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GT 650M parameter table and GeForce GT 650M specification features

GT 650M Independent Graphics card is the forefront of the Nvidia precision technology, can lie on the computer performance up to 4.5 times times the maximum Oh. Also, the Nvidia Optimus (NVIDIA) technology is configured to maximize battery endurance. Let you get rid of battery time not long enough trouble. As the following figure shows, the gt650m independent graphics card believes in parameters.

oracle12g ADG Construction

Tags: ORACLE 12C ADGORACLE12C_DG ConfigurationMain Library: ORCLStandby Library: ORCLBK1./etc/hosts Configuration172.16.140.3 Node1172.16.140.4 Node22. Main Library Force loggingSql> select Name,open_mode from V$pdbs;sql> ALTER DATABASE force logging;Sql> select force_logging from V$database;Force_loggingYES3, the main library add standby redo logfile (c

UBUTN installation of Nvidia graphics driver

Ubuntu 12.04/11.10/11.04/10.04 User, enter the following command in the terminal 1 sudoapt-add-repositoryppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates Update your system library when you have finished adding the PPAUpdate 1 sudoapt-getupdate Now install your NVIDIA GeForce 304.108 graphics driver using the System apt-get commandInstallation 1 sudoapt-getinstallnvidia-currentnvidia-settings The above command will insta

Microsoft SQL Server on Linux Pit guide

limitations of the article, but it is very skin, Microsoft in Update 4 after the memory limit changed to 2G, that is, even if you follow the guide, the installation of less than 2000M of free memory will get an error message:sqlservr: This program requires a machine with at least 2000 megabytes of memory.Sometimes we think, I ran an Express, no money to buy Enterprise or web,express can only use 1G RAM, so much to do ... In fact, the reference article is still valid, but this constant needs to

NVIDIA GPU computing Power List __GPU graphics

GeForce 940M 5.0 GeForce 930M 5.0 GeForce 920M 3.5 GeForce 910M 5.2 GeForce GTX 880M 3.0 GeForce GTX 870M 3.0 GeForce GTX 860M 3.0/5.0 (* *) GeForce GTX 850M 5.0 GeForce 840M 5.0 GeForce 830M 5.0 GeForce 820M 2.1 GeForce 800M 2.1 GeForce GTX 780M 3.0 GeForce GTX 770M 3.0

Photoshop Functional Optimization method sharing

, all of you have had this experience: when you move the layer, the layer does not follow your mouse arrows, the screen looks like they are in a short delay after the transient. But when you use the keyboard to control the displacement of the screen, this is much better. This time, quickly remembered disables the thumbnail to this function! It is definitely a weapon to improve this vexed situation!   The action step is this drop: 1. Find the "☰" button in the small corner of the top right of

2015 latest May Edition notebook graphics Ladder chart

NBSP; NBSP; hd 7970M NBSP; GTX 770M GTX 860M GTX 675M GTX 765M GTX 760M GTX 850M R9 m275x HD 6990M HD 8870M GTX 670M GT 755M R9 m270x HD 7870M

Implement a simple WebService (Java EE) in SAP NetWeaver Studio

Wen/Binghaibin It's very easy to implement WebService in NetWeaver studio without having to configure XML for yourself or anything, just follow the steps. The first step, needless to say, is to install the platform. Not installed, you can go directly to download here, about 650M of the look. Ftp://, decompression after the prompt installation can be; Step two, start studio, click menu F

10 Best windows 7 notebooks

recognized by users. In addition, the 14-inch 1366*768 resolution screen, Lenovo Accutype keyboard and Dolby Stereo speakers, are the advantages of this machine, making it a very outstanding performance of entertainment models. Five. Dell Alienware m14x Reference Price: USD 1604 (approx. 9913 RMB) Admittedly, high-performance gaming notebooks with good graphics capabilities tend to be pre-installed with better Windows 7 systems, such as Dell Alienware m14x. With a 14-inch 1600*90

New choice of the summer anthology five IVB new notebook recommended

redeon HD 7470M 4159 intel HD Graphics 3000 4346 Intel HD Graphics 4000 6007 The 3DMARK 06 test allows you to see that the graphics score of Intel HD Graphics 4000 is basically equal to gt520m and gf610m. Compared to the previous generation of HD3000 core graphics, the increase is about 38%, which shows that the new HD Graphics 4000 core Graphics performance has been successful beyond the entry level, and is likely to reach the level of

Top Ten best game notebooks recommended

is relatively short, the fuselage is also heavy, not a good mobile game solution. 10. Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Reference Price: USD 1299 (approx. 7954 RMB) The last one from Lenovo's IdeaPad Y500, is the market in the relatively hot price of a cost-effective game this, its characteristics are the fuselage using a modular upgrade system, you can add extra hard disk, video card or cooling fan in the expansion slot to achieve a more autonomous gaming experience. For other configurations,

Eight brands of ultra-high-resolution notebooks

highlights. It features a 2.2GHz intel® corei7-3632qm four-core processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M discrete graphics card with 8GB of memory and a block of up to 512GB SSD SSDs, plus a 90WHr (watt-hour) Lithium-ion batteries. It is reported that Asus Zenbook ux51vz-db114h 256GB Solid-state hard disk version, starting price of about 1699 euros 2200 dollars (about 13513 yuan), 512GB version of the pric

2015 new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro detailed evaluation

performance of the 650M GT.   11-inch models using SanDisk Flash chips with Spotlight Master:   13-inch MacBook Air Samsung main control and Chip   MacBook Pro Retina high-definition screen 13 inches. The MacBook Air's short board is the CPU and the display, and the MacBook Pro has its own advantage on this point.   the MacBook Pro 13-inch model CPU is 2.7 GHz C

Sony VAIO Pro 13 evaluation

the first generation, with faster software response times and smoother operation. 2) Edram Level three cache Computer systems generally use multi-level memory structure, because the speed of the upper and lower two-level memory can be different from one or two orders of magnitude or higher, therefore, the data exchange of the lower-subordinate memory is often the bottleneck of the system, reducing the performance of the system. To solve this problem, add a cache cache between the two lev

What about gt650m graphics?

Gt650m is a notebook independent graphics card, the current mainstream utility in some 4000-6000-yuan high-performance mainstream stand-alone notebook and super itself, because many users of notebook graphics cards are relatively lack of understanding, this is also led to many friends asked Gt650m graphics how the reason, In fact, gt650m graphics card is the 2012 notebook market, the most popular mainstream popular graphics card. GTX 650M graphics ca

Example of how to hook up a keyboard message using a Log Hook


A strange test ~

.......************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************You want Chinese cabbage, right!If not, you account for 2% of the minority people who can think about other things under normal circumstances,98% of people will answer Chinese cabbage. Weird! I heard this quiz was translated fro

A strange test ~ (Post)

!?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?Continue rolling .......?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?You want Chinese cabbage, right !?If not, you account for 2% of the m

Add executable code (Win32 ASM) to the PE File)

; Main. ASMPE File Operation demo Main Program, provides the dialog box interface and file opening function>>>>>>>>&

Principle and structure analysis of "turn" MP3 file

1. IntroductionThe ever-changing file compression technology makes MP3 the most hot music format today, with high-quality music spread around the world with 0 and 1, shaking people's hearts. What is MP3? The full name of MP3 is the MPEG Audio Layer 3, an efficient computer audio coding scheme that converts audio files to smaller extensions with a larger compression ratio. MP3 files, basically keep the original file sound quality. MP3 is part of the ISO/MPEG standard, Iso/mpeg standard describes

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