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WB Editor 2's slogan [yysun]

With the release of WB Editor 2, the slogging is not just editing and posting. Feel the fun and the power with WB Editor 2. The WB editor plug-in mentioned many functions that cannot be implemented by browsers. Here we will compare that even if the

AMR-WB optimization SOS Model

Recently in armv5 core AMR-WB optimization, MIPS down to 28, a little don't move, start to use Chinese search to see if there is good experience share, but nothing. Later on Google, with AMR-WB optimization search, found that the technology SOS on

[C # winfrom using Google map] draw trajectory lines on a map

  Google map uses Google. Maps. polyline to draw multiple line segments. JavascriptCode: VaR polyline; // Draw a polygon Google. Maps. polyline Function Drawpolyline (latlngarray ){ VaR Path = New Array (); VaR Latlngs = latlngarray.

Solution: Gravatar profile pictures, Google fonts, and Google ajax cannot be used

Gravatar portraits are occasionally inaccessible in mainland China, and there are also a variety of google services that cannot be used. It is intolerable for "a programmer.So he got a solution: Use nginx Reverse proxy Gravatar avatar, Google fonts,

Google suggest;-) _javascript technique of dynamic Pull-down menu based on JS

The basic principle is to create an iframe in the current window, and then place a list of related keywords in the IFRAME and place the selected item in the Search box through the list selection. It seems that all the hints have been searched and

Google Suggest;-) js-based Dynamic drop-down menu

The basic principle is to create an iframe in the current window, and then list the prompts of related keywords in iframe, and click the list to put the selected items in the search box.The number of searches for all related keywords can be listed

Analysis of Google protocol buffers (III)

This article mainly introduces how to use Google protocol lib to serialize our data. There are many methods. This article only introduces three of them. Readers can explore other methods by themselves. But in general, serialization data is divided

Using WaveNet with Google Cloud API

WaveNet is used in Cloud text-to-speech for TTS, which has a demo on the page. Currently a beta versionHow to use Registration and Certification reference: Quickstart:text-to-speech Install the Python library for Google Clould

Python uses google translation (with voice) in the command line)

This article describes how to use google translation to obtain translation and speech. 1. use the google translation service to obtain translation and speech; 2. use mplayer to play the obtained audio file. Therefore, if you want to play the voice,

PHP calls Google Translate_tts API implementation Code _php tutorial

Today with Google Translate, found a good thing: Google Translate_tts, call this API can hear English pronunciation, Saves yourself the hassle of uploading audio files. I used PHP to write a call method, you can save the audio file locally. as

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