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gtk2.x Theme Theme Toggle

Tags: gtk2 theme Themesgtk2.x provides theme switch , 3.x with CSS instead of gtk installation directory is E:\program\gtk2.24Theme Some of the files involved:E:\PROGRAM\GTK2.24\ETC\GTK-2.0\GTKRC, this file is used to specify which theme to

Using PHP-GTK2 to do Win32 GUI program _php Tutorial

PHP is usually done for server-side scripting, and if you tell you that PHP can write normal GUI programs, You should be interested. The PHP-GTK described below is the GUI extension of PHP. GTK is an industry-standard graphics library with good

PHP Developing Windows desktop application instances

PHP Developing Windows desktop application instances php_gtk2.0 Developing desktop applicationsPHP GTK official website official Chinese manual for GTK is available in the manual for specific installation.A simpler approach is

Using Ruby for GTK desktop development under Linux

Introduction: Ruby is a flexible and dynamic programming language. GTK2 is an open source cross-platform image processing library. Fast Linux Desktop graphics application development through RUBY-GTK2

ubunut-install VMware + Pro Experience

Tags: vmcore IDG OOP Module event technical tools des downloadinstalling VMware#开头就是这样[email protected]:~/downloads$./vmware-workstation-full-14.1.2-8497320.x86_64.bundle Extracting VMware Installer...done. gtk-message:failed to load module

Ubuntu and Windows file transfer sharing

Label:First, the use of flying pigeons to achieve the function of the bookThere are Iptux and ipmsg in the popular software for the use of Flying Pigeon books under Linux.1.1 IptuxIptux is an Ubuntu software that can be used to transfer files to and

PHP/GTK How to install

Installation of PHP/GTK php-gtk-2.0.1 Source php-gtk-2.0.1 Windows Binary Pack php-gtk-2.0.1 Windows Binary Extensions Pack is not all useful, installed in what place, hope pointing ... Reply to discussion (solution) CopyPHP/GTK allows PHP to

GTK3 Learning Notes 1 packaging GTK programs under Windows

Tags: windows GTK gtk2 program packaging DLLsHow do you run your GTK program in a Windows system that does not have a GTK environment installed? This needs to be packaged for the GTK program.The GTK program is packaged here, primarily to extract the

Nodejs installation under Windows

Label:Install node. js on WINDOWVWindows installation package (. msi) :32-bit installation package: Http:// installation package:

Node.js Getting Started Tutorial: Installing configuration Node.js Graphics and text tutorials on Windows and Linux _node.js

In this section we will show you how to install Node.js on Windows and Linux. This installation tutorial takes the Node.js v0.10.26 version as an example. Node.js installation package and the source code download address:

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