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Microsoft vs. Google Earth-virtual 3D Earth "virtual earth3d "!

realistic and texture building model through photos, rather than providing real aerial and satellite photos like Google does.Users only need to enterWindowslivesearchSearch for the service, enter your own query target, and click the "maps" button to obtain the 2D map, aerial chart, andVirtualearthProvides new 3D models. Microsoft's Local Service Windows Live local is also renamed Windows

Google Earth searcher

Recently, Google Earth, a good software on the Internet, can be used to browse global satellite images. I should have found the place where I live and the place where I work. 1. place where I live 2. My work place Next let's take a look at the introduction on the Internet.Google

Google Earth Introduction

I used Google Earth several times before, but it was loaded and unloaded just for curiosity and fun. In the past two days, I saw the pictures of my hometown captured on Google Earth and began to become very interested in this software. What is Google

[Posting] traveling around the world with Google Earth

, which has a famous Notre Dame de Paris on the island, it is said that this is the birthplace of Paris, a religious-centered urban landscape. From the air, there is no way to see the sharp feeling of the Gothic architecture of the cathedral, but you can see another feature of the Gothic architecture, that is, the long cross type of the whole church (positive cross type is the characteristics of the Orthodox Church ), and the vague dome of the Cross center. Important construction facilities thro

Google Earth!

Google released a new service, Google Earth. Google Earth is an innovative Google Search Service (including Google map and Google local. U

The latest Google Earth 5.0 Simplified Chinese version is released

Today, Google Earth released the latest version 5.0. The main goal of the new version is to allow users to fully understand the Earth in which we live. Its new functions include providing Google Ocean (Google Ocean), atmospheric f

The voice plug-in of nature is available on Google Earth.

According to foreign media reports, Google Earth software has changed human understanding of the planet in which they live. So far, Google Earth is still a very quiet Earth. Recently, sound lovers are about to release a sound enha

Search results of Google real-time search stream mode

Google has finally released the real-time search function. Google regards real-time search as the so-called real-time information stream, similar to text live. Although Google claims to collect 1 billion web pages every day, however, Goo

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