition to Microsoft. net technology, programmers can also use other non-Microsoft technologies to develop worker ro applications. 3. VM Role: This is a good understanding. It is a Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machine. You can log on to it using a t

How to easily build a development environment for the Windows 8 Cloud Platform

operating system image files supported by the current cloud platform, In the operating system image file list, select "Windows Server 2012, October 2012", and then click the button in the lower right corner, In the virtual machine setting option, enter the virtual host name. The default login username is Administrator, set the password, and then select "Medium (2 cores, 3.5 GB Memory)" in "Size )", click

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing creates a Windows virtual machine deployment Web site in the portal

given port 80, priority, and name.To create a rule, choose Add.View the IIS Welcome pageIIS is installed and now has port 80 on the VM open from the Internet-you can view the default IIS Welcome page by using the selected Web browser. Use the public IP address of the VM that you obtained in the previous step. The following example shows the default IIS Web site:IIS Default SiteClean up resourcesYou can rem

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